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Yusuf Pathan 0:05
He and I mean, of course, along with you serve, and we’ll be making this time that you have invested worthwhile. Okay, so let’s start off by just introducing yourself. Also, you serve as a co founder and creator of social, also, as a managing director of users. Now, we would just like to to understand a user who has, you know, his or Caledonia has been, so that we can have better context from, why did they tell you, you know, why? Because humans are so important. So our user, thank you, Luke, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Now, to start with when I started my career back in 1998, and, and basically started working as a recruiter. Now, it’s been almost 22 years now that I’ve been into this recruitment industry. And mostly, I mean, I’ve been working in recruitment. Now, to be honest, I came into this profession by accident, I mean, I actually did not plan to get into recruitment. And that’s how most of recruiters actually read that to execute as you would like. One is people who come, actually never, they wanted us to get into something, and then they’ll end up loving recruitment until they start loving it. And then the other set of people who kind of defended me HR, and hopefully things are getting to recruitment to get get them into HR generalist. So these people will have an accident. And then trust me, it has been a very wonderful journey. And you can actually make a career out of recruitment, do not people think that recruitment is where I mean, people don’t have to use but people do have areas and 22 years and have been successful in doing whatever I do in terms of recruitment.

But I think everyone has, what is what is the one thing that is very important to be successful in your, your how you have managed to strike a chord, because I think you’re winning over 15,000 recruiters today, and conducting 1800 workshops is a human I mean, I don’t think so I have. Like, one of the mantras is always keep learning, that’s, that’s what I keep doing. I still keep learning, I enrolled for courses online, I do a lot of study myself on YouTube, I learn a lot of things, I think the success mantra is to keep learning, keep yourself updated. So it will get better when I started, it was 1998, that was a time where you had a new circle, and you have scan of your resumes and usually resumes in paper format. And I just figured I mean, that I also was not bad. I mean, people just not used to that, to that extent, it was all through countryside hunting, and then soccer come through a long way from there. And then I seen things changing. And I was wanting to keep evolving. And the only way you can be successful is to, to adapt to this change and learn new things and to avoid it. And that’s how you will actually survive and be successful. So let’s jump straight in. And what is the basic question was? What is what is what I look for. Okay, so I don’t even know how to find people. So and then. So you know, what are the kind of things people would look at in the resumes of candidates, because I think the one on how to look for those things, one of the most important thing, which you should have on your resume is the keywords. Now, because if you look at Internet, internet is all about keywords. So you so when when recruiters are searching for candidates, the research was so you already decided if you’re a software engineer, if you’re if you’re a writer, or if you’re a sales person, so all these keywords do matter. So much is very important aspect in terms of getting your CV shortlisted when people are searching for you. Now, if you don’t have the right keywords, I’ve seen a lot of candidates making this mistake. I mean, they write their resumes in a fancy language, things like things like your motivation and motivated and all the things but trust me, recruiters actually don’t use fancy languages, while they’re actually searching for people to actually look at what kind of what kind of companies you’ve worked with, what is the user experience you have? What is the skill set you have, right? So and on this search in the form of human so if you need to have the right keywords on your resume. The second thing, which I think normally a resume or resume is a subsidiary of the Academy. So we’re gonna look at something from or let’s say, if it’s not a tier one or tier two, or tier three, college, we’re not from those colleges, and what kind of projects the person has actually worked on. So what does it mean? So there are a lot of online contests, which happens hackathons, which happens to have the candidate actually done all those things. So so all those things also matter a lot on your resume. So these are two things which we will look at. The third thing is look at musically, the numbers are the facts on your resume. So what are your achievements? What are your accomplishments? If you’ve worked on certain procedures or projects, what impact Have you made on those businesses or projects. So that also gives a very, an idea as to what kind of profile you are what what is how is your attitude, how professionally how you are looking at the type of deliveries you have, then if you have won any awards or anything, whether it’s giving you employment, or whether it’s doing apologies or, or what kind of extracurricular activities you’ve been involved in. So a lot of things, these are things which people actually look at. And especially another thing, a lot of people wouldn’t have even thought of people also look at your hobbies, the hobbies, personally, what kind of person you are on your introvert on your shirt, or what do you like? Will you actually visually obvious Will you be consulted for that particular organisation? No, no. So these are the things which normally a recruiter would definitely look at your resume. And these are these things, the resume will get either shortlisted or rejected. Wonderful, right? So this is the traditional way of hiring us to work and here’s what I would say that you know, what are the recruiters challenges in this? When you mentioned a couple of things like you know, the country or whatever occurs in this country, you can call the organisation of yo and as you can barely see, I just want people to zoom in so you can call it that When it matters a lot, everything gets a little hot. Right? Unless the question is, how do you know when they are happening? Right? See, if you look at the resume, it’s just a piece of paper with all the details about the candidate, right. So, so these are what the candidates have written on the profile, and based on those keywords, basically, the the CDs got gets elected, but there is no chance for a candidate to actually sell his profile to any employer that is what are the major challenges, and you cannot write everything about yourself, you know, you cannot express that in your resume. So that is one of the biggest challenges, what is he doing this entire hiring process? So there could be a lot of things which a candidate might have done, or what to say to the to the employees, but just because I mean, he cannot do that in that resume. And because if he still does it, there is no possibility his CV will not get selected is because the recruiters because he was such right. So so that’s one of the biggest challenges.

Alok Shastri 5:45
Right? I guess, this is where we talk about video has been there for a while. Video, like every segment of what’s happening, you know, even when we did an interview with 400, candidates, and also was

Yusuf Pathan 6:06
given everything and all you have to do is like, how has AI now impacted this particular industry? And then the second question is, what what should the candidates do? So, AI has definitely impacted? No, no, if you look at every process of recruitment, right from your sourcing, screening, your onboarding, your offer management and everything, everything I mean, I can be implemented in the entire process, right? So right from the I’ve seen as well, you put a job description, and which will actually run in your database will screen let’s say, 1000 2000 CDs, and based on the keywords are based on your project. It will shortlist let’s say 100 200 cV, so instead of actually going through those one 2000 3000 series, and then only looking at those 100 200 series by the by the AI tool, right now, if you look at the competition is 100 200 series of chocolate bars, which would actually start talking to these categories that are of interest rate, and would you like to come for an interview that interviews are scheduled against robots, so a lot of lot of things have actually changed, okay, now in this, this is the future and this is how things will be in the future. So not only that, but if you look at any other industry, these are the things which will allow you to get get to know your, the candidates need to understand how this exam process was. And based on that, so like I mentioned in my previous answer that what are the things that you could actually use, so they will have to start writing a CV in that way, when they respond back to the chatbot. So they have to understand how to respond to the typos because there’s a human that’s missing it. Right? So it’s like, you’re asking Alexa to do something and then Alexa doesn’t understand it. So it doesn’t give you the right answers right. So sometimes it happens with Alexa. So, so this will also happen. So these are some of the challenges which are which are there, but the candidate should understand this. And based on that we should actually improve the way how they actually communicating with the employers with the potential employers, with recruiters or with HR or with hiring managers within these organisations. Random,

Unknown Speaker 7:44
okay, so let’s

Yusuf Pathan 7:46
look at this, I guess. So basically, as a candidate for SQL they should do is they should actually list out all the job orders which are available in the bucket. Okay, so you never know, which recruiters is unreachable. So the more provides they have on the internet, it becomes very easy for the recruiter to get in touch with them. And for the candidates, it’s it’s a good thing. I mean, all these different options are mostly free for for candidates, right. So I would, I would ask every candidate to make a profile on all the job portals which are available, right looking for a job, what is also tried looking for tools, like for example, if you get a wait list and try to put your profiles on all these different so that you become searchable by the recruiters. Second is social media. Now social media, you need to have profiles on all different social media sites, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, whenever it becomes really easy for them to search. And when you greetings profiles on on all these different sites, there has to be a link between your recipes on your photos and your profiles on these different social media sites. Right? So we don’t because it’s easier for the recruiters to get in touch with you to communicate with you or to find you, right? And then and then you should also look at solubility software engineers, or developers of your data scientists. Okay, so you should look at what are the forums? Or what are the associations where normally these people are engineers, you will find mostly software engineers hanging out on GitHub cecotto a lot of people is actually going to go and search for people that are data scientists, you can create a profile on kaggle, right, I’ll find some forums which are there and be active on all these social media not just reading a profile, but it is it is being active also trying to predict on the sides, try and talk to people because if not recruiters, there will be other people who might have might have a job vacancies. So demons or even just generically contact us. So it’s make it’s about making a presence where anyone can search you and then they can actually hire you. So they should have provides all over the internet. Wonderful. topic of discussion. So where do you think video will fit into this? And he asked me like it is important. Yes, I definitely feel I mean, video receivers are important, and it’s gonna be a big next thing in the future in the coming days. The reason being, like I mentioned, I mean, I’ve seen a complete evolution around recruitment. So right from your, your print resumes to your now create your LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and I’ve seen a change happening already right now that I’m and when when whenever newspapers, people have problems, why should I have my CV? Right and most of the people are getting jobs. Right? So there will be certain hiccups, they will be certain resistance from people, but trust me is gonna be the next big thing. Now, the main reason why it is gonna be the next big thing is, like I mentioned earlier, I mean, your resumes do not make an impact on your employers. Now video resumes would be The first thing which which will help you make an impact on your device, you can actually sell your profile to employees, you can actually talk about your achievements, you can talk about your professional things, you can talk about your education, you can talk about everything in your business, when it comes to it, and it becomes a little difficult to put on everything but but when you talk about it, it It shows your communication skills, it shows your professionalism, it shows your confidence and interest would be very important to make at first good impression on the employees. So that’s why we do resumes will really make a difference. What are the key factors that person needs to keep in mind when they are going in there, then you have to be the ideal length. So I think the most important thing is basically the the kind of environment, you’re gonna create the video, so what kind of camera you will use. So if it’s if it’s a smartphone, and the resolution and everything should be good, it should be very clear the background and no noise and all those things that that people need to actually make sure that it’s supposed when there is no noise, it’s a professional background, the kind of racing opposite, you have a form of racing. So this is the first thing which I wish I would have definitely mentioned that you should have when creating the video resume. Now second thing is, like you mentioned, it should be not more than a three minute video. Because now if you look at the articles, also, these are not like 40 minutes or one hour sessions. It’s a very short and simple sessions. And the reason is because versus attention to any particular video or anything is very, very small. Okay. After a certain time, the person doesn’t know he’s not interested in looking at those videos, right? So yeah, it should be very small. And I think it should not be more than three minutes video. Now, when I say previous video, then a lot of people are asking me, within three minutes, what should we actually said, Because normally, people think if it’s a video resume, they should actually talk about everything in the resume. When you say you do not need to talk about everything in resume, what you need to do is you should read your resume as an elevator pitch to cover your advice. So pretty as an elevator pitch saying what are your major achievements in your entire professional career? What have you achieved? What are the projects you’ve worked on? and more, the most important part is why should the company actually hire you that is the most important part, which should be conveyed in that video message. And that is what is missing in the integrator is missing or in a Word document that is what is missing because you cannot tell the company as to why or why people should hire you. Now, if you look at the reason is a lot of times people write objective. And that objective is supposed to be writing an elevator pitch when people tell you, but that’s neither objective nor You don’t know how you measure actually. So instead of writing everything, you should actually create an elevator pitch within that video. Now, and it should not be a very monotonous video where a person is just talking, I think people should add some slides, some photos, some photos of the certifications, or something like that people should make the video more interesting. So it’s not just a person talking, it should also have some images, some graphics something which will actually attract the employees and all these graphics and photos and slides should have things like documents or projects and other things and higher levels. So this is what I think should be there in the in the video. Let me know in the

comment industry in between of video interviews are very popular in US and European countries, right. And in some part and some segments Indian American dream and anyone that says that he was hired as management. Why, from whatever company that we belong to the thing is that or so per se now, things are changing because the machine is feeding into humans. I can even talk about having 30 million viewers, you missed a lot of viewers with that. So some of the question, like when do you think now that the trend has shifted? Okay, now how much time it will take up most of our communication videos with the new normal. I think it’s been almost a couple of years now that this video resume trend started. But you can see a slight angle, it’s one of the aspects is this COVID-19 kind of thing, because now everything is online. And now people are looking at more creative ways to get in touch with the employees of the potential employers. So I see a very upward curve in terms of the video resumes coming to recruiters, and especially given this COVID-19 times. So yes, I mean, now this has kind of become a trend, I think because of the situation, or this thing just went upwards on me. I think we didn’t yesterday, a lot of things were changed. And mostly people would ask for video resumes rather than your normal people for my business. are just so that the question is always request random question. If you have any questions for us, or are we making this video? So we have a time where we can address your question as well. We have a question for you. So can you mentioned to us equity use of eating videos. There are a lot of tools. So one of the tools which I suggest is loom is n w m. So this was in the chat. So you’re basically it’s a video capturing tool and then you could basically add your graphics and images and everything and then it’s not a it’s a free tool. So you could basically use this to create your business as we share one sample resume pattern. Okay, I will be honest, I don’t have a resume pattern at the moment with me. But if you could give me your email address, maybe I can I can send it across to you after the session. We have a movie. Yes, we basically we do anything you know it’s it’s really just like a nice visual view of us humans that you can see it and obviously right next to all the courses that will give you a sequence even we do like this activity people like more of interaction of yourself and you Going up, not what it was. It’s just not far from that. Alright, so I have one more question. So once you know how to highlight a question for me, see, I mean, when you say soft skills, normally people will look at your attitude or your, basically your PC communication skills on on how you present yourself during an interview. So, if you’re talking about video resumes, how well are you basically sending your profile to the employer? So how polished Are you in talking about yourself or your interaction or about your project? So I think that is one thing that you should make sure that make sure that your soft skills are basically judged by the recruiters. So let’s have one question from Atlanta politics for pleasures while preparing. So that it’s like I mentioned earlier, I mean, it should be very short, should talk about the projects they have done during the coalition, they should move focus on that, then they should also focus more on the achievements they have had during their college series. So they should focus more on that. And then we should focus on why they should either because they don’t have the experience. So what are the things which will help the company basically, in terms of user control, if it for the company, if they’re technically good for the company, and all the highlight all the things in there very good. Okay. Okay. There is one from me. Is it okay to put video resume on LinkedIn? Yes, I mean, it is okay to put your video resume on LinkedIn. So in the summary section, you get an option where you can upload a file on your profile. And if it’s a good option, so use that not on your LinkedIn, right and put your resumes on YouTube, right? Put your resumes on Vimeo or any any channel, which allows you to upload video so fine, put it everywhere, so that you get more traction on your on your video business.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
One thing I think there’s one more pro to look at as you make your link and also on the link. Okay, one more question. So, of course, yes, we’ll have it on.

Yusuf Pathan 16:53
Yeah. Okay, so if the video is gonna be completely a different level of resume. So to talk about decision status, I’m going to talk about achievements, very soon talk about the major process genius, or for that matter, the balance sheet and profit and loss and mergers and acquisitions. So there are a lot of things which you wish to change. So at the end of the day, the format of the video will be the same, but the accomplishments or the projects, or what kind of numbers or figures that will change even when they talk about it. So it should be more on the CXO level of the CFO level talks, basically. So talk about your revenue figures, talk about your sales, you guys talk about your particular talk about goal setting, talk about all those different factors. And then that would actually help the company to understand what kind of genius that person had made in the processes or what or what has been the growth of that person, since that person started working so so that can be included in the CXO level video series. Other questions on HR for all levels? Just to be honest with you, I don’t think AI will actually replace HR. Okay, yes, but there will be whether it’s AI or any, any two, there has to be a little bit of a human touch also, which is necessary. So this might be the way our HR functions might change because of here, but it will not actually replace entire HR, because HR is mostly, I mean, it’s about the human touch, right? And AI cannot replace that human touch. So yes, he will not release, but to some extent, processes will change, things will change a little bit because of yet, but if you notice, and most of you, most of you will have already in place, and all the HR credentials, and also how can be automated. So this one’s more precisely out of the question, I think most of you will already be like, sourcing has been increasing also, you know, the initial weight, I think it will just be replaced by more people functions can never be replaced by humans. Okay, so there is one question for you look, so how can superpro help me distribute my videos as well. So it’s pretty simple. Actually, once you create a super pro video, what happens is this gives you a link. And that link is very difficult for you to upload your video file on every platform and not sure what the other platforms allow you to very easily share a link. And even your resume as well, you know, you can just click on that link to say how you get your link into. And they will actually just give you access to a landing page here, once the link is clicked on the landing page, wherever you prefer is that and the services that you have highlighted mentioned. You know, so I mean, your skills, it could be your keywords that you mentioned in the first August. And it’s very easy for you to share it on every social platform, or easy to actually connect with people or even on WhatsApp groups or every social media. So that’s why I think it’s better to share even connects opening up a new feature. How are you guys? Know, I have a question is, what is the one most important thing, okay, have you as you make? That’s the most important thing what a video is made as is it is that first impression of the candidate. So basically, it gives you an opportunity to talk to your hiring manager or you talk to your recruiter. And as a first impression you can actually make now this this doesn’t talk about your skill sets or it doesn’t talk about your entire journey or about your experience. But what he talks about is about you so basically, what are you and what have been your achievements and what have you. So a recruiter or hiring manager can make a very good first impression out of this video resume. So that is I think the most important videos and probably kudos What do you think? I think again, it will make your life easier in terms of screening or the candidates and and based on what you see in the interviews, they can easily accept or reject a candidate based on on what the impression is. So yes, it is gonna make a huge difference for sure. And it will become very easy for recruiters to gauge the confidence level the the fitness of the person, which means a lot of factors which they can they can even get by just reading to you wonderful, because like, you know, culture plays such an important role, right? So we really will intervene, meaning that we take

Alok Shastri 20:31
our culture, and our job is where I can keep my community. And so, we are what, what are the qualities that you look for when you’re finding or hiring University.

Yusuf Pathan 20:48
So basically, to be honest, for me, I basically don’t look at this. As such, when I look at universities, universities, so might be looking for, let’s say, four skill sets and person might have two or three skill sets. And if the person is trainable, I can actually really want one or two more skills. So that’s what I normally look for trainable is the first thing which actually, second thing is you get the attitude of the person. So pretty much is one thing, but is he willing to get that is another thing, so if a person is willing to learn, then I would definitely, definitely hire that person in it. Because Because those are those are the people who really make a difference within a team. So learning is the most important aspect which I look at second is I look at the kind of environment we have, versus the kind of person the person is based on the interview. So looking at his attitude, looking at is actually culturally fit with, with with my team, and unendurable factors with so so I would actually look at these two things as the most important things to consider if it and it was understandable. Okay, now, the most important part of the question. The second is, how can candidates demonstrate that they are fit in terms of natural organisation, this article? Again, it gives you a person, right? It’s number one. And number two, you know, without he or she is in so much markets have a certain level of cultural assessment? What are these patterns, students are candidates or better against anyone, when they actually create interviews? So basically, one of the things that normally people will look at is how do you convey a message to the to the person, right, so when we’re looking at resumes, we will definitely look at how have you conveyed that message to your recruiter or to the hiring manager, there are a lot of different ways of how people actually come to the decision or the tone of the message and how they speak. Now that actually, that actually depicts a lot of your tone and your and the way you talk that depicts a lot of things. So if you if you have a proper professional tone or the way you speak, then it is a very positive thing. Now if it’s one of the things you working in one straight line, and then you don’t have any face or if you if you are not what you say if you’re not presenting it well, if you don’t have this proper language, your body language is not good. Then people will start making opinions on the on your attitude. Okay, so these are the things which will actually really resumes will help people to understand what kind of attitude a person has, and if he’s gonna be considered for the ordination on.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
And the last

Yusuf Pathan 22:48
question now, what are the don’ts, inferior regiments? Okay, so I think those would be, do not use a bad camera when shooting, like you’re like this and everything should be better video quality should be better. Second is, like I mentioned earlier, now that you shouldn’t sound okay. So there has to be the high pitch low pitch, there has to be smile, you should talk about things you should discuss about things other than the CEO. So you shouldn’t see it all you should read it. It should be a normal, normal kind of thing. And then the don’ts I think another would be the way you dress casually. You should be professionally dressed. That’s that’s what I say. And yeah, and proper headphones, proper mic, so that the audio, and then you should review your videos. If you need a video, if you find that there is a small little problem in the video is something blank in between or something where the audio is not. Please make sure that there are no glitches within the video. So I think this is what I think. Other loads of videos. I think they have the motives and questions. So I’m gonna try to answer as many questions as we can. We will, I will be sharing our use of LinkedIn as well. So this is not the end. Collins will tell you that. So just one quick question. How many seconds with the sell into occupy in video? There’s a very question. Yeah. So what do you say depends. I mean, if you’re making a three minute video, or less than three minutes video, now you actually divide those seconds in into three parts. Okay, so let’s say we do a three minute video. So it’s, it’s almost like 180 seconds. So maybe you could get 30 or 40 seconds for your 22nd video, then you should have your seven. But I think 30 seconds is decent enough to talk about yourself. Here are some other interesting messages. I have a few private

Alok Shastri 24:32
right. So the flow of communication, I think that will help our audience and participants understand it better. So basically, I’ve looked at you know, various requests, you know, don’t just read your resume, there has to be regular flow and you like what you mentioned but importantly you will have implemented we cannot be just in one totally and don’t you know, which is very good. Start with this one. I say that. where you come from, will obviously look into I know it’s an innovative The purpose of education organisations etc. and teachers, as we mentioned, if you don’t check the answers for questions, you’ll have access to all this introduction, which is mentioned to you. Okay, so suppose you talk about your experience, if you didn’t consider to be any of your past, like, and then all of his accomplishments, like what have you achieved? Because this is the mean of the resume. And this is exactly the things which gives you everything, you’re not going to tell yourself, no one is, this is your chance, when you talk about your conditions, your outcomes, and then obviously, your interviewers will do for you. And then of course, you know, no video interaction between act like, you know, why should the person how you mentioned, so I guess, you know, this should help you guys. But I’m also going to ask my colleague to share some critiques and email them, like, you know, how we can make videos like this.

Okay. I usually put anything in the you should put anything in that section should not be there in your normal paper. So please do not put that. So okay. So would you I saw your name is not registering the service needs to be unique, I will definitely do. So would you like us to again, summarise? Because like, what your suggestion is, like, you know, what should be the basic introduction that should be comprising? Is that what you mean by this? Or I just repeat it anyway. Like, this is what so let’s start with the basic overview image should be started with a script, right? You don’t want to mention, this is like your how actors, you know, industry first, and then they think of it like that. So I gave us this video. And then probably mentioned, everything should be considered, like, when you give us a question about your education, like where you come from, because if you pass out from all the education that you have, on that, again, you mentioned your experience, will you ever experience like to do academic work? And then probably two major important things, which is one is going to be a professional athlete as well. And the last thing is, you need to be able to impact Why should a person height so these things? were basically everything. Okay. Okay, um, so I guess I’ll try to summarise the session, you know, and I think I would first like to thank you for taking your time. And thank you, because you have been very, very active, and you ask me the questions, and thank you so much. And you should be able to do this. And thank you for this opportunity. And I think for the audience, I mean, again, I mean, if you guys have any questions, anything, any anything you would want to ask, you can get connected to me on the social media, and I can hit you also. Yeah. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Okay, so I’ll be sharing my login request. So you can actually get in and when we get disconnected and if you have a question, you guys can do that. He wasn’t good.

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