What did Sampat Chari have to say to Gaurav ???? - A protalks Episode

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Okay, let’s start. Okay, so everyone who’s watching this live or if you are watching another edition of art rock that is, I am your host for robots as always, and today I have another amazing super row from our superheroes, it’s somebody who has been a painter, I’m actually really jealous God was like an idea that God has given us, so I wouldn’t give us I don’t give up easily. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a screenwriter, I would love anything documentary one and today we are going to know more about him his journey, and what makes them tick. And

so, thank you for having me. I really think that a lot of people have done a lot of creative writing getting it up and talking about me, my journey I started off as a marine engineer, I come

from an engineering industry sort of like always kind of, because in certain festivals, you know, stuff like that and then. So yeah, so that’s that those are made up of a lot of things, like

making a lot of comments. So these are the things that I then. And then, finally, TV I didn’t call them I didn’t for theatrical. So you’re naked, great thing. Being being an engineer, what made you will what what did you on what did you eat, what made you move from engineering to create whatever

you wanted. I became an engineer because I wanted to make machinery so you know people who, you know, so you will get a decent salary. So I don’t know I don’t really know, but college was something. So I think the middle Actos. The concept of investing in finance or investing in order to control.

So, Am I making this up, engineering lab so you always end in mind that yeah this is what we’re going to ultimately engineering goes away for the means that and

now we’re gonna think about it I haven’t done anything. Something which you said, but what what what we are going to realise, even if you have that legend is, I want to make a request that I’m interested in creativity I can’t think of it. I never

realised that you want to make it so. And I think that was the person who 99% And if you, if you have not seen this building like you know you have a form that is what the

form is. And it ends you have this socio economic record like Hong Kong and you don’t live in Havana. Like I knew he didn’t want, right, so then I was like, was this a nice. Only the coffee room. This is what I have to do like it’s great. So if you just keep on watching films you’re watching this, I don’t, I don’t know how that matters, but it was like it was

like that, if you just gotta, you know, maybe you won’t be able to do your password, and music like the effects of music. You don’t have to I can relate to this, I love this, this

was mentioned, when, when we look at a problem statement and what he said, asking them a very tricky topic, but from our perspective it was that, yeah, there’s a lot of. Okay. Okay, I mean, honestly, if I had given an idea of an idea, this hooked up to this one to get this up and whatever you said will be done in a year, it actually took us three years to get there. If I had known, I would have also started getting used to like real investment that was huge. So I’m going to add a condition here do

you think you read an article today, just so you know, he aka Liberty, liberty, you know, that was a whole, you know. So yeah, when you decided to jump into it, how did you go about it and if you can share with us what was the process.

Meeting and what it is how you get started with me I was like, Oh my God, you’re so really stupid. And we are like middle a lot of hackers

are in the list of letters, know there is a particular thing that I really like about this physical response even

if he is able to do this correctly, then it will index he’s about, like, I don’t know if you’d like me to do it or

not me. Take a look. And then what happened was not really focused, and thank goodness, because we’re getting a taste of eating before the water bottle

to the second video. And by the time I left the contract that happened earlier, I mean, lighting. So you know that there was this one on the back wasn’t doing so. No answer. And by the time it ended I try to give it to everybody that everybody

knows what we are shooting every part of when the visas are understood. Like, to be able to see what I got. So, we will go out. Ever been to a computer and I think you know most of them they

don’t like to have to get in the door, you know, that’s it started this this was more than anything and then it will delete an inactive started working with me started, I just give it on Sunday. So that’s when I started reading more books if you want to. You don’t know by doing. So I think there was a moment tradetech. Only thing I think I’ll show you how to mention it but then in all of this while it is in the end, the most important story would have been that, what you would have told these guys that they believed in you and if you did this video, there’ll be there is something that you will be able to do and that’s how everybody came together, and you even have no idea.

You know I just use Olympic like I can’t believe that you. i There was, there was not even a mention of just like, What do we need oh my god, yada, is there some way that I can actually get them activated Windows identity.

So I think. No, that’s nothing. Okay, open putty, what you believe in me, what, what was that. And I think, then it started with the company organisation or whether it’s something that you’re doing, even if

you just need one job I really like them to get a Yo. Yo. That is one of the most just does a lot of meetings, it never made sense but I always like my people, you know they have to be fun and you

have to be really serious, I think. And I think even today when I get a lot of messages he

doesn’t start it just like if you’re, if you’re in a small group there’s nothing better than hearing, You know. Now, how do I want to look at data like this is not as good as, like being beaten up, so. So that was not really so emotional. You have a story, and you want to fit like a puzzle. That is what I can do what my, what my schedule. You know, so what exactly do we ever do in that position that is what has, and will cause us

to back then that is a thing in our lives. So I think what are the two. What what do you what do you think that’s the most important factor and then, you know, who would like to actually share in my second question for me. Integral usage, and like some property can be invisible and so you always have a lot of hours, not every day sometimes. So yeah, now that you move into the graphic, and you started working with these videos and you guys, what do you want to learn. What is the boundary setting process or the creative process, or the different phases or whatever.

So I don’t know what it was like to say thanks for the two movies I’m looking at right now. Have you ever produced, it is

it is it an Amazon Alexa, at the moment. Seems like okay, like you don’t have to have people that come in. So, this is the process you learn in the process of making like one thing I learned.

So, if you say. Now, people even know a little bit of housekeeping items on the

table. I’m going to model your own understanding. I think that is a summary of what I just saw. So this is what I actually learned

and marketing is very complicated. They all do the means of commissioning, we’ll move on

to the budget since I was going to show you that means I can do and there are very little projects. So, yeah, so this is what I got. And so yeah, I mean, how whatever you’re saying is so much aligned and true for a startup in general, You get the idea when you’re constrained it’s a constraint. And yeah, that’s when I’ve seen personally experience that when you wanted to pressure when you’re constrained, that’s when your hope is something you don’t really mind doing, no, no, I think you could get money.

But you weren’t able to handle that money, right, like I’ll be, I’ll be back. Everything has to be even spending money just to understand money.

So I think given that he has a certain understanding of how infinity is, like, how does he have any. I can understand that. So if you’re somebody with low vision, and you get a lot of that comes with the vision, you have what are, what am I going to write. So for example, what am I going to write to complete.

Okay. I’m usually like serious because not everything is like home properly but we get into hotels.

Right. Here we go to action. Well, Yeah so, even a 10 minute video to be how many of you have completed sketch. I never did it in getting the costumes. Everything was super easy like you don’t even have to say thank

you for listening, and then you can go right back to what it feels like the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to the very. So that was the amount of beginning that we learned there.

That’s a different level of product management. Oh, I see. I see. I see. So sounds for Apple this evening was lucky. So I think I didn’t know. Getting the thing that I just mentioned. It’s all that and all you have to do which everybody comes together and I think, I think this really deserves me to want to get a really, how to make a movie. Actually one of the biggest one of the things I recall that we were able to get out of the journey. and now that you are in the

Bollywood and everything. What role do you think yon has has been playing. I think that was something was missing and I can’t think of what is reporting that actually tells you what to do, like you can do a lot of,

like, I don’t know. Like all actions like this. So what we did to this article, we started off with

us use a secondary screen, like what he just said, and then he started making YouTube videos on YouTube. Was it we’ll get more data. For the next let’s, let’s pick it up for me that was the most important thing that was missing at one point, we started to embrace what I think I’ll get to machinery. Next, let’s just go, you know, obviously not.

Even today, and I think that’s a general thing with portals overall. There are some people out there, but recently they started taking them out they started consuming them even more. I don’t think. But I think you’re very particular I don’t agree with that. But now. So have you ever had a rather regular or whatever you want to call me that you do that, according to studios or. So as with anyone who sorry, it’s not very realistic. The reason for that is basically

one person wants to get America moving, right. So, the competition is over there and making the.

I just want a sense of what’s really good cinema at my home. And I think it is accurate, but I’m not really sure that that was like a

lot of money. You know, people sometimes get contacted. And then you can approach them. I think it’s very, very different from China, civil disobedience isn’t a sign. It’s not something that is. But as applications. Everybody’s open. So that is something that’s really great. Yeah, so now you’re you have your intellect, you’re going to work. And then after that we’ll go to audience questions.

But yeah, what is it that you have you any New England the Philippines. What is that thing that keeps you going like you hope you have a pretty good idea.

I’m sure there will be somebody. I don’t know that even like a teacher who wants to business interest, but how do you do with a company if there is something I just said what, what is, what is

somewhat important Parker has been wearing. I learned that I guess no matter what ideas, it’s not very good either, is an idea which failed or is it probably just maybe point 1% of it. I say, what happens is really Yes, it’s the team, which will make a video. It’s not either. If there is a beam, which is strong it is. There it is motivated really driven to do something, you get even a very idea as a team or just decides to pick up any random thing that will succeed, because there’s something, there’s a critical change and they do everything and how diverse they are on sale, because they’re looking at what works, what doesn’t work. Yeah, and they’re not, they’re not married to me to get married to an idea that you mentioned earlier the revelation that we’re gonna, that as you start to get on that line, then of course you

are somebody that means everybody was having to make use of very good people like your friends or your

team because you know, ultimately what matters is your ability to get where you get and how you can create a lot of things so yeah I have started off with migraines, I have. I have us while you might have picked up, apparently random people like who I didn’t know at all, or even have a reference, or they were not when I wrote it, but I don’t really have a bias I have a bias, or ideas we I’ve seen it work for me, but I have been able to believe that people were wrong, colleges, whose name. Nobody even knew or these guys who apply again I put a lot of emphasis on permutation and I think that I have had people who could barely speak any English. And that is it, what what what matters most is the same thing that I believe is there one, the believe on the indicate identity or the vision that I gave, maybe that we have to do something, my vision I believe in that, I have to build a technology powerhouse company I really want to move ahead in terms of making real technology products. And I was able to find the next one is that we are even 100 confident that yes you can do, if you really believe in what you mentioned that doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s always better. Always. As long as you are confident that yes, it’s not something that you can’t do or it’s not something you can’t go and pick up and do another conference. That’s what does matter because everything that we have done has been that idea that well. I have been crazy enough to dream of things which a lot of people always ask me, but now I measure it by delivery people are not looking at you. They are not revealing if you if they’re not telling you you’re doing it, then I get it. That’s when he comes in, he’s like me with super robots and that’s how they’re gonna happen. The founders, these guys are as different as you could be from it sells, but then it’s like, there’s no difference, if we’re going to do it from the solder. My aim is completely as you could imagine, right here in southern engineering is a lawyer Injury Law, let me get my ego is not good and then went to jail. I don’t think so, yeah. But the record again saying that we just, we just record what is not one that yes it can be done. Yeah, and you’re caught is now given a really big push, what is happening, there’s something which I guess they are looking at trends, and again, very clear to me that is what we are having great, I was hoping this will happen, but the frame of reference in my mind was a couple of years ago people really start getting slow capital comfortable with video, and actively avoid physical meetings across the religious, you don’t really need to physically meet, you want to get your camera for, I guess it would be. You don’t need to start with that. We probably have a physical meeting we have something very special, maybe I don’t know, but video is enough so that we know that if it’s going to happen or how will happen, what are the technical needs what is a video, what is the live workspace, anybody was able to get a consulting job in cleaning, go and explore different remedies now, everybody in the video, everybody is doing what do I mean realise that people are now trying to adopt these videos, seriously. Yeah, more as a part is this is what’s happening is, all of these tools that you’re using like zoom or the metre. These tools are not delivering your services really the benefit they sell into your video conference into it just for me. Now when you think of delivering your service. There is more that you’re going to need and that is very obvious it’s going to be complete. We have just made it simple that yes, you will need to read a book user renders in about an hour at this time can we write that it’s a, it’s a lot of time and effort, and of course, if you think of a business perspective, that’s where you lose this is somebody who has something in mind I wanted to talk today, but was unable to get in touch with you you’re not interested anymore, it happens, and more nations are something which right. What is it in a major selling an essential services during your consulting training and you won’t get the confidence in your top level negligible unless, unless I speak to you. Yeah, it’s very good for you to help me in that session that he’s talking about, you know, what am I even an opportunity when you have an entity that you want to be with. They call you up and then you’re able to tell them about your case because he says this is what I’m doing. Right, so this, this, so it’s helpful in a lot of times, and then then all open collections and have a look of events and you know, the biggest thing is yes, you will delete it, you have no need to manually, figure out how to do it. And so we take care of it and the power of it is simple we want to enable each and every independent petitioners who’s trying to deliver the services online by all the tools that they need so that they are there are those small bits and pieces, which will add up to our data committee, and they’re able to focus on simply doing what investors, talk about on a video that’s the only. Yes, yes. So that’s, that’s exactly what I mean from a few users that they were telling you you’re going to do when people say oh it’s like an online business card what’s next. What can we do is when you share your link and they think about the quality or quality just because everything in your video as well, or your picture.

And here’s what I mean like I said, just like we did with our garden back in today’s video. Yeah, What is also one of the things that the thing but then we realised that right now. Nobody is going to

know I think our topic was really great. Okay, the question, what is Amish is asking what an important concept right exists only why not.

So, what, what, sorry. So, basically this is once you have this all in place when it comes. So we will continue our basic outline of what you want right and everything.

So I think if you have your own landing page another document in place where you adjust it as needed. So I think it’s also very little into avatar is almost impossible. Obviously, so yeah. And another thing that you have mentioned right now, you’re going to cover is

why I’ve chosen this session for my super boot options or angles. If you will have a choice, like you know everybody has a question for you, they want to share with people. So what is exactly going on with providers that is, that is how we got there is that was only available to you, how are we going to present it to you, because you might have in your head, and most of us needed it most of

what is not just our research is actually the last question is, how you how you can go to the coverages and go to the most of your to almost anything because

it was very important to know that we’ll go through how you would use it and you know what Monica and Nikki are living or something, where they can function very well actually, you’re actually getting people to jump into that at all

levels, enough to get you a commission that was the thing, very sloppy. Why, so it’s not quite that big so Kathy. Okay. Thanks a lot. Oh, thank you for being there and and to everybody who is a celebrity without anger and to all of you will be watching this on YouTube again. And please remember, you can book campus for a session on SuperPro The link will be mentioned in the jar as well as it will be there in the YouTube description. Remember to check it out, and yes, listen your time, you can get started with a conversation with others and learn how to go about it, and what to do when I, when I fly.

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