Use Video meetings for effective and engaging communication

It’s no secret that video chat and live meetings are the best way to communicate. Whether you’re working with people in different time zones, across oceans or just down the hall, there’s a level of engagement you can’t get in any other form of communication. The trouble is, most businesses don’t have the required software setup or technical skill to integrate video communication in their business and it ends up being an expensive endeavor for everyone involved. What if we could change all that? What if your company didn’t need to spend thousands on complicated technologies? That would be great right? Well now they don’t have too! Let me introduce you to – a white-label video meeting software that lets businesses conduct professional video chats directly from their website or application.

Benefits of Adopting Existing Video Workflows vs. Use of Traditional Methods

Many startup founders are hesitant to use video as a communication tool for their business. They may believe that it doesn’t have the same benefits as other forms of communication or it’s too expensive. The truth is, however, that video has many benefits including increased brand awareness and increased conversion rates for sales. Video also allows you to connect with your customers on an emotional level which in turn helps them feel more connected with your brand which can lead them to purchase from you again in the future!
Here are some other benefits of using video communication in your business

Task Simplification

Embed video communication in your business to make task delegation much easier and simpler by enabling faster scheduling, and using video communication helps interact with team members across the globe in a seamless manner to get work done faster.

Increased Visibility

Video communication is the future of marketing. To increase sales, companies use videos to educate consumers about their products and services, as well as attract stakeholders. Why videos? Video communication has been known to be more effective in engaging people, helping them comprehend the message, and create better brand recall.

Use Real-time Data Smartly

Wouldn’t it be useful to pick up insights from important conversations over video calls and use that data effectively? Superpro helps in pushing data from a live meeting into the business’ app or web platform to generate real insight. Some other benefits of embedding video communication in your business  include reduction in processing time, higher accountability, and elimination of redundant tasks.

Importance of Video-Based Communication Today

2020 witnessed a substantial shift in the way businesses function. With businesses moving to the digital sphere because of the pandemic, the only way to stay strong in the game was to adapt to modes of being connected while remaining isolated. This paved the way for remote working, teleconsultation, and use of video conferencing in startups

The ability to integrate video communication into the business is what segregated a feasible work environment from a non-feasible one. Video communication has now redefined how human interactions and engagement occur in both personal and professional lives – in fact, 80% of most users prefer video communication as a tool for hosting groups and 1:1 meetings.

Video meeting use cases

Video communication helps companies build stronger credibility and increase consumer and stakeholder engagement. The percentage of lead generation using video communication alone has risen to 84% in the past year, with close to 87% marketers using video communication as a tool to communicate with clients, increase brand awareness, and grab stakeholder attention.

Compared to other forms of communication, video communication are considered to be the most desirable.

Let’s explore a few use cases were video communication really makes a difference and have helped organizations grow by leaps and bounds.

Tele-consultation in Healthcare Industry

In the backdrop of one of the deadliest pandemics in history, healthcare has been prioritised by people across the globe. Bridging the gap between consumers and doctors, therapists, and other healthcare providers have been of utmost importance.

To make communication more accessible, tele-consultation has boomed in the last year. Most healthcare providers around the world have figured ways to integrate video communication into their outreach to provide better long-term healthcare management and patient satisfaction.

Fundraising for startups

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for investors and stakeholders to back their ideas. The pandemic has, in fact, provided potential opportunities, giving more entrepreneurs a chance to step up to the plate and solve problems.

In doing so, most entrepreneurs and innovators have leveraged the use of video conferencing in startups, meetings API, and use video meetings solutions for startups to engage with people across the world in a quest to get their message across and build impactful businesses.

Online Education

As students remain isolated in uncertainty, universities have quickly responded with video conferencing and communication to ensure there is no break in their academic or professional careers. Courses, classes, and extracurriculars are now provided through interactive videos and video workflows.

Human Resource Management in Virtual Teams

Management of documentation, conducting surveys, measuring team performance, and appraisals are just some functions the HR team undertakes. With the onset of the pandemic, HR management has become completely virtual, leading to automation of these functions in order to continue business operations smoothly.

Product Demos

Perhaps one of the most important features of a sales strategy, a product demo helps consumers and stakeholders understand how your product can be used, its various features, and its benefits. To ensure outreach and build awareness creatively and innovatively, most businesses utilize video communication tools to create powerful product demo videos for maximum engagement and impact.

How can startups and businesses create workflows efficiently?

Planning & Strategizing

The first step to creating a workflow is to plan and strategize it. This can be done on the basis of prior knowledge or prior experience. Once a workflow has been tested, optimized, and concretized, it needs to be expressed to the designated team members in charge of carrying the workflows out.


To ensure efficiency in communicating the process clearly, businesses typically create visual representations of the workflows so that it is easy for the executor to comprehend the steps or further delegate in a seamless manner.


However, image descriptions of workflows may not always be helpful if there are several possibilities and alternatives in carrying out a single workflow. In this case, it is easier to embed video communication in your business. By integrating video communication, businesses find it easier to create workflow repositories that can be accessed by team members and help increase productivity.

Adopting an existing video meeting platforms is more beneficial then building one from scratch.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to build a video meeting platform, it’s important to consider how much time and money is going to be needed. Building one from scratch takes an enormous amount of resources that could be put into other projects. The best way for founders and co-founders to integrate video communication in their business is by using an existing video meeting platform like It’s more affordable, easier to maintain, and saves them from having to invest in a new system when they don’t have time or money for it.

Cost Efficiency

Poorly managed workflows directly impact a business’ costs. Embed video communication in your business to optimize resources in a more efficient manner as this directly impacts carrying out a project itself.

Save Development Time

Video automation helps largely in reducing time. Instead of manually sorting data for long hours, team members can repurpose time efficiently. Automation software helps divide and allocate tasks, helping team members to stick to schedules and timelines. Further, a video meetings lifecycle enables a higher level of team engagement, thereby helping reduce the time taken to comprehend and execute tasks by simply engaging through video conferencing.

Quick Integration

With platforms like Superpro, you can create and embed video communication in your business quickly into websites, and apps, while preserving the brand’s identity and guidelines. Various aspects like scheduling, API, emails, payments, etc. can be integrated into video workflows.

The client remains within the ecosystem

Video automation helps businesses remain in the competition. When clients sense a lack of adaptability and agility, they tend to find other alternatives. In today’s digital-first age, it is important for companies to respond with cost and time-effective strategies that also enable client retention.

By now, we’ve established that video communication is the future of business communication, helping you to  effectively engage with your stakeholder and help your business grow faster. is on a mission to create sustainable workplaces. It does this by Embedding video communication in your business. SuperPro provides clients with an enhanced experience through video communications and has helped clients grow revenue and launch products 10x faster. Designed to help businesses scale expediently, its features help small and large organizations to learn, implement, and improvise daily business workflows. 

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