Talk Face to Face in 1-Click

An instant video call widget for your site. No code. Talk to your visitors face to face from your website, app.

Humanize your online experience

Detect Specific Customer Behaviour

Truly engage with your visitors! Talk with the most relevant users based on their online journey in your site. Decide the perfect time and page to activate Superbot and provide a face-to-face experience!

Agent View

Visitor View

Boost Your Sales

Empower your digital experience

Reach your client in the precise moment to close the deal. Open unlimited opportunities: get to know them better, up sell, cross sell.

Aren’t you tired of finding robots everywhere when you just want a quick answer? 
Recreate the in-store customer experience, online. Close the deal easier and faster!

Build stronger relationships online. Take the control. Engage them face-to-face! Provide a memorable customer experience on your site.

More than a Video Call

Features for a winning Customer Experience

Zero Setup Time​

No need to invest your time in heavy setup and building. We will help you focus more on your business.

Missed Calls

Visualize the list of missed calls. See if the user left their email and be able to easily contact them back. Get leads even when you are not available! 

Pay As You Go

No upfront commitment and no high upfront integration cost. Save 1000 hours of your product team and pay only for the usage.

Unlimited Accounts

Grow your business without thinking about the number of accounts, our flexible pricing allows you to have as many as accounts you want to have.

Hello there! 🚀

Superbot is in BETA. Our team will be updating the platform regularly.
New features are coming soon and we are excited to hear any feedback or requests!

Copy, Paste & Go!

No coding needed to install or set up! Just paste one line of javascript on your website’s header.  Your visitors don’t need to install anything to have that amazing video call with you 😄

Fine-tune when and where the video call widget appears on your website with… 

  • Pages visited
  • Time on page
  • Scroll percentage
  • URL 
  • More coming soon

Superbot in News!

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Works on any Platform

Plug and Play on your website in Minutes!

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A better experience for your clients and customers and less stress to you and your team.
You’re just a minute away from experiencing automated video workflows

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