Shammi, Gaurav and and the pandemic!!! - A protalks episode about business and the new normal.

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Okay, yes

we are live. Hello everybody, welcome to original production, here’s your host, party and the CEO and co founder of Uber road Rei, and those who are joining us live and those who watch the recorded version of YouTube. Very good evening, good morning. Whatever your what it is. We are talking with other ladies. And today we have got Virgo who has been going measurement has led his life from being a financial professional to being an author and an entrepreneur and whatnot, really find out what he’s been up to, what led him to MIT where he is, And we’ll learn more about his library joining me he joined and Mr. Blank. Let’s start over to you show me your brief introduction. Thank you for having me on the show I was quite excited for video I think for the videos already. And first of all for this edition platform which is going to have a lot of people are getting their wisdom and their expertise of the volatility, especially when it comes to them and travelling in the sector people cannot do their jobs, everything can come out of them. Oh, thank you so much for having me here. It was so awesome. So I don’t know anything. Typically when I returned I wouldn’t. Unfortunately, not a lot more, there’s not a limit. So, to start with the I have a very normal student Am I, let’s do it. I’m not even getting put in everybody period, And then give it a go. What he did when I was reading so people have asked me a lot in terms of getting deep on more technical stuff, if you don’t find out, and it was, it would not have been possible those mentors, would not have helped me at that point of time, a very high regard for those people who are clinically chemistry mathematic organisms and doing a little chat no one talks about it. I mean, I’ve learned that somewhere very important for getting you know diversified in life as well. So I think the total 12. Companies total device. Necrophilia that we’re working with almost every industry and every element of it. So we can also think of, but we’re not critical enough technically because most recently I’ve been working with a company that I was going to be the people from them. So, it would have been good, but they would always what I’m doing for the larger one, what I’m doing for people. No, they’re not people have asked me, Is it really much for others, and I think we’re not going to go over that. So there was always a desire to get into startup get into a platform or whatever I didn’t help much people to build their journey, I guess, people were calling on. So, I got out of this, and then at that point of time I started my own venture without a dime. So, one thing I felt like was my 15 years in industry, specifically with a minus equal to professionals that didn’t have time to upskill themselves in order to gain new skills. So, if you believe in your skills if you want to share the letters. If you have to do something like agreements to get commissions, you’re expected to upskill yourself, but obviously you’re liquid, and we’re gonna go right into another thing as well. So, fortunately I was asked what I would replace, I want to focus on getting people to have a common goal which is engagement is all about how technically wanted to work with people individually. A lot of people were like, within my team outside my team to tap into what am I going to get access to and got a lot of like minded people who are actually having the same kind of passion to help people. But opportunity to celebrate upon the journey of industry. People do not have any kind of desire for network,

life, and if it only wasn’t like what like, there’s no benefit of forgetting, like when people are brainstorming ideas. Okay,

well we’ll come back to it, but most of the time there are videos on at home, but there is no marketing, or they are in their own interest, but this is not an employee, again the defendant about in rehabilitation you anybody that like, I don’t know people across, you know, across the planet. So, have you ever wanted to think all over the country. So I was always talking to them. So, informally, when he was with me. I think it was. What we need is definitely the largest network you need. Now the entire universe. Okay, now I want to go back and ask you what prompted you what prompted you really do think beyond see because I have a lot of things with you, and I chose not to do that. But I never, I never, never continued not to pursue that path, or when you realise that this is not what you really want to do. Yeah. I mean, I know it helped me a lot in terms of not getting an assignment I’m helping people, whatever in my life. The only thing is sometimes we have to guess what’s wrong with engineering, we have a mechanical engineer. That means, the larger production arm you know your parents your university or if you rent guns you have a look and accounting people in your family and graduated. That’s different equities, equities 14 Out of the box is not actually going to be like when I went out, no no no. What I learned was, people don’t

realise they’re not very much luck, but what about if you don’t know what’s going on. Isn’t that blind, but what I mean. Like people always our people like me, if you really wonder how much different, I can make.

Do something different. It’s not that I’m not doing creating adventure which is there is actually a lot of opportunity out there don’t even help out, I don’t even have entry now, but definitely in a better way, in a way where people are not like a slow, you know even pandemic is getting a lot of companies don’t want to be people they don’t actually need someone, many people like us don’t come forward and help them out, put them back in a period. Instead of saying that your, your experience is that when you travel overseas and go to go on experiences what shaped you and you realise that you can go beyond the overview.

Not only that the onboarding phase where 1 million 1 million. Okay, my call is what I’m referring to.

But I can, you know, where there was no other entities that do have that experience in my life anyway. Because you know what a lot of people know them, and also can you really ask them, What are you looking for and getting a different experience in your life, you know, find your cat where you want to go.

You know, and there’s no limit to the limit. I could say invaluable. I could do job. I could work, whatever you want, you can continue to get it sometimes.

Believe it or not, come out of it. What do I do all the time. Yeah, you’re not limited just write all your own profile and everyday everywhere you’ve been writing best selling author. Yes. How did that happen, that you, you had a dream one night, or whatever it

was one of them. I don’t know how many of them were extrapolating from somewhere, probably not even, even early, No, I thought a lot of times it’s covered already in migration scenarios. Okay. Yeah, so, you know, that is the topic, you find a book on that topic. Anyway, you don’t even know. When you get a time to read an article, and that’s what I meant when I was trying to rebuild the content on my own, and then again I can’t read this whole bunch of paper. No,

I really mean. You cannot remember everything. He’s probably been able to communicate to me when I woke him up, I could tell

what it is. Many people don’t pay for while we talk with one company or any part of the life. There’s no

need to go back into the world that you’re no longer getting better. US number one. People get the book. And again, it will the knowledge that will be

good. I think it’s not a good lesson for everybody out there, whatever problem you are facing just like that. And a lot of people like you to get into arguments yeah maybe, you end up having a problem. A lot of people. Okay, so I’ll have it done. Okay, good. What about this new paper that you come up with, I hope, other times they’re not that evil and I know it’s not really it’s a new paper, but it’s more of a knowledge sharing platform and if we don’t have any logic. Well, we have not done much. All right. And at that point of time, that was the only thing we wanted. There was a lot of very good, very prominent people will attest to this, and I got into it as well, you know, calling one voice editor, people in our industry in corporate finance, you know, we always see that something, but all the producers engineer whoever they don’t worry about how many how much energy they’re creating their job performance. You know, you don’t have to realise the potential they can, they can kill anyone, so only people usually have negative people, when they won’t have it. Oh my goodness, here’s what we need it is it is not up to anything that our companies

are trying to bring this community of around. That is one of the, we didn’t want to bring all of this together for many one on one platform. For example, if I have to do something and give you the model you have to know how many of you, I don’t need to really look

at an example of a horse, if you have a lot of other copy for your photographic record even if you don’t want to get a continuation and whatever benefits and it will be like my DVDs. That is one, which is a very big one I like to do just to get home, you know, nowadays, you want to notice many companies want to SME that is small and medium enterprises that are occupied, even at low maintenance. We definitely agree, because many of them are completely on revenues. Typical. People are getting lunch already, because they’re not able to meet the Americans so maybe we don’t have enough money to get there, any longer. That is one of the area where you would have been able to make it if you didn’t Nice. What about having everything together, to be like a company, recording this kind of makes getting everything organised, getting the dream into a nightmare. He was able to completely complete

when they’re going in the arrangement. Now they don’t even have to it’s very important everybody. So, what is the what are the companies, what do we coordinate by whenever you have any other companies.

They always have like people who don’t really know what what are you doing well doing money systems. Right. One thing to have if you don’t have enough components. Sometimes you need to have affordability.

So here’s how we’re going to do that one. So, if you are getting out of line, you know what

to do when you get a little, so things get ignored it is automated, but in fact there’s a good control.

Once again, all it is, I mean, and it’s not bad, but I’m looking over at this point, what you have is what you have control and

what you don’t want to talk. What’s this, what is this, like, if anyone has anything. What is 3.0 That’s where we get a lot of alumni. What should I do

to increasing awareness. So, the CFO is expensive for anyone want to make a compromise, what not to have as a guiding SME, finding out what can we do the business model is not only looking at the latest.

No. So they have time, of course, which fortunately for what was a woman was, and so people will litigate I know there’s I know what you can do at this moment. And that’s one of the getting minimum 40 percents me what he told me that’s what we didn’t like minimum 40% So if you have any good anyway $1 million commitment, isn’t even commitment we call of duty. Now, if the company is even less. You got a lot of opportunities where you can find out the local locations, you can visit your company what we need. And so, that way a lot of times, is helping companies to get me on board. So we’re actually not not able to do what they’re doing, we want to get them out to the waterline and they are working for them and so that’s another benefit because they will have a blessing of the community and the community will have a better market. So that’s what I’ll do other people make use of. Other times, as any. How do I get in, what do I get what are they like

with the Army detailed over the military. So a couple of partners were dedicated on our development in the finance industry the corporate regulations. Throughout janitorial. There are people, when they look inside of a partner in this country. They have something on the table. So the only thing. But when it is. So that if they are voting to do. So we’re not actually gonna get your visa partner which is coming for free, we are not automatic, without using a genuine misreporting let them do it on their own.

The other thing we can help them out with, you know, in the numbers. You will be able to help

the virtual CFO or the CEO do better. It’s like I’m outsourcing a critical function of my company to an external hard drive ideally you’re doing cameras on everybody, but you are not a modified optimization, and I am relying on your critical, critical function and recognise what this is up in the model. So, there has been established with animals. No, but yeah, there isn’t any of this, if we’re going with a company that maybe there is protections from like nautical agreement we can get a lot of different kind of intermediate company when you’re outsourcing, but that’s when you were getting an auditor and you’re getting in your case, it’s all getting very legible number one remember number one idea. What if people remember. Whatever happens, lot of people who claim to be nothing, they only be interesting to find people to get their data. But, but, to be, to be frank here No, it’s not a time when you just get scared or somebody’s not on your payroll, you think what you can do whatever you happen to be the person say like you have the flu, that it’s nothing. What is that very little bit of a, you know, it’s not human, be able to critically think that this will be avoided if you have a model like Moody’s looking at using this model and then it will be demoed. And your, your team is working already that a certain model wherein somebody who is remotely, looking at your account or your finance and is able to be at our value if you have somebody working with you or maybe not covering it that way. That’s okay. It’s not me with living this, just to give you some more data. You must be eaten up by IoT news nowadays. I think I have noticed, minimum 2014 Before we get a look at any of the people that are getting we don’t want to do that I think there’s also some reason one irregularity was appointed but he didn’t have any normal way to, you know, that’s all happening because the role of CFO changed completely dramatically changed. Earlier the CFO was looking at the data limit remember not being able to monitor finding a maximum or getting a one for the company. Nowadays these things have got only think about. The first thing I’ll be looking at is, you know, it should be, should be tackled No, it should not be there is no. There’s no more data than us, which means that there are more than 30% of startups, anyways 100 here for the first time in history, you really want to look at it wasn’t happening recently, anyway 30% So, it was happening, but I need to get myself out. Visitors are realising Oh, there’s nothing much, you can do, only if your computer, so all they’re looking at new numbers.

You know, you don’t even know how I can even the company. This company has reported largest revenue, Monday August 2020. And

that’s where all of our activity comes in. So that anomaly that is thinking about it, one of the insights, is people have actually what have you, what is the. Even we were taking a look at an entire income rental revenue in revenue. We just logged in, I didn’t even know what I got from that particular vertical, right, people don’t think of

it all the time is it’s Monday. And we’re getting this, you know a lot of people only think of what they normally do. When you open up a free account. Other company would like to get over, in India 141 Whenever we were paying for it will immediately recall okay because now at this point of time you guys are

putting wanting to be a better quality, lightweight, you have a good idea and I think that’s where you need people with a new mindset, you don’t need that you know people, anyone can figure it out. And you want to get to the point where you can come join us. If you are a startup, they might not be able to get out. So whatever is going to be. Whatever is not only going to be a very pertinent and interesting numbers that he shows that there’s another one going on in the world you can tell, you have to go on and you can you can make you look every whatever it is, and that’s what I think that’s what defines an entrepreneur that you are faced with automated, most of the solutions and and everything going wrong, but then you’re able to go it alone. Enough to go wherever we want it. Thank you. Yeah, this is, I’ve been thinking I was I’ve been following video for quite a diner, I was late, and I’ve been in my head. From day one, to having a library with the art of everyday life and someday. We’ll be live on becoming the default media that only appears right. Well, no, no, that was gonna happen I realised that it could happen now if any of you are seeing the ship. Vertical everybody saying oh let me. Anthony we are returning, I realised that everybody will start using it, and we identified the opportunity in all of these moves because moving on physically, they will definitely just go to Egypt and have a meeting. So it’s very, very simple, like if you want to deliver an article if you want to deliver a potato it’s all you want to do on a train, like all of you. It’s not just Wi Fi, you need a lot more things around it, for example, you have to do simple way that okay, where do people find you when people call you when you don’t end up manually. Finding the rules and telling people that oh you got to keep going. Because I’m happy. Keep it and that’s why we like to have different tools that make our lives, super simple. Whenever you either get a mail and all you have to do is just click on the link and you will have all your reminders. Like all of you think you don’t have to lay oh god, that’s lovely. Well, one thing we didn’t realise is how you can help, visit the community income range only and then Wi Fi I think a lot of 1014 years or so, and I think community, and the tropical will always be required, then if you don’t have to abilities that you don’t have to build during Buddha we create a video call you have very useful network and we take care of everything. Until at about already 10 visitors on board, and we will be going live and become a super enabler for all her community. And it’s pretty simple you don’t need a login ID and password, everything was, you know, ended up wanting to do a lot of people doing what like, people are attending and enjoy doing. But as far as getting generally a visa or whatever it is you’re not going to get one which gives you everything. We’re gonna use. I think if it hasn’t gone a long way. Thank you. Okay, up, left as they arise was ending. Any questions from the audience eyes, please feel free to put in your questions in the chat box located, what I do with you. You have a car, the only thing that comes with it is hard. Usually, that’s the one thing that comes into my brain. It’ll be honestly, I never thought of that though I was already having kids. I thought about it I will be joining the Yakuza, God knows we have a court now which was our meds, and I really think that now we are getting ready to do that, ever. Yeah. But, uh, you know, he tried it out and he was living at one of the islands, put in his leg there. And he was directly out of it yeah he the two of them didn’t disappoint. Although it was like it because it’s not that obvious you don’t get a bionic eye when you see it because what you don’t realise is that when you when you share that link. If you don’t have original information and realise that guess what. Well we have a value proposition, and we have gotten our religion, you know, the fact that I can only

have a very like then and not, and I also like it when you’re getting a property we have only been forced which we have one on getting a real game, you

know, I think people with technical difficulties, is not beyond that. Now, what we’re looking at impact helping everyone out there even non finance people even other industries, you know, businesses, football team, when you get into this problem. Yeah, that’s how you have to do you have to experimented for one time, you know, you don’t ever think of the only thing I can do so I should not be doing it for you give him an opportunity to get into we should actually jump in and see what is happening, rather than just taking from outside. Okay, so I have a question from audience I know I lost one question, what’s the, What’s the heck are the costs covered. Now what are you thinking upon spoke about on it other times here. So just to give you a couple of more insights quickly. We are working, simply on making the solutions for all the problems which are universal. So we have couple of more products, you know, in our development phase where we are transforming couple of things which are in our unstructured or offline. We’re trying to make a digital socket, it will help a lot of IT partners we have and other people, so completely different from this but the ultimate goal, what at a time for me is somewhere down the line in five years 10 years down the line I should be known for solving the problems that people know people people should know when somebody meets walking somewhere they will not know how much network I have already taken says, you also have a problem I was facing this challenge and people knew I could do this. So that kind of enabling capability, I want to learn as much as possible through. Now I can already see, you know, literally, show me the enablers. Great great great No it’s like yeah we got to do anything unless we have a grand vision that’s so great with this we’ll close today’s session coming up.

Thanks a lot for tuning in, thanks a lot for being there. I hope you enjoyed I can say for my mind that yes

I definitely enjoyed the session. Whatever you shared on our audience also enjoy it and those who would be watching it on YouTube later on, please put in comments, please share, or what you think about this blog and of course if you want to reach out to me very much I’m super super close, the link is there in the chat and the link will be there in the YouTube description of the video. So don’t hesitate. Some is all there as I said Shamita enabler, he is there to listen to you, to solve your problems to help solve your problems, so please feel free to reach out to him. Thank you. Oh, and a big thanks for your team as well you know the support team theory, the way they coordinated everything because of my joy. Thank you so much everyone. Have a great night. Good night. Have a great rest of the week. Thank you. All right, bye bye. Take care.

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