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Okay so we are live. Good evening everybody. I welcome to another edition of pro doc by a super pro with RTI, under what authority party, co founder and CEO of the pros of AI. And as you know by now, and non pro Doc’s repeat bringing professionals from different fields, professionals who have won different tasks, and those professionals from whom we can learn something from their journey from their failures or anything that we can pick from their journey. With that, let me welcome all of you, those who are watching it live and those will be watching the recorded version later on. Then, wherever, whatever time, very warm welcome and what you can do as those who are watching us live you can put your questions in the chat box, and those who are watching the recorded version, you can still put your questions and comments section, wherever you are watching it, please feel free to put in the comments. And also, if you want to reach out our guests will be available on their super pro page. The link will be there in the description as well as in the comments. So if you want to reach out to our guest, yes, that’s okay great, and today we have another amazing professional amazing super pro as we call it, and I’ll be putting down how he is attending the world and what is his, his journey. Yes. Great. So without further ado, over to you. Thank you. Thank you for having me participation. This is really good and kind of already the SuperPro and what you’re doing is commendable. And I look forward to rotation. So, Toby. I work for abroad as associated. I started my career with Twitter I feel I have a couple of slides, came back to India in 2007 started working with India’s finest university with Professor University, up here in the northern part of the country, and I won’t be around 13 years I was a professor in computer science, I’ve done my PhD in computer science. And along with that, I was taking care of the training and placement aspect of things. So I believe that undergraduate level in computer science and other technical courses specifically. India is more about mobile success based model people are looking for placements and return on investment, and those who want wants to cover searches yes there are couple of them who are interested in research as well but not that I would say the population is 20%, but otherwise all 80% They look for donations into good companies so I thought why not reading in places like cabbage, so I was taking care of the computer science department. I taught computer science for 13 years, worked with them on printing placement assignments where we are reaching out to companies to help the candidates get their preferred jobs, and I thought it was a good enough time. Now let me move into corporate world and see what other centers is all about. So thankfully I came across this opportunity in January, I joined, I believe, number one, in higher education in India, and I continue to do the same work that I was doing while we are developing it, I was working for one university and now I have an opportunity to make a national where we are getting to the standards are known as all across the country. So that’s that’s pretty much about me. Well, I mean, I mean, I do but typically I always start from, from the journey itself. I was, I was competing you’re sorry you got into it job. Okay. What prompted you really to shift from the IT side, your IT side of things, to or from the coffee side of things go into academics what I’ll be very honest with you, and I believe if there are any freshers any people just starting their career listening to it, I’ll be honest, I’m very honest to just studying there were demonstrations happening. I got into a campus placement started working for exhale. My dad was abroad. At the time I was, I got an opportunity abroad, I moved to Middle East, from there I got an opportunity in in Kenya, in, in Africa, so I moved here, came back to India and then I, I just wanted to be an engineer to be very honest, I cannot wait to enter into a job. So I would say yes, I did like vision, at that point of time, and I did not want to move to a, I would say Metro City as such, and getting into academics and teaching was something that when even when I was working in corporate I used to be stationed at a very young age I used to speak to people I believed that I have good communication and persuasive persuasive skills. So that’s what that pushed me into. It was not my first choice, but once I got into it I started liking politically Young University, and a lot of opportunities coming my way to interact with, with the budding engineers to work in various departments of the university and that’s something that kept me here. So what moved me they’re very honest no to I just wanted to remain agile and that was the reason. And I don’t want this generation to decide. The way I decided, I think the level of awareness companies like you and others are generating is going to make a decision, or to be as important entrepreneurs. So it was a matter of matter of chance, but once I got in, I started loving it. And that’s the reason I stayed here around continued because I was really enjoying it. So, now that you don’t have to say that yet. I mean other degrees that you see that definitely would not recommend students making informed difficult Saturday, if you had, if you have to give an advice to yourself back then, maybe you back in 2004 or five or six, what would that be.

My advice to my younger self would be to preservation and better awareness leads to better choices and better choices lead to better results. So you have to be aware of what’s happening with you think a little bit ahead of time. And the most important thing that maybe our younger, my understand what it is and they should need to know is that we are shying away to have a mentor in our life, we will end up doing two mistakes I believe either they will reach the same person for all their problems, even if a medical problem or a problem or any other problem, they will reach the same person who they’re comfortable with, or they will end up telling one problem to 50 people, and none of themselves. So anybody listening to this session, find a mentor that is very important. You have to connect to people again the kind of working people are doing, you have so many experts on your platform. You can reach out to them, listen to the dangerous thing to take, if you’re not the only one to take some, some kind of psychometric tests to understand where does your passion are made of your liking, like, will not be a pressure on candidates. It was there 10 years ago 15 years ago, no pressure is still there. Somebody who jumps on the chair just has to become a doctor, which is quite insane. Somebody was truly introvert is ended up working in a call center because of the dearth of jobs. So my advice would be, have a systematic approach, listen to the experts, that’s very important talk to people who are your mother can tell you which is the best thing to eat but she or your father cannot tell you what is the right job. So listen to experts, talk to them that is the first thing. Second, try and be as disciplined as possible discipline and commitment is something which will which will put you on the right path. Every day I want to know I get up in the morning I just want, I say that I have to be disciplined we all plan really well. And we can see where we want to go. We have a lot of plans, but only thing is, are we able to implement it. So be committed and disciplined, and listen to the expert advice when it comes to setting a very well that’s that’s really, that’s really good. I like the way you put it that way I can relate to it and get in it, like many people think that oh no I need to ask X Y, Zed, you know, this one was an odd weather, you know, even if you know probably that person does not have that background but you still end up going to them. This generation is not ready to get into uncomfortable situations, you start a Facebook page or something you have Facebook ID, and just putting up you can simply log out, you can close it and open a new one. The same thing doesn’t happen in real life. So, you cannot erase certain parts of your life, in real life if you’re not living in a virtual world altogether interviews still happen in person. I used to talk to my students at NYU. So, I have a lot of my ex students now take students on Facebook or LinkedIn and stuff and the way they right now everybody posts so fantastic fantastic memes, if you go through them. That is a new way of expressing your thoughts, it’s so wonderful when somebody puts a comment on the kind of replies the right, you would be happy to take a thing on your feet and communication or, or posing a post will not be a problem, but the moment you have an in person communication, everything takes a nosedive. So I used to joke with them your interest will not happen on Snapchat or whatever, but it’s a 20 chance to disappear the moment I answer a question with the right people, and they need me to have these important discussions as much as possible. And on the other hand for people like us. We have to help them reservation does not know how fast they have been pampered parenting or whatever their single child. You and me are teachers to give us a bashing our parents used to thank the teacher, and now it’s aluminum. So, this generation needs to be inserted equal responsibility on people like you and me is better to reach out to them and help them. On the topic of reaching out to mentors. So the question I’ve asked, well, I’ll ask you if I found a student, one of the students that, that you get to interact with, what would you tell, tell me that. Okay, how do I find a better mentor, how do I delete one, how do I find the time second, how do we, how do I really make sure that this is the right guy for the topic or whatever else that I’m going to ask about.

So, with the advent of Internet things are very easy, I would ask them to start simply talk to your faculty, talk to your top one champion teachers that you’re aware of or. And if they can’t answer at least they can tell you, if they can guide you and tell you who to reach out to for example if now somebody comes to me and says, they need some help with AI and stuff and all that is applied is one area I would definitely recommend your name, you have three startups and you’re missing work in the previous companies Well, I can’t solve your problem on AI and machine learning, I can direct them to you or to somebody else. That is one thing, and it might not be the right person. Again, they need to search and get their hands dirty. Amazing, amazing thing for today’s generation, they can simply check your LinkedIn profile, they can check your super profile and see the kind of work you have done. I wanted to, let’s say you wanted to become Jeff Bezos I wanted to become Bill Gates, 10 years ago, we had no clue, we could read books, we could randomly search the internet. Now I can get it from the horse’s mouth, I can visit your LinkedIn profile and see what exactly you have done, and I can simply follow your footsteps, if you have if you have worked in startups, your work in Germany, you have to help people, expand business in Europe and this is the same thing I want to do reach out to you. I always tell college students best person to reach out if you’re alumni working in your dream company, I tell them go to India simply go for advanced search, simply times full name as for example, applied somebody will apply. And he’s from your city, with the kind of the kind of people that we have taught for five years. There is absolutely 100% chance that you will find people from your find a person from your city, your dream company. And I’m sure when you reach out to the volunteer connect directly suppose to be able to talk to your factory talk to one person who has seen everything, and he should be able to direct you to the right person, whether the person is right or not, that kind of, I would say validation on your own, by simply going through the LinkedIn profile and see the kind of oh, that person is. But that’s very, very interesting, because in my life as well as being from IIT, alumni, one is very strong so yes I never, never even have to think twice about anything anybody who is from IIT Bombay does but okay I just I just picked out and yes there of course people have been very helpful. So that’s great that you bring it up and you know glad. Yeah, when, how does it work like does a guy also have something around our alumni network because know that being an analyst myself from a grad, I know that there are those who are reaching out to me. Yes, I will be helping them out how I was able to simulate right so upgrade remain in the market for over five years. We teach people on cutting edge technology courses management courses, and when I say technology primarily on I would say the full stack side of things, the tech side of things, and the data science side of things. So, initially we used to work or we used to get only working professionals. So these were high ticket programs in collaboration with it didn’t apply to us and some good foreign universities of the world, like Liverpool University, and we used to be educated and plus one and a half years we have ventured into the college segment as well. So, given that we have in a market for over five years now there are people so people who are already working. They took our courses, and they, they got good transitions, the transition to good companies there in India and abroad. And now that the pool is a good pool is available. We have started certain initiatives for the United States. So again, we recognize their effort to recognize where they have been working, what what and as they, those who have really benefited, just like you would do things for a specific initiative or specific team we have put a formula luminary leash law where we keep track of what wherever people have transitioned, where they are working right now, and what kind of engagement we can have with those people. And because we were doing, working professional, there are people who have worked so five to 15 years, which I believe is a most of them, most of them are already in leadership positions, so the new, the new budget that come in, it helps us get in transition into those companies that are coming back to your journey. So given that you spent so much time at LTU. How was, how was your evolution there at LSU, how did you get started, and then eventually you bet more you got a couple more on the train placement side of things. So, how did that transition happen. So, I was pretty young university 2005 is when we became a university. It was only a second or third batch. So I would say I’ve seen the first bricks, being laid in the university. So, earlier, and once you are into the system, you are a part of the initiative. Then, just like a startup. There’s no dearth of opportunities to suffer. You want to sit back, go through your life, or you want to grab opportunities that are coming your way, and I believe I am a person who likes challenges and opportunities so I started as a lecturer. So, in computer science, Senior Lecturer kept working on the computer science side of things, and academies, I believe it was, unless, other than research, it’s quite procedural, I mean, once you set up the processes, you have good faculty to teach people things work on, on their own, you have directed the faculty you have actually the student you have a set timetable, you monitor the quality, so things keep moving, because the whole transactional kind of thing. And I believe I’m a processes person, things will be people process specific not people specific, and when I left a few, I’ve not seen people saying that there’s a void or something because I’ve always worked on processes. So when things were putting the Catholics I reached out to management I said there will be some other opportunities I can look into the major any system of the alphabet which I use is P and P. So training admissions and placement. If you do these things, three things right in a college or university. It’s a pat on your back. If you don’t know

how I put it across so I had worked in admissions, I had worked in training, and I thought that from entry to exit kind of thing I should taste the entire system and the university in the promoters are kind enough if you’re willing to take up an opportunity to give you an opportunity, they give you time to experiment they give you whatever thing you need and that is the kind of support you need from from the management, so I started from academics, I don’t leave things in between when I saw that yes, things are in order, everything is process oriented that’s my job, then I move on to the next venture containing investment is very exciting, a new company comes in every day they have different requirements, different processes, a service based company like all these things compared to a company like you, they would have very different Alexander the needs and requirements. So that’s that’s quite, I would say that’s an amazing experience and I interrupt you there. Okay, good that you said that you reached out to management, asking for more work effectively. While yes you could have simply laid back and doing what you are doing and getting paid for it. So yes, that I understand that you bought the boat. But when management, told you that okay here could be an opportunity for, what made you pick this up, you know, the training and payment side of things. What did you how did you see yourself that okay, this is something which you’d be able to do well. All previous engagements were something which was internal to the university even academies are part of our own record and admissions everything was dealing with people inside the university, I wanted to work with people outside the university. Another thing it was a major pain area with training and placement is something where there was a lot of work that Robin done, and I want to get into the procedures as well as well. So I wanted to I could share this at training admission the placement meetings, they have to work well for university to prosper, and work intending I’d work in admissions I want to work in placements. As I said one I wanted to interact with more and more people outside, outside of the university, understand the requirement and then we go into the cabbage, because you will see the university that these Academy admissions and placement people they work in an actual issue, because I had the entire experience of cabbage I thought I can do better. So, and I know that management is a good safety net to be very honest, if things would not have a job managing would have been point okay but I would gone back to my original role as well. So that, that is the kind of support you need from the management and the deal I had was because I want to experiment process, process was said, I was getting bored same routine things again and again with the administration. So this is something we thought will be a good opportunity for me and the university. So that was the reason for me to move towards a basement, and the same reason push me into a plant, I was catering to once one university I was fine. We’ll come to that later but what’s the new took up this opportunity, but then how did you go about building this up from scratch, although they are in terms of planning. The whole thing’s different, and it does everything else with only companies and getting them on board setting up the processes, how did you go out and, and what kind of, what kind of approach do you have a single process. Right, so you need three things I believe for anything to succeed one is strategy operations and people. So when it comes to people you need a good team. I have a very good team of people who are working with me for a couple of years, I took some people with me into the new department operations as I said, So I spoke to a lot of people a lot of universities who have, who had already were pioneering placements, so what kind of models, they were working with, what kind of people were in touch with. So picked up all the good practices, good people, good practices, and whatever knowledge I had and whatever I came from all these we strategize and we work on that. So the first thing was to get in good trainers and make some changes in the Academy Award for being being paid. One good trainers, got a good team of people working at places, reached out to as many portraits as possible, understood their needs, and we were able to sell the idea of quality students to the corporates, and that that is something you cannot. So we worked on the product, product being students, you can teach somebody once you can do somebody twice but on a regular basis, right. So unless we have a good, and once we have a good product, it will automatically set. So the idea was not to repair and maintenance, but to prepare students in such a manner that they are able to, I would say, they become. They are accepted in the modern world, so it took a lot of time for five years, apart from the first year of getting in. And I think was so athletic training is not what we do training is very important students, they don’t like software, anything they feel I’m in trouble computer science program, I have two engineering colleagues, but software is something that cuts across all the programs, and it’s something which will help you everywhere. So we made them realize the importance of that, they fail in a lot of interviews, we brought in a lot of third party assessments, that is something which helps if you keep on teaching them with your internal faculty that will not give you results because they feel that you have their own vested interest, you want to give a full page advertisement in the newspaper that you have a presentation so you want us to be doing something like that, when people from company came in, they interacted with the candidates, we worked with third party testing partners like Comcast and just putting in the third party testing partners, and the best traders in the country is companies like I was in a couple of Silicon Valley data collected sessions, the students would feel that yes, something other than a cabbage is happening, and this is definitely going to take us, because

once you prepare them you have to give them opportunities. So only training them is not enough you have to begin a good set of companies. That’s where we had wonderful team, who could reach out to people in all parts of the country, and bring in the top companies. So strategy operations and people a good team. A good strategy, and then you stick to a plan for a while. But, if required you can, you should be able to make the changes as soon as possible so that’s what I call it. Now coming to the transitions, long as you do so after such a long period, having done everything so you said yes, you can said yes, everything is said but also don’t do that is unwise, but again, it offers so much like what was the what was the trigger or what did you see in the specifically upgraded, like why, why not, You know there are many other companies. So, I believe, 12 to 13 years is definitely a long time. Nowadays, when I’m working corporate I should be building it for a long time, but I believe 10 to 12 years is a good enough time to be associated 2020 I would say was a very challenging year obviously 20 back before COVID lbu is, I was a bit heavy University where we have a lot of students, so I thought, we will we will get to become a case study to be very honest that if we would place on, then it’s like number don’t matter if you have a good system you can attend university, or if we would have not done it, then maybe a message to the entire country that limit your budget and don’t over exceed your, your emissions. So that worked out really well. We were able to pace at 90% people. It wasn’t a very good number. So, it was, it gave me a lot of satisfaction, and I found that my work is done efficiently in one go. The I think any number is not going to matter. And the biggest motivation was when I was working in one university in a remote corner of the country. We didn’t have 600 acres everybody knew, but beyond that I believe I lacked recognition, or iPod now I can go go beyond the university and have a national portrait, if not a global footprint by up grand just the kind of synthetic isn’t just, that’s what I see, brick and mortar, universities, 10 years, somebody who is not going to get into a blended form of learning those universities will become obsolete. I’m sure many people would agree to that 10 years, maybe all brick and mortar universities would be gone. COVID has, maybe I would say, accelerated this thing by a couple of years. So, universities, one of the blended model will work so I had this idea that a tech is something that should be applied focuses a lot on quality, something which really attracted me. There are many tech companies as you say I think completion rates at upgrade are as high as around 85 to 86%, which doesn’t happen for free courses. The rate is 4% for paid courses rate is somewhere around, 40 to 44% I don’t know. After the completion rate is at 85% So a lot of focus on quality, and a second thing we simply don’t educate people and say, you have spent 18 months. Here is your degree, back to your back. No, you go and find a job. We go to full circle, we reach out to companies just like any other college, we reach out to companies, we wish we share the candidate candidates with the companies we help them get into is all success this model, very few people who take a paid course for upscaling themselves, everybody will take a course will condition it when you look at it now we are going to drive society because of being under slavery or whatever you can see we have did not come out of it. So people, they want to get into success based model. So, what the quality content, quality was I think it was quality content, so it was the focus on transition and not giving the candidates. And as I said, I think it gives me an opportunity to have an actual. So these are the reasons I moved to upgrade and I believe I’m pretty happy with what kind of opportunities I’m getting later reasons that you mentioned, right, that are under what you would have found those after joining a plan, right, the completion rate and you know I did research everything before I got into law. So if I ask if I asked my students to research properly before you get into a company or before you appear for a company, it would be a shame if I don’t do a question so I did a search I’m thankful for a couple of options, but I’m really happy that I chose applied for a job that give me an option to work with and so that was, I would say a good woman, I decided, and what would you say that if and when you think that students should do their research. Yes. Even professionals in writing Yogi’s like to think the dogs are competing for a better opportunity. What is that research that they should do what is maybe you can share your own some tips on what kind of research you did you have been doing that.

So I normally tell all my students, that it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not a company and get selected in a dream company, follow them on Twitter, follow them on LinkedIn performance on a big big advocate of what your goals what you did right. So comment on what longer is writing, check what kind of people are working there, what are what are people saying about that company, and once you’re appearing for an interview, there’s a plethora of information available on Glassdoor on, on, I would say India books or whatever the kind of questions that the company is going to ask you read the profile of people who are coming to ask you questions so when I was interviewed, I had, I believe I would have read about everyone we’re going to introduce him today I read your profile before. I suppose the habits that you provide before we started the session. So this is what it is that you have to activate a habit. One point that you think you, you will do something overnight and it didn’t work that way. So, read about the company, read about the people who are going to interview if you have the luxury of that information, go through the process. And then that is something that that tells you, and most of the duration, this duration, they definitely lack these things, they just go to the muscle, which is which is not the right direction. So, you have to deal with. Well, now, when you look at a flag and the kind of impact it is having. And what else, what are some of the really stark differences or the darkest lenses, whatever you call it between the traditional models, versus the abstract models. When it comes to education funding content is looking at upload so content being made from the top universities, well researched well rehearsed, so why would. What’s the difference between two dozen I would say or Netflix. So, that is the kind of difference you’re trying to create every lecture and the wow factor. And you are forced to watch the next episode or the next lecture, that is how focused we are on content making it as engaging and entertaining as possible. I have personally gone through a lot of courses on that website so we have around 31 courses which are offering on our site. So I went through content as well, and when you see relatable faces, people from top startups, people from top companies in the country, who you look up to talking to you,

sharing their views with you are teaching you that, so the content is something which is the key differentiator. Second, the one to one potential that is the only learning otherwise only if you take admission into college as a peer pressure, everybody in your village or in your locality or your relatives, they know that you have got into LP or IIT or Katie or whatever. So, if you don’t like starting there. If you quit, there’s a lot of social pressure on yourself, but I cannot wait till the time in our countries, that if you quit, engineering or MBA or whatever, online learning something where you you join, you don’t like it, you don’t perform you can quit without anyone doing. So, that is why the dropout rate. In our case, we are aware of this fact and we die and see that it’s not a lonely experience. So we complement these online sessions with our boot camps, documentation, there is a personal mentor or coach assigned to every candidate. So, that person is, again, started in the beginning because that person is your one stop solution for everything. You talk to that person. And if you don’t know that person. And second thing is, Maybe people involved, family members are definitely more serious about that product, or that type of industry, but then life gets in the way, usually about your target and all that stuff with students you have other issues. So we tie in what their family members as well. So if you if let’s say you take an update for you or not you’re lagging behind the timeline, your wife or your friend or somebody else. So, rather than spending three lakhs on your jewelry, you have taken up a course, you’re gonna get a serious question on your mind, right. So, one to one mentoring quality content, and the transition as I said, the transitions that we bring are the key differentiators. At upgrade our traditional. And now of course, this is a question right, John, you would have answered multiple times by now, or the impact COVID Yeah, on education as a whole, and specifically on the abstract models. I believe it’s going to be a team kind of recovery some sections or some sectors are going to boom and some are going to slide down further on traditional universities you have seen admissions have committed all across the country, people are the NEET Exam and Exam getting delayed. Most of the candidates are happy to stay mode, and not convenient regular colleges, and the online learning has been a boon everywhere. We locate on segment we actually are paid by the topper, and everyone, everybody is blossoming, only thing is if they can control that you will not be committing the regret even after the COVID is, that would be important for people, any any pressure or anyone listening, I have couple of advice, a few advice for you. One thing is be ready to attend more and more interviews because companies are still going to hire, they’re going to hire less numbers, but their expectations will be more. So they’re going to be more and more stringent with their process. So my thing is be ready to give as many individuals as possible. People who have never seen. You are the top of the class, you are the one pushing the race, maybe 20 minutes before anyone who started,

particularly for anyone who started the basement medical everyone’s you will face challenges. So that’s the soft skills with a lot of parts to maintain your mental balance, and you’ll be ready for periods. So, if a company was selecting, Somebody wants an eight out of 10 out of 10 do to somebody with eight out of 10 So I think is great interviews, second is 95% of interviews are going to happen online, they’re gonna happen in sessions like this, and this is we always overestimate ourselves on camera because most of the younger generation is used to pick yourself up and they’re not bothered about how they’re communicating on a video. So when you are talking. No, I’m not looking at screen overhead camera, it is very hard for us, because I can see your head nodding and stuff onto the corner of my eye. Look at the camera, and this can only come with practice. So any other generation listening, talk to your friends, ask your teachers to conduct online interviews and see how you perform on overcome so virtual interviews, that’s a new skill that you have to add. Third thing is I usually got to get that if I get you can throw a bunch of entropies right now, and I asked you to go and open up the issues, people like you and me, we used to go 20 years ago. Will you invest in a good decision and everybody says, No, it’s, it’s not a good decision when everybody has a mobile. There’s no point of having this to be an investment. So, similarly you have to look for a job, anything digital economy is going really fast. So if you are somebody who is good at coding, and you say I would only work my travel company, it’s not going to revive in couple of years, so be on the lookout for areas where the jobs part time jobs or anything with other digital in front of it. So look for those areas upskill yourself, which is normal. They really want to get a job. Nothing, nothing. Dandruff. The only thing that you get for free and that’s very interesting to find out is, I want you to elaborate on that. I think we did talk, what’s the code, why should we think about upscaling especially people when it’s not about the job. Let’s say it’s about you know I’m already walking that level. Why I should really think about it. Right. So, once I ask you a question. How did your grandfather get started. How did your grandfather get a job and your religion, and how many jobs did you change over the course of his life. I don’t think my grandfather’s done me a story that once he graduated, his father took him to a friend of his and said that, just completed graduation is their job. And this is how my grandfather’s interview with the person asked him, Do you know how to like shrug the shoulders and said I’m a graduate of course I know how to even come to work from Memorial. So, he joined a dog and he remained in the job throughout his life. If you ask any fresher right now in the best of their dreams. They can never imagine this, if you ask them, What is the easiest interview that you can go through, they will say a small written test after you test, and maybe an interview, but it cannot be anything, any easier than stayed in the same job, the need of re skilling was not my father maybe in 16 years of work life is my full job. And if the younger generation talk to someone who’s 70 years

experience already. So the shelf life of every skill is diminishing at a breakneck speed. Look at what the younger generation look at the people who are sponsoring IBM, the people who are the major sponsors of IPL, none of these companies existed five years ago. So, this is, this is why you need to reinvent and rescale yourself because they are here because we didn’t have internet, you learn one skill, and that was, that can be revenue used throughout your life. Now if you don’t kill yourself. There is younger division coming in, machines are coming, right, so they are going to take a big loss. I am reading this wonderful book by human rights, writer, so sapiens and who would use it and he just tells you it’s all about Darwin’s theory of evolution. We have survived because we overlooked. Homo erectus and all those species. Now, if we don’t evolve, When somebody somebody is definitely got a wonderful example he quoted by we need to use can people say that you would see this post on Facebook, many times, a photo of a drone and a pilot and that they did not give also their jobs taken by drones, you should know that US Army to manage one unmanned drone, they need 30 people to run only to make that drone fly, and they need 50 more people to process the data. But what everybody needs to know is that is a highly skilled job. So, a Walmart dropout, or sales executive dropout, will not get the job earlier if somebody was a cashier at Walmart, or somebody was an insurance agent like a job, they can simply take attendance training in a supermarket structuring company if the skill set required was quite, quite basic. Now the skill set required is really high, and that is what everybody does, it’s a tough situation for each one of us. The jobs are available, but the demand, highly skilled jobs, your parents and my parents my my office was back when the computers were introduced and she was paid a special incentive amount, welcome. Can you imagine somebody was paid money to use computers, and the conduct of migration from a pen and paper to a computer was. So, if you were refused to do it, somebody else would have done it but you will not lost the job, but now because the population explosion, The Education explosion everybody getting basic education, things are getting done, so it’s always survival of the fittest. Everybody needs to upskill because every 10 years the job scenario is going to change as an example, if you don’t find a specific skill set, we don’t really know what jobs will be there in five years from now, so be ready to upskill be ready to change into our own is what our founder, he puts it very well, that education is no longer a once in a lifetime event. It’s an ongoing activity earlier it goes once in a lifetime thing. Now it says it’s a club that I process you have to educate yourself every single day. Sorry, I’ve taken longer to answer this question, but it’s something which I’m really passionate about, people should ask you people should learn more and more. So, yeah, I’m just writing it down.

Okay. We have one question. How different online education will be in India compared to the west. So education in India will be different as I said, it is going to be a success based model in us. I believe people upskill just just to upskill themselves and I don’t particularly look for a job change or something like that in India, everything is job market driven, and people focus more on that success base model kind of things, you look at an academy directory for programmatic hands and those kind of things you can buy tools, they’re basically taking you through educational qualification so you graduated Goodman’s Akash Institute and all that ebook iDJ so everything is a success based model kind of thing. So in India, it will I believe for next, seven, eight years 10 years it’s always implement this. One thing I want to add, for everyone, some principles that I have followed to younger generations, that it’s not about all education what you learn, you have to have a strong foundation and a strong base, and a strong base, it’s good lifestyle principles. Life is not about, not about revolution. One fine day all stars are aligned. And the best AI expert in the world, it’s not gonna happen. You go online study you read books, whatever it has to be a continuous process look at Apple look at Amazon look at any company startup, your best example is in the setup that we have right now, that it takes a lot of time. So consistency is one thing. Second, today’s generation. I agree, everybody would say it when I would say an important question, I usually ask question How many of you have problems getting up early in the morning, almost 80% people raise their hands. So I tell them that, that’s an effective because if you don’t sleep at night. So being disciplined people don’t get enough sleep, and that’s why they’re not focused enough. So I would recommend everyone, seven, six, did a beautiful takeoff of five minutes sleep your way to success, where the lady talks about that, How will you by doing less you do more, that kind of thing. So sleep. Second thing is, they don’t invest in their in physical activities which they should, it definitely helps with property and second thing is, as I said remaining consistent. That is that is very important. Another TED Talk by Simon Sinek I’m sure he would have gone through, he talks about a problem with millennials, and they should definitely go through that. And don’t read. Reading books or watching videos or something different. You’re doing it on your own pace, it’s a kind of static activity. So, you have to put an effort to read a book, and then no distractions. So these are some things that these kids should do and that definitely will help them have a good overall. Now that is that is what I’m sure this. This is going to help a lot of people with the kind of the tips and tricks that you’ve shared, it’s going to help a lot more people and I very much, I can relate to that, given that I’ve been interviewing people, so many people for past year, I can relate to a lot of it already and even the times in which we are now and everything has been disrupted by this. There are a lot of things in between and definitely businesses are looking at everything from a save and improve value lens that everything they have to justify now every, every penny every rupee that goes into it yes they have to justify that definitely not on the suicide awareness professionals, everybody has to be all of this in mind, and they cannot now is not the time when we can really be complacent about that okay I have whatever I had done before. That really helped me. What, what you didn’t want to do this. What you want to do this. Great. Any, any final any closing remarks from from you by always remain consistent remain patient remain disciplined, that is very important in whatever you do, better way this will lead to better choices and better results so they should interact with more and more experts like you to get an idea of where things are headed and how to do it, I discovered a lot of opportunities for tier three and tier two people with this remote working system coming in, and I really know everybody has accepted that. Earlier I used to see many tier three tier two cities, students missing out an opportunity because they migrate to tier one with a family or whatever. I see where, how things will change. I don’t know if I’m right, but in the next year, we’ll see if somebody if you’re hiring somebody over as a developer, let’s say, if he didn’t. If he didn’t agree with me patentees intelligent beings, and the companies would be happy. People would be happy so this COVID has given people up here to do a lot of opportunity to work on the city and compete with the tier one guys. And that is something that they should get in cash on is obsolete, and other than how to remain disciplined how to inconsistent, the certain tools I gave was three books. Well, under documented status. That is all. Final question from my side, since you aren’t super pro, what is the technical details. For Anantapur profane, I believe, anybody who needs any kind of career counseling, you, if I can talk to anyone, anyone who is facing issues with the NSA and how to remain disciplined or what books to read anything that is soft skills, per se, I would say, you want to have a good digital profile. But that would be my number one attribute, I would say that if you want to have a good distributor, obviously that can make a difference. I’m there to support you, and you need to reach out to companies would have been different, I would be glad to hear

that you heard it, whatever you heard from a good till late and in this session, that you can get a lot more from him by reaching out to him, and yet He already said, we will help you to go ahead and try reaching out to him why is probate the URL will be there the comments will be there in the description as well it will be shared, so great with that we close the faces, to all of you who want this, please feel free to write in the comments. Whatever your feedback or if you have questions that you want us to get to, we’ll definitely do that and we will get back to you with answers that are joining us on this, it was amazing, really, a lot of things I personally learned and I’m sure there are going to benefit a lot more people out of your time. So, thanks a lot, a lot of debate. Maybe it’s an issue. Anyways, I think we can we can do this. Thanks a lot for tuning in and we’ll be back with Darla Rudolph tomorrow. Yeah, thank you. I got a good night of your life.

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