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Gaurav Tripathi 0:04
Oh, God, the party CEO and co founder of Cipro and I’m back today with another amazing, amazing, super pro. As you might know already, if you are following us, we have been bringing very different kinds of professionals, super pros who are amazing in different fields and they have accomplished, not just in one field but multiple fields and that’s been, that idea that we bring to you people who are, who we are multiple hats, and when they start the journey you get loads of extra without or who are going to be one of you to go live as well as those will be watching the recording on YouTube later on. Okay. So hi, Khadija, I just explained the Format The format is simple. We have just everybody and then the data we will give you a short introduction and then we will have, start your journey, how does your journey and then we have a question and answers, and the format is quite informal. You can also ask questions. Okay. Oh, can you please. What do you.

Kenisha Awasthi 1:14
I always did. When I was a sophomore. It wasn’t organised. I am working with showing connections. Listen, I was already typing so many MCS and conferences I did so much readers have different kinds of time so sometimes we find things like this before.

Gaurav Tripathi 2:12
Whoa, whoa, that’s a, that’s been an amazing journey already I can see. But, I go back in early years, I see that so there’s only a VNC laughter and an hour. How are you always wants to be in the gaming industry or you want to be entrepreneur or your upbringing, how did you come to realise that yes you want to be out of this industry.

Kenisha Awasthi 2:45
So far less, because I just didn’t want to go, getting books just give us a call, eight six we want to get nice toys funky things which are extremely, extremely because it has made me the person I am painting and everything like that. Things you academic my opinions are becoming very much, so much, so much of that job extremely valuable to me as academics and then I believe I’m calling what kind of candidates will have to do.

Well, what happened. Do you become a little bit of an activist, what, what happened was, was I always had a passion for just having like a dream. Not just, he’s not gonna give up, somebody through this so that I can be nice students.

Gaurav Tripathi 5:47
Then I’m going to do things that haven’t read a document.

Kenisha Awasthi 5:54
I was just getting it was just. on. I just wanted to find out. So that’s why we ended up learning forever. And then all of a sudden I guess all my friends are telling me. Just. Obviously, if I look at it as just, I mean it’s just like it can make you feel so many things like upbeat, you know, motivated, probably if I’m sad,

or something was awful, music, and so it serves two main purposes, for my passion. I do it because it’s just the most exciting when you’re listening to look up some music some insane explorations of sounds I mean, There’s something about sounds, yeah that’s that’s also good. And lucky one thing I got picked up by Ultra machine because I’m a friend of mine was working with the founder of machine, sign me on and PeopleSoft, and then it just started, it was just a sample of MC ends you know like multi channel. That’s really beautiful to be honest with you at the start, there was no way that I could have figured out music and audio and everything, so I was with them for about a couple of years, and now some of my greatest hits on my channel. And then I wanted to find out. And they also tried different things. Well,

Gaurav Tripathi 8:31
that was the other thing. Now what about acting. Oh, come on over to all of this journey. You didn’t measure anything at all nothing and then all of a sudden we see you as an actor coming on here this these webseries and everything, whoa whoa what happened exactly

Kenisha Awasthi 8:48
at this movie because he was an extremely young man. All started you’re thinking that oh my god this is like massive, massive opportunity but no, because I didn’t know how to ask another. So I was, I was very lost at that point. It was a difficult time I think I like to suddenly have a sense of, you know what your needs are. So, that is that I then took a break from acting and I went to, you know, live events because you have to be a little pragmatic and a little of what you’re,

you know, you have to make sure that you’re productive, taxpaying person so you have to make sure that you’re generating revenue and generating income for yourself and being functionally productive

so at that point in time, what I did for me was that in events I thought when I started getting a lot of big events like anybody because I signed up, I get the media. I think the media will be gone. And, you know events of that level I started getting something I was definitely given because when I when I was a celebrity on events with celebrities, He called me. He was one of the using MSP. And so that definitely.

So I did that I wasn’t happy with it, but he was willing to travel to another city so you get to meet a lot of people from different walks of life. And apart from that you get

Gaurav Tripathi 10:33
off I go. Well, well, then again, you, you mentioned the. From there, you didn’t get into movies or you can get more opportunities. Then now, the world knows you around the odd and the directories that you haven’t told us, even now, what happened, how did this happen, because that’s where now is either the new character because guess what you were before this and the way people know you now is it’s a lot different. Yes,

Kenisha Awasthi 11:02
existence, especially for those that are odd as a platform is, you know it’s generating is generating opportunities for so many of us you know and really bridging the gap, the gap that was our answer. You know, it’s unbelievable. The level of content we’re exploring mostly when you see on the screen is so professional, it is

because, again, you have very stringent standards like Netflix when I was when I spoke for Netflix, they have a very stringent standard, even as an editor. There’s a lot of times, who send the footage and Okay.

Now, even when I was doing my sermon when I was doing all the functions, someone from the channel they usually like shooting an arrow film, because they would be seven at your project your six assistant directors or project directors on a project, a separate

costume. You know, so, because it is so far it is a democratic, you know,

it’s a democratic, sort of a setup in the universe, that it’s definitely a little cleaner for people like me.

Gaurav Tripathi 11:58
Well, that definitely makes us because we have seen the rise of Ott, I would want to go even deeper. How did you get into that so that’s reason number one, then you got another. How exactly did it happen.

Kenisha Awasthi 12:13
Vigorously audition since 2017 Well, August 27 That’s the day when I was thinking, I have to do something extreme because I dissolved. I decided that I deserve to be seen, and I deserve to be home because I have this and this and this, and I’m talented and I can say, I deserve eyeballs and then this seemed like such a potent.

Gaurav Tripathi 12:33
I’ll interrupt you there. So it’s like, already, you already had a successful anchor and you are already picked on that you already made your name, you’re already getting bigger assignments, and then use that no I have to do this and you know it’s like you deliberately wanted to struggle with all this,

Kenisha Awasthi 12:49
you know, and this is because I suppose for 500 people in a banquet hall see me,

and the medium through which it is teaching is odd, which are they accepting of from outside offer.

So however because that is what it is. And so I felt like I deserved better and like you know,

much more because why don’t my thing was, why not, I mean, everywhere that I did the migrants, raising your addiction. So

I started thinking like, I don’t know why am I not how long, how much longer am I going to introduce anybody how about

you and again and that’s what for once, you know, and so I started going for auditions very seriously and eventually reduction in the first few years. So I was I was almost elected or super shortlisted 11 metros 11 metros I was shortlisted for something and only that there’s something that’s working. But then at the same time because insanely getting rejected. And finally, You know, it’s funny, I got to smoke first, and then there was a lapse of a year, because there was a time in addition to sorting as he was dropping off products for about six, eight months. Well, I’m doing this as an official now. And then I had a phase which was extremely difficult I had like seven rejections, after, super, super, super close and I guess in six months and I think my mind would be like when I’m thinking about you are shortlisted for seven but then my rational mind would be like, you can make it to any, and then I just had to do it you know so I just kept going on and suddenly

Gaurav Tripathi 14:22
you’re in there. Why didn’t you give up. Giving up is not an option. I don’t want anyone who was waiting, let me know rejections and not go back to back rejections, especially after getting a bit of success, that probably you know maybe I’m not made for this or I mean by right and so what, what really pushed you over that push me to be honest is my belief in myself,

Kenisha Awasthi 14:43
I’ve always believed that, that I am talented that I deserve all the opportunities that are vying for, you know, and I’m not saying it’s okay so Americans watch the only focus of analysis, you know, if we have to be correctly analytical about myself because if I’m not, then I won’t know what do I want to reach for. And I’m only somebody who has been completely in, I’ve been in tune with myself, I’ve always believed in myself even in my darkest times when everything was going wrong and nobody has given me Oh, I don’t have any easy for me to just get shouted himself out and no question myself, you know, it would have been so easy I don’t know how I don’t know how it happened but I always had this voice in my head, you know that you’re telling me that you’re really like us you see when you have it you have it and it’s so funny. There were times when I was miserably failing and I’m not getting through a single thing. Like, you know, under any of our videos I am getting shortlisted for 49 A month or even getting one, and this is going and then there are people who are coming into all sorts of things like conventional work and now this emphasis on work.

I remember there was a gentleman who said he woke up and I was just chatting. So I just believe in myself and I don’t know how much of it but something immediate hitting me that night. I don’t know I don’t even know if it’s my own voice, but there is a voice in my head that tells me that you haven’t, you know,

Gaurav Tripathi 16:01
nobody really interesting talking about talking about things happening, and you mentioned about analysis and now I see one more thing which happened. It’s you preferred odd year nothing was happening. We know the actor but then all of a sudden happens and that’s the media you all of a sudden you become a digital marketer or an influencer an online influencer. So where does that fit in and how did that happen because I personally I’ve seen your influence online grow your Instagram account. Over the years, well that, and that’s phenomenal. Yeah, so what was the thought process if you planned something or did it happen and why did you do it again.

Kenisha Awasthi 16:37
I’ll give you the peace of God because this you cannot learn I think you know how much of you cannot die the love of always even I will even find views and followers and all that I have, because these things have got to be organic and cannot, therefore purpose because then you’re not doing the job of an influencer, an influencer is someone who is not an instinct or to follow suit. So this started happening on its own. What I did do on my part is I started working really hard in my photo booth, like if you see there’s been a huge transition in my book, it shows also that I was willing I was chameleons, even know camera. This camera that lasted for a month and I was right in the middle of everything. So, why you should do is I used to mount my phone on a nice ring lights, I sort of self, inject myself send it to a good editor. Closer to professional, you know, professional athletes or eating out I started investing in now because I haven’t been able to use all their money, their property for me, because I think now for me to up the game and, you know, have concept driven photoshoots and things which are like cool, you know, you can see the afford and you know the art and the concept and the costume and everything like a composite picture it’s not just somebody like more difficulty I say.

So now I’m building a team and I have a bunch of offers that I have. And so now I’m just applying to get the best

shot for me. So that was unintentional. You know I don’t know how that happened all this fashion on social media, but now that it has happened to show that I have, you know, be productive about it and that I have. Definitely don’t disappoint them. Well,

Gaurav Tripathi 18:09
that’s definitely good so digital marketing and online influencer is one thing. Then we came across, You veering altogether different heart becoming an entrepreneur. And what was that about and where does that fit in the blood.

Kenisha Awasthi 18:25
It’s funny, like the 2016 I got introduced to a group of these incredibly genius, boys who were from Stanford and it was an IT. Yeah, yeah, relationship so we never talk anything about how he is such an institution himself right. Like, you just have a way of going to the person you know he’s like a mindfuck he’s so brilliant, you know, when I met these two friends of mine, and we sent it out. We started making beats and welcome everybody was from, you know, either Harvard or Stanford and, you know, the whole circle was, you know that everyone was a proper person and everybody was doing really well, somebody had a factory somebody but appointing every one of them was a B school you know and essentially like who said, you know, one of my friends in fact, he is a, he’s an IV board member and then he’s gonna do something with these guys. And, you know, watch Shark Tank shark tank which will be on anybody’s home not going to any party one party. So I was like wow this is a new boy yeah what is this this is insane and then I got so hooked on watching all seasons. And I got obsessed, you know I got obsessed with things like Mark Cuban says And Jack Ma and all these people again they go in they go south shore is, you know, I started even on flights and all you know I bought a book on Jack Ma, and I just his story it’s so fascinating oh it’s so much because I was going through a phase of you know that

I think all my inspiration was coming because we entrepreneurs and hobbies, so is it one day you’re like no one’s wrong so it can only happen in the entrepreneurial life and I

needed exactly that kind of inspiration because I was going through a lot of protection and and I found that, especially when I started reading more on Jack Ma and you hold on to that and how he says I want you to be by myself, all these things today. I don’t know they deeply started affecting me and then I started just thinking okay I’m going to be an entrepreneur. I’m going to be in the space and all it has happened for me. Now, with my own solutions and also I’m getting into some other merchandise, which is why I love it, I love the idea of putting out something and having my own product to be inside someone’s home or their own. This is not I have not seen that. So just looking at gives you the joy, it’s like inexcusable, you know, when customers send me pictures of I was also there was I was just like crying, I don’t know what it’s just like just moving for me. It’s unbelievable, it’s very surreal. I cannot tell you what it feels like. I mean, you of course know because you have an entrepreneur.

Gaurav Tripathi 20:39
Yeah. So, how are you managing through all of these you know wearing different hats being an influencer being an actor being anything that isn’t how you’re going to get out of it all fit together.

Kenisha Awasthi 20:53
On certain days. If you are extremely. I do have days when I’m completely reaching out like, I’m sure I want because I just, I just, I just think I need all that other than that you have to be able to organise your discipline and you have to make sure that you’re putting in the hours because you’re I mean, this is what it’s referencing to you, what, what is what, what is the concept of an actual routine. How am I doing. It isn’t about time management is all about being diligent with at least 1/16 of the week, and then just relaxing or whatever, but you can’t possibly, it’s not comfortable for sure, it’s almost 16, plus hours of work really but but then it’s for the highway. I know it’s a, it’s a grind, it’s a passion you want to get

Gaurav Tripathi 21:35
started, and you’re already married to your business. Yeah, that’s another thing. Probably to socialise. Five months. You’re gonna have to make choices and sacrifice. Again, this thing came up, you, you recently updated your fingers and your drone, you started putting a thing like Kim, what is this thing about being an Indian Kim. Most

Kenisha Awasthi 22:20
started happening around me as being DVD production, and I was like oh, this is such also Polycom, not to mention it that’s what actually is obvious and, and of course you

inspired by just say reinventing themselves over the years, even though, even though I like

to get into motion. He was the first one who started this one. And then right when it was you know, going through the motions and he sees a very reinvented and outspoken about causes that matter, because celebrities want to stay comfortable. And I went when I want to sell you. I also think that I do, but I think there’s a different spirit.

And so she’s an inspiration for a long time, like his vision and his vision of everything. He pushes out, which is a marriage, you know, our family, as well on believing you’re

Gaurav Tripathi 23:33
going to see sometime in future, you’re getting a few pages from her work in terms of building your business empire, Or thinking things around day to day life. Definitely have a small

Kenisha Awasthi 23:49
legal system and they don’t. And of course we’ve spoken about this even though it’s really nice to see that it’s all about just getting it sorted, I really do hope that I can have my own bio and you can definitely be.

Gaurav Tripathi 24:06
Now that you have been doing integrations all your different actions many different things and, and somehow bringing it all together. Your advice to people who are probably where you were, or even what would be your advice do any help or advice might be one

Kenisha Awasthi 24:24
that hasn’t changed, but I would really recommend that anyone who says you have to be like me doesn’t have to be conservative. So, what is going to be the next big thing. Invest in yourself, invest in your future and also keep figuring out different opportunities.

you can end up with almost nothing. I do want to know whether or not you’re getting quality launch or whether or not you’re going to be disabled by XYZ is such a media whatever the hell that is you know I don’t think any of, I don’t think it was

just one of the best. We have some of the best professionals from every field you know so you can start living around this point and caring about something that is not the most of all these amazing things that are keeping you so much and just be like, keep learning never know what you’re never going to be. I don’t want to be entrepreneurs,

you never wanted to be a singer you want to expose yourself to nothing. So, what is really compelling, you to jump out of your body, it is a it is a very real thing it’s a tangible movie it’s very deep learning and you expose yourself to multiple things and then see what, for joining us

Gaurav Tripathi 26:09
we have to experiment more, and not being done or out at one doing okay in one area, so find out what’s the best advice that you have a lot and

Kenisha Awasthi 26:25
who I was at that dog reality, what is it, what kind of books do you read. It’s just I don’t even know. You must have been so proud of you, Stephanie. I think was one of his chances that somebody was watching us and potentially was honest. So I think we should. I just wanted things you know and everything in there. If you see them is to be six. Okay. I don’t think that’s what so much, which is such a complex organ so you should just not. Also, advisors, you know, the next thing is voices when they say

that’s what was happening. And I think that’s why I’m really loving it, like it’s all it’s all productive and it’s so perfect

for everybody. We do a lot of action that was so difficult to say something very, very compelling. In simple words, very, very

Gaurav Tripathi 28:38
hard. So, what about now, what’s going on with your new venture with your creativity to talk about it more, what are your, your desires and you’ll notice as well in all the settings that we’ll be talking about.

Kenisha Awasthi 28:56
Now when introducing something which is generally a much more affordable so I want to make my website, a place where anyone is interested like to pick up something like 70 cents or coming to my store and buy something which I’m introducing who’s designing I have illustrations, posters and pitch like options and weddings and homogenizers stuff, you can assign to service experiences and events more directly like my pictures and my personalised shout outs.

I suppose I don’t want to. I do want to bring out all the illustrators and artists I think that we should give them a little angle I don’t know why we don’t do, so I will believe it goes unnoticed because I will be more than happy to get one more than we can

Gaurav Tripathi 29:40
finish. And what is it, what is it that people can reach out to you on your Super Robot, they can reach

Kenisha Awasthi 29:47
out to me for literally everything that I have to offer so they can talk to me for consultation. Consultation various experiences auditioning for me. If you want to adjust again in English on Saturday, what do they do, just working on everything. Learn take action, except if you want to talk to me about how they can work out in social media so you know how to get your YouTube channel going to get your Instagram videos because it is a digital platform that is getting that volume is going to open up

Gaurav Tripathi 30:32
for you. If you want to know and know the secret of how kaneesha has become a social media star, yes, you can get her on a girl, she will read the secret of how did she do it.

Give me your view on the time that you check for questions from the audience. I think your questions. Very well expected question. Okay. Oh, I know it is coming. Do you want me to reboot. Who’s your favourite, even without fantastical I kind of saw him listen to more of what I have this

next question so come up with a great group of readers, do they produce next evolved version of you and how different will it be as a world champion,

even if it is something. And there’s one more question which is, it is better that men are adamant. Just like I don’t say I just was a medical school and see.

Oh, okay. That’s it. I think I covered was one thing which I’ve also been knocking. If you haven’t just a few words. The secret to your success. What is it gonna think

Kenisha Awasthi 32:27
I’m big enough. I like to have people sorted this connection is very important for certain disorders. Because it is. So the secret to me, having successful things that I want to know what do you love

Gaurav Tripathi 32:40
about yourself as a workaholic. Yes. Well I guess we have everything on our everybody’s invited to the leader on YouTube and we’re not. I know we’re all lined up. All right, George enjoy it without think I’ve been reading you for tonight. It’s been amazing to have you with us. And I’m sure we’ll get you sometime soon in the near future again wherever we are different topics and talking more about your upcoming upcoming Monday night managers, I think, a huge thank you from the data. As you can tell your quota was not a final note, what have you. Yes, like earlier if you want to catch up on a one on one session, you can definitely check out the link in the description as well as it will be there in the YouTube description of the video, feel free to reach out to variable hurt ocular and central triglide. Great, thank you, everybody. Have a good night. Take care. Bye.

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