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Okay, independent professions in India, independent India, basically, what do you think, basically what you’re doing. The other independent personal independence. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, obviously that’s not independence. I want to. Yeah. How have you been celebrating Independence Day. Have you any memories from one of those celebrations. So generally, before I left my house, like my home, where I used to say, we used to have this lunch and dinner kind of thing. So everyone that contributed within two weeks of GDP, equilibrium and a lot of things, basically that’s how we used to celebrate. Well, and since I was a which was very familiar. So it wasn’t so good like it’s so yeah so I had this exact question. So I was having my interview. So, so basically it was a car interview, etc. So one of the person asked me, Are you kidding I was bawling. Because at that time was a part of your. Yeah, but then once you’ve spent like 10 years or like some years, then you become a resident of that state. I don’t know, I just remember that one incident happened well feel free just to be very precise. Yes, I remember, Independence Day, very very different ways for me the whole time, it was more like i Guys we get a lot of good food, and sweets. But yes, one of the rules is that since I can’t really audit, unfortunately, whatever it is. I like going on the stage, but another high level someone says, I want to be able to go out to eat and do something. Read this article about Independence Day or do something even worse, we bite off the cultural programme. Most often I was, I was just getting that out of the news I always hated it. Yeah, but we had a lot of fun. Every time I remember that in the most fun part was, and I will make those revisions, they’re more like, technically, I wasn’t I was also friends with it kind of made it may be a bit special. So, your primary part of the job was to make sure that is a good attendance because often what it used to come to an end was like I know that I’m afraid because the initial procedure that yeah we should have some people so all I had to do was I had to just be the bigger debater to get more seats and I think more and that your vi knowledge will offer really a lot of good information, I, I had a black male. Don’t join me it’s, it’s part of my version of my receipt as well, that all of you should be there. That’s when we will go after that office admission, you will see all of my classmates, they just give you a lot of those who also have to deal with. They know how games are really. Yeah, hopefully I never got there. Okay, so, um, so you have to do a good job, probably, you’ve never been in a corporate job right No actually, I think, I guess, since I was an eight or 911 job. Oh, yeah, I realised that only my second year, probably, I probably not fit in a job. Why are they independent, the sort of thing I realised that you ultimately have to bring a change. You have to be independent really know where you can be somewhat more control of your destiny and if you really want to rely, if you want to gain the whole need to have resources and resources that are really under under your control, you can afford to run experiments and, and go by some hunches to deploy those resources at wherever you want, naturally been meeting and talking to a lot of entrepreneurs during my college days, that’s how I got, I decided that if you had to, if you had to start up and use it you already are an integral human, would you want to start sooner or later and almost everyone used to say, they would have started much earlier than they did eventually. That’s when I realised that maybe I should I should do that as soon as possible. That’s what I did and that’s why I think independent. If we look at it from another perspective we look at. We look at the country as a whole. Yes, when, when we became independent when you have given to anybody, because typically the thing, the systems also didn’t change overnight, but just the feeling of being independent, that it tells us also. And if we look at an individual context I put it that, that’s independent. You feel that power. Oh yes, I am somewhat in control of that small part or my destiny or whatever. That’s how it is independent and that’s where, when we are looking here at what we’re looking at how do we empower these independent nations. So one of the key points that I think I have observed over the last few years in startups. When like you know when you’re working independently.

You have to innovate, you have to get your way. Okay, we’re not going to get into any positive way that you have to make all the decisions you have to do like all the work, but the thing is, in the end of it, you change a lot. You are the one person who is responsible for changing a lot of things, and in a positive way, and doing a job like when my dad was working in the grocery plant, like he was he was very, very hurt, because it’s just a plant and everywhere is organised and everything. And the thing is, he’s a very smart guy very like, how to do things, how to get new ideas to work but it’s very hard for him to get credit, even though he’s doing a lot of things on his own, but when you’re working independently. You get to do those things, and you get to remind yourself okay, I’m doing this, this is the change I’m doing. And again, like it’s from Independence I think it was only five years. So I remember all those people, they think about change.

Do you have any questions. Oh yeah. Yeah, nothing Why don’t you Why don’t we go. Why are we, why are we throwing money on recalls, why are we giving all of this coffee to people.

To start the change. Yes, yep. It was like, even though it can see like, I’m pretty sure most of us will agree that before COVID Not many, many people in India used to use video calls, but now we do. And before this video calls for business. That was a pretty big deal. If you think about it. Yeah, I remember I remember, video conferencing used to be a very big thing in 2015 Madhavi, participated in a tender, and in Germany, the vendor was located by the largest stock exchange of Europe. By the way, like the second largest in the world. We, of course, that enter companies like IBM, but we don’t know how big companies are for the most part, and We of course know we really, in my mind I thought if I didn’t want to pay that much to fly you know the four hour two hour meeting, I said, I do want to do. Your Honours at that kind of the good quality I remember going to what reliance, what are the correlations in oil or something randgold Yeah, because they had that bandwidth which is to be luckier and we’ll be able to pay for it we paid for them, and we got a nice room, and they had like a big television and you know there’s a camera, and that’s what the quality was more than what you have right now. Yeah, yeah. So, that’s where we’re going, because, yeah, we really want to build individuals to be able to do this without the restrictions that, oh, you have only 14 days for free and all you have to take a paid plan or you can’t do this or that you are not in control if you want to redo it, we are doing all of it, because we can. And because we really want people to hear. This is how it can be much better than what whatever they are experiencing what works for you. Now, question is not really clear. So the next question is like what exactly you mean an expert and Ngop and under systems that backs or COVID-19 systems, backs, I assume you mean, from our existence electronic financial system, or whatever, there’s this, this world, I assume that’s what you mean on video computers, I don’t know. You both were 19. So just before coming to the call was in a call with MOCs panel and a few weeks ago, they said that it’s important in this new normal not to post COVID work, at least in India, everything is on high, where you see the stock market you see Google. And that shows that other countries have a lot of liquidity, which means this is actually the right time to be provided your business does not really depend on people getting better, or getting closer. If there’s anything if you are in a service which can be sold online and delivered over at variables as as your, your, your business should probably grow everyday because, and I think most of the petitioners who have been in services this is like coaching training classes and officials want, they have been concentrated primarily on the neighbourhood. Now, it’s a level playing field. Now, you can have your fitness trainer. You don’t need to think that I will be added to my local gym, and I’ll be able to train people only in my neighbourhood, or my theory, you can be a fitness trainer fitting into a cleaning, we will all never even have lines from California or Oregon an autumn. Autumn Indonesia. That’s what the real or so I really don’t see it. I actually like being Indians. We are a lot more resilient and affordable. So we are ideally suited to take advantage of this. Yeah, So just just this way I don’t act like it might be exactly like it is exactly some of the physical things that we used to do, but again to add on that so that you know people are getting married, their friends and family, they want to do calls. Okay. Family families are meeting each other again on video calls and everything is going online. So, yeah, there has been a setback and it’s a tragedy in its own COVID-19 but if you look on the bright side of it, the push, push, has given to the technology adoption in India. It’s like huge. Every day we have more questions coming in. How to start from scratch when you only have the idea, wherein the idea is not digital but the actual physical work may be okay. But if the idea is not digital but it actually involves the actual details of physical work. The office. I’m not sure about like the guy scenario but, or any idea like it doesn’t matter whether it’s physical or digital, you have to process it out. That’s the first thing anyone remember to do, because at any point of time when you’re starting with a basic idea using a mind we don’t know what it is or whether problems will be with us exactly, you have to first give it an alpha test or something like that. My suggestion would be not to do anything which I think is probably not a bad idea. I’m going to say look, I’m actually, but it does not involve meeting other people because I can train people on a super processions, and people can apply to it or book me from wherever. So yes, that we this is what the other two epochs which one are you able to whatever you have. This is the second aren’t able to deliver it, whatever you call online, or online. I think that’s, that’s what is happening now, if it’s anything which cannot be sold or

delivered or consumed online, it’s gonna be have no question, how to start writing as a freelancer. That’s interesting. Thank you. The best answer as a first you have to be interested in writing. And if you see it funny, you can see like, what are the things that we will right now, so you can see there are very different features of things. There’s physical there is internet specifically technology, and there is celebrities that answer things out there, because you have to find your niche. And then cite it something put something on medium, LinkedIn, tonnes of places where you can put, and you can keep changing. Okay, I’m here again something that I went there, then there, then yeah, it is, it’s definitely going to take no one does anything like, no matter what I say if you want to start writing this letter, we have a job. Oh, you’re probably right. Yes. Yeah, I can’t give a guarantee, but you’re gonna depend on what you write about something along the lines. We do try us, like us, we love it. I’ll also put my email id just in case if anyone, one of you want to reach out to me. Come on, Get it when you have a page. One of the courts and that was really good, we have more questions. Okay. can you be an independent defence. Okay. It’ll be yeah yeah, whatever you need to know but there is no one enable you to get in. Probably the thing is, it does not make your employees aware, it does not mean you cannot go outside of it. What it means, if you’re gonna compete with your employer, then it is unethical, immoral, and there’s a conflict of interest because then you will see that the work that I’m doing with this employer. I’m also doing it on the side, and then you will see oh maybe I should not. That’s what I hear, I hear. Yeah, and that’s what I wanted so usually the argument to make sure this conflict doesn’t arise, or otherwise Yes, you. A lot of I don’t know my own training. As long as you’re not crazy great you’re not averaging, your employer’s information or the product that you are working on or you don’t have the company or in any way, you’re not endangering the employer, I don’t think anybody’s ever. So, just to add on that, whether you’re Secretary of Treasury doing it. Yeah, I have tried it once, so I was working in a startup startup and I was helping someone with putting a biometric security system in their VR headsets, so that in and actually that didn’t go so well because there were so many complex and I believe that that’s just my experience, I have, I have even ramen like I’ve been doing it on the side, whatever it is, I’ve had my friend startup companies build things. Yeah, as long as there wasn’t something which was competing with each other. I could not work on something competed my own way like I’m kind of having my own business. And yeah, but I was like okay, even now I am, what I’m getting at is not even like, I don’t compete with my current monopolies in my last startup where and I’m still shareholder, does not mean that a company can easily come to me and say okay I want this, let’s do that and I really wish it would make sense for me. Indirectly, but actually because I do not have a clear indicator so if I go into a pilgrimage, my own

show how can we ensure our safety and the viewers at home to protect myself from fosters. That’s a very long answer question. Do you have any ideas about it back home what we look at it is made a point that when you when when when people are getting booked for calls, we are doing pre screening we have been doing it because when you’re designing this wardrobe what we do. You can also, we have enemies as well when we’re conscious of fools when you’re being attacked. We only work instructions that you can have an easy lighting system. So our users would already know who exactly you’re talking to so people cannot remain anonymous or they already hide their identity and and want to be called pretending to be somebody else. I say a lot whenever you are thinking when you go here you should be 100% sure of identity that you can actually get a verification. There’s only the version we can see that only way for 50 and, unfortunately, online, there again, never share your personal number or personal details because your number most likely is not connected to your bank accounts, your social media as well as like my console nowadays is everybody able to share their personal email, outside of people who they absolutely trust, or even in my case, it’s only recently that I got a different digit number which didn’t go very far. And now, I think that the I need to go back to protecting Microsoft. I think the key here is to share your information, as, as much less as you can. Yeah I mean it’s, that’s what now we have the technology enabled out of you without really needing to have to have your personal email or phone number and I thought that would be really good as appropriate and you don’t really need to separate your number or your email. I think we have run out of time this morning. Okay, good. So yeah, I’m doing this the theme of independence. I just know that every mentioning the initiative that we’re running under a way forward. So, that is a term that is being used so what we are doing is we are giving away our leaders to the mentors who want to help other professionals by mentoring them, helping them right over this crisis or hitting them on their own or he’s, if, if the mentors can help other professionals we are giving them free accounts with unlimited calls. So, if you are a mentor, or if you know someone, anybody who’s ever mentor please tell them. We’d love to have them on platform, and if you know people who would want, who are in our mentors show we’ll be offering lists of our mentors, so that people can go and talk to them on this webpage.

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