How to Deliver Awesome Customer Service Experience Through Video Meeting?

“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company.”—Connie Elder, CEO, and Founder, PEAK 10 SKIN

There will be hardly any enterprise, small or big, that does not understand the value of delivering quality customer service. However, despite everyone acknowledging that unless you have happy customers, you won’t have a profitable business, most companies still do not put as much time and effort they need to put into this vital element of their business.

In recent times, and especially because of the global pandemic crisis, many organizations have been forced to leverage the power of digital resources to achieve their business goals. This has extended to customer service too. Video chat for customer service surged by an impressive 70 percent in Europe since March 2020.

An Introduction to Video Chat

A growing number of businesses are adopting video meetings to deliver better experiences to their customers. While video chat solutions have already become an established way of business communications, using this medium to address customer concerns and enhance their experiences with your business is an area that’s still in the works.

Customer experience leaders are exploring video chat to deliver better customer service using video meetings and to address concerns more speedily and efficiently. While it is being used across many industries, use cases are more prevalent in financial services, healthcare, retail, and education currently.

According to business communication experts, businesses must create an open line of communication with their customers. Video chat for customer service can help them add one more tool to achieve direct and clear customer communications.

Key Benefits of Using Video Calls for Customer Service

1. Faster Resolution of Problems
When your customer reports a problem, the best way of solving it is through direct contact. While a face-to-face meeting might not be possible in the current circumstances, video meetings can be the best alternative. The body language and voice will help you understand the customer’s concerns better. A text or an email may not deliver their message with as much clarity as it can do through a video chat. A video chat can be mutually beneficial as the problems can be understood with greater clarity. Companies can deliver faster responses to keep customers happy and satisfied.
2. Focus on the Core Area of Concern
When a customer communicates their concerns through a live chat, phone, or email, or any online medium provided on your website, you may not be able to grasp the core issue. Customers are likely to get frustrated when they are unable to communicate with clarity and cannot express their problems clearly. Live chats often deviate from the main problem and get into a repetitive cycle of messages. Phone calls can result in long waiting times just to get connected because customer care numbers are perennially busy. Video chat allows you to deliver exceptional customer service by addressing the core concerns of the customer directly. They will also feel more assured that they are speaking to a human being instead of a chatbot.
3. Create Highly Personalized Experiences
The only way of catching the customers’ attention in a highly competitive marketplace is to deliver a delightful user experience. A face-to-face conversation is the zenith of personalized experiences. In customer services, you can learn more about the customer’s preferences and problems and provide customized solutions that address their areas of concern with your products or services and provide issue-specific solutions. Video chats can help make conversations interactive and provide a personalized experience to ensure that customers feel special and valued.
4. Cost-Effectiveness
Video chats involve direct communication between the two concerned parties and hence there are fewer touchpoints. As the very first contact can provide an effective response and resolve the problem, it can help companies save money. Also, faster resolution means fewer follow-ups to deal with. You need not hire more support staff or create an extensive infrastructure to address customer concerns. This again is a money saver for your business.

Industries That Can Leverage The Benefits of Video Chat

The best thing about using video chat for customer support is that it is a universal solution that almost all types of industries can adopt. Here are some examples:

1. Automotive

An automobile can develop problems anywhere and anytime. The worst experience of car owners is when their vehicles break down in the middle of nowhere, and there is no one around to seek help. Even in normal breakdown situations, car owners can have a harrowing time finding a mechanic or connecting with the customer service of their car company. A video chat can be a game-changer in such situations. Auto repair shops or support services of brands can help customers by setting up appointments through video chats. Mechanics can guide the owner to focus the camera on the problem area. A quick decision can be made if the mechanic needs to go to the location or the car needs to be brought into the repairs facility. It can be a time-saver for all concerned besides offering a high level of convenience. It can also boost customer satisfaction.

2. Healthcare

Many physicians are switching to virtual appointments and are avoiding active contact with patients because of the pandemic. They are using video chats to provide care for general health-related situations. In some cases, it may not be necessary for doctors to have an in-person meeting with patients. They can have a virtual consultation, understand the symptoms through an in-video examination of the patient, and prescribe the medications needed to treat them. In these challenging times, when it is advisable to maintain minimum physical contact due to the risk of COVID-19 infection, video chats are the best option for physicians and patients.

3. Financial

With online banking becoming the norm, financial services are increasingly resorting to video chats to serve the needs of customers. In fact, nearly every aspect of traditional, as well as digital banking, can now be addressed through video chats, making the entire system faster, more efficient, and significantly simpler. Security compliant video chats are helping customers receive the support they need without having to leave their homes. Video chat technology can help customers connect with their banks or financial institutions instantly to get quick resolutions for their problems. It offers financial services the opportunity to build an honest and reliable relationship with their customers and improve brand credibility.

4. Retailers

Retail businesses can use video chats to deliver in-store experiences to customers online. Instead of letting customers explore only the website, retailers can add video chats to their service repertoire to allow face-to-face meetings with the customer support team. The arrangement allows retailers to understand the problems better as it comes directly from the customer to the support team and hence does not get lost in translation or processes. By maximizing easy access to the customer service team, retailers can gain the respect and confidence of their customers. By using the input derived from the video chats and ensuring speedy resolution of customer concerns, they can earn the reputation of being a service that cares for its customers.

5. Education

For the education industry, video chats and video conferencing have emerged as their lifeline. Without the support of a virtual system, the education system would have had to face unimaginable challenges during the pandemic, as schools had to shut down and students were forced to stay indoors. Individual, as well as group-based video chats, have helped students stay connected with academics and continue their education, albeit in a skeletal format. Not only are video classes helping to educate students, but they are also keeping the faculty connected and engaged with the wards and parents. It is easy to set up video meetings for customer service thanks to the easy availability of powerful video chat systems and technologies. They are easy to use and affordable to install as well.

6. Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the industries that can leverage the maximum benefits from using video chats for customer service. Leading real estate establishments use video chats to engage with potential buyers virtually and provide them instant access to listed properties without having to leave their homes. Customers can book a virtual appointment through video chat to get guided virtual tours of any property they want to see regardless of its location. Video chats can even be used to complete pre-purchase processes and get immediate clarity on any aspects and prepare the grounds for the next step in the process.


The modern-day customer is hard to please. They are not going to be satisfied with ordinary experiences. You must make them feel special and valuable to your business by meeting customer expectations and exceeding them consistently.

If you don’t, the competition is just a click away. Your business’s success depends largely on the experiences you provide to customers at every engagement. Video chats can help you understand their concerns and the specific problem areas and make it easy for your customer support team to make the right moves and address them in a jiffy. is a trusted name in video chat solutions that helps organizations collaborate better with clients and customers. Superpro helps build the future of workflows so that businesses can offer a better customer experience through video communication.

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