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So today’s edition of wrote off by SuperPro AI. I’m your host, Laura party co founder of super pro AI, and this is Protoss wherein we bring to you, amazing, super pros, amazing professionals from different walks of life. People who have achieved a lot of people who have been doing a lot of things interesting things and people who can share their learnings their experiences so that you get to learn from it. So, today I have got another amazing amazing super pro who will introduce Intel with Rajeev, and just to all of you who are watching it live right now. Please feel free to key in your questions in chat. So whichever platform you’re watching, whether you are on SuperPro or you’re on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, wherever you are, please, in your comments, put in your comments in the comment section and I’ll take it towards the end of the fireside chat. And of course those who will be watching the recorded version as well later. You can also drop in your questions in the comments later on, and we will channel it to ready. So without wasting any more time. Over to you, rather you please, everything perfect. Thank you very much for for giving this opportunity and for inviting me on your show, where I can share my opinions and interact with as many friends as possible, is a great opportunity. And to introduce myself, civil is definitely God’s favour, I thought I was able to do decently well. I was also. My dad was pretty typical 80s late 80s, early 90s And usually, usually, high schools, and the other ones. And I was from the small. And as I said. Not only that,

hey, are you okay I think Raji might have lost connectivity, his audio video would have frozen guys coming in if you are able to hear me. I think there is some issue going on right. No worries, we’ll wait for him to see. Come back. Let’s stay tuned and things happen, your networks are always unpredictable. All of us know that.

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You bet. Yeah, that’s, that’s the downside of having things, everything on your board yeah you can never predict what goes wrong, whether it’s connectivity Wi Fi, or something else. Let’s, let’s give him the more time. Correct, paid off. You mean right.

So now you’re back. Yeah. Do you like game pros. Okay, that’s something definitely wrong then. Okay, I hope he comes back really soon.

Are you, Can you hear me.

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Hello. Okay. Okay we are things happening. Let’s wait for some more time. Meanwhile, those of you who are watching with us, guys, I love to see your comments from your side, your questions or your side I’m sure if you have joined, you have something in your mind that you want to hear from Rajiv or you want to ask from Guardians okay please feel free to put in your comments in the chat. It was back.

So I just follow and incentive mitigation right at the limit. We have even now we have, you haven’t called up to do it and then they promise you, and I was also one of those kids but it was, it basically. Well, I got to the point. Okay, I just don’t even know, but since I got in like less and less when I was at the centre so we might forget and then let’s do, is where we were even more, and I was attracted to it, and then join it. Fantastic. Yes, I’m not taking whatsoever, into an ID. I contested in elections and then I was also part of the Moderator. So we won for the first time, all of us. And then, because he was just one. I hate the days, and then post it, I started my career with the company as well you might ask why is it advanced engineering, mechanical engineering, especially if you’re not what I just said, like many boys like we like boys and one of our favourite boys. Yes, and so I was, I was actually there. So I, and I got to I

want to make a layout and so I decided I need to get the economic dynamics, I need to get everything. You know at the time is very, very conservative go for PBS. PBS. And at the time. The hamartia was launched very recently, and I was wanting to learn as many assets as possible and I released the first design, which is a frame that can accommodate 110 cc. Now hold on hold on to that. So, what did you design exactly you design the bike. Wow. So I’ve decided that this is such a good angle. Just like engineering a closer look at this. I never considered what are the existing assembly line, fixed points, because essentially, you’re already stressed and reducing volumes of olive oil, which is really cool. I was going to say something of my choice and then I was like oh my god. Go to the assembly line, and observe how he designed the design was almost the same. We saw that the old lab also made the thing such a way that we can accommodate an NPC that is followed by as low as 150. So that was when for the first time, I will teach the difference between economics and industry in finite discipline and return on investment, What it means, by maximum utilisation. Before I move on to my next goal and that’s also very exciting, but thanks thanks. This is interesting I think again looking at coming from it or join your first job, but I am more interested in looking at what was what was going on in your mind, during the time that you were working there. Yeah, so what was, what was your expectation, yeah when you when you came out of it and went out to join, and then after a year, that you had already worked with us, what happened exactly the difference between expectation and what you realise is we just entered into the campus like embrace yourself and you kind of raise yourself up for some of the officers of yours. And then, to answer to the limits here on the dimensions which take the intellectual strong sound and compatible with you also kind of take the idea I needed to get. And I was getting used to. And that was, as a group, you know, it’s a very orthodox and conservative, he teaches humility in very significant ways.

Because this is not just the case in the company. Wow, that’s that’s really interesting, that’s really interesting I didn’t didn’t know that. Yeah, you don’t have you don’t have like everybody, you can always sit and listen. I thought, okay, cool. Yeah, communicate, to understand people’s perceptions, people’s understanding ability to absorb. So, and I understand from, from a national academy. It’s the same point, I need to communicate in one direction to the assembly line, what Matt and I need to communicate. And this gives me thing that hey, it is not right, and what all you thought it is not going to give you. Like there’s got so much to offer. And I think these are this is a cultural shock. I realised that, yeah, there is a level of intellectual maturity and everybody deserves the right level of communication and expect the others to kind of feel it so what if only because I know of people who are only. Fantastic. The Green was much better than my experience over the years, and we don’t have the qualities but that’s what I do. But it doesn’t mean that you’re much better than us. These are the attributes for the company. Now, the interesting part is what going forward. If you guys want to compete. Isn’t it my friend for the second time, a marketing has made a comment. He said, You shouldn’t be hungry, you should come to sales and this is. Oh, this is interesting. Okay, let me try that was when I started, That was exactly the time when Wash, wash that they’re looking for candidates up there, prestigious Global Leadership programme or junior managers programme is just like an additional service. And the beauty here is, I was the first non MBA we contacted you to have a bachelor’s in engineering, while you can be a ca or somebody like that. And then on top of it okay it has come to decline. So I went, I was, I was the first I was the only one who experience this experience and I was the industry. There was no presentation without one. They gave me a problem statement, and also to make a present on overhead, they give us all in class sheets and some colour markers, etc, whatever you want to present right on this, and this is a very counted on to this. So, so during assessment I did that and I entered the room, and most of them are MIT’s I am, as I said, No, let me give it a try. If that marketing head of EDs told me that I would better fit into a business elements. So, let me check as really what he said, given the best interviews I could do, and I’m always asked is, less of my marriage and more of his I’ve said place. All of those the study by candidates. I was the only non MBA, and I was the only one who was selected into that crash 2011 I can still remember. Also to three years. As part of this programme I work in Germany and other countries have been monitoring my performance. and we made a policy change that henceforth, you will need some ideas can also be accepted as part of this. My friends, who all were already on automatic BJP programming, and then I got up more about it further and now. One thing I want to say as well, that I’ve done so far, a lot of the other things as well questions of audience and one thing I realised, every assignment, you know, this was, this was an unconscious thing I tell you it is already quite tedious but I will do it, because only because I have realised that at every assignment, I was able to achieve and deliver, right, for somebody to move from an engineer in 2010 That’s how I started to achieve operating officer in 2020. We can have our own companies and have whatever it is we want, but if some other company is giving you the title that is an indication of your strength of your marriage and your capabilities. So let’s get to that 10 years, Chief Operating Officer, CFO, CFO strike was, was it all accidental happened in an accidental way, is there anything that happened something, I started because then I realised at every segment I was able to achieve and deliver Alex results, and also to understand how is it possible that I was able to achieve them, especially, I’m thankful to Kendrick, and the COVID offer He’s given

us a light and adjusting to what’s happening, but that wasn’t when I realised that I was able to code, multiple frameworks and realise, okay, this is the decision I made at this point that gave me hope. So this is the tool that I use at the point that enabled me to get there. And what I’ve done. I shared this particular thing as a small boost to one’s community that I’m part of its contribution of India, micro small medium enterprises, I see some of the leaders who joined here, one of the first steps I took this course right because I can see. Right, So then, I get this course, because what’s wrong with him. He’s also helped me to structure is right. And he goes and says, I want five weeks I two days a week five days and that was when I realised, and when the whole thing was bought into my perspective. And then when I was able to resonate and kind of interact with my participants and then I realised that these are very simple things, just that we have not thought of these things, you know, regular Academy because, ultimately, the technicalities were to the science, language, that these, these key things was oh, I wouldn’t want to misunderstand, certain, certain frameworks in which everybody should know. And if everybody knows that everybody will be able to deliver X in their life, whether it is in the area of military professions, or studies on the business, as you mentioned when everyone in India starts delivering connection, you can look at Germany, right, almost, almost the size of Karnataka is equal to Germany, out there. I think I just thinking about it the downs of 10x and how we, how we are talking about that anybody can go for 10x and earnings growth. I have a very basic question so whenever when wherever people are, yeah if they have to think about NX, the very fundamental thing is, x of what, how should I even look at that, I want to grow. So for example, do I want to do I want to grow my salary by 10x Do I want to grow my revenue by 2x or 10x, or do I want to know my profit by the neck, do I want to grow my network by the next. Yeah, which, which metre or which should we typically look for or what was your advice if you have to find that out on what scale, do you want to really look at this next question. Let me also this example, the first answer. Let me first answer this question and then in all those each area, we do salary, each office for organisations in the top line, whatever it is that connects all groups, is my screen. I don’t see my screen. i Are you sharing our tree. No, I don’t even see my mic. Yeah. So yeah, so let’s see. All right, there is no discounting, and there is no concession, there is a second you might ask, Oh we know and what exactly is NFC, what would be the average speed of a human being running properly focus implements. Now, NX of that is not a human being, running at 20 kilometres per hour. And that is a cheetah running at 120 to 150 kilometre route, let’s give you an example. The average speed of a car, probably six to eight years longer. So we’re not talking about the consistency, you’re talking about an aeroplane that flies at 6600 Yes. Another example, just another example, which Khalifa, the tallest building in the world 800 metres is this level of you’re not talking about building a house in Vegas. They’re talking about Mount Everest, which is 8000 metres. Right now in all these examples, you will realise that tennis is not achievable in the same way, if you’re saying that my productivity is no x, I will only make this annex, in a conventional way, no that is not, you will not be a fastest human being a carpenter wanted to get get to midnight. Yeah. You need to start thinking of, you know, there are already fights that are that are still alive, right and saying that the next lottery a first, it is tough here, it’s a paradigm shift and your mind itself that yes, you have to take the next course to get there because it’s going to be a different realm altogether. No, I would really love to use it when you get the city, you’re absolutely right, the whole thing begins in between these two years. There is something called brain, the most powerful organ, God has gifted each human being right, and it is displaying the can do, and your rights 10 acts as a growth isn’t saw externally doesn’t start with muscle. It all starts from you. He starts from here and gets much better to the body gets he wants you to do you, and it has its own effects and it goes on this was like, How do I just said like like he was he was he was a cricket enthusiast, like we always come up with a cricket enthusiast, volleyball, football, And then he started looking at it.

And then he started playing when he was eating whenever he was playing the movie, and there is a fantastic scene very no four in the movie. He says, set up in the morning on this platform in the evening and in the platform, I’m only running between these two platforms, and just playing. I’m not meant to say when I have been dreaming about playing me with national playgrounds, representing bullies like this. I mean I don’t feel unaccomplished the content with what you don’t even get when she is good at your job. What do you lose even if you still have it’s always one of the things you get lost, if only was the nation. A nation is at loss. Now this is if you like, what is happening. Of course, it will be great to see the same people that I’m going to get on you, and at the best, the nation that we live in is going to be someone that it is only, whether it is a little bit of money as it is, Junior. Anybody who is used as an officer, comfortable life, like he’s also. He bought something else. He bought something else. See, now when I’m making those statements, we can think, okay, who needs an outside person somebody there occasionally somebody there. The mistake we do is, you don’t understand that Tony is like me, sitting next to me, he was like me, I mean, they will also once like me. Right, and saying that TEDx growth TEDx is not, is not just about you it’s about it’s a, it’s a way of giving back to the society as well because, Yes, that is how you’re going to increase your own impact on the world around you. Right, an x ray. Absolutely. No, you have to see the very side. You can see it. And then you can you say that the seat is right. Only when the seat comes just one second, and, and then so we get to do so very fine sign that somebody or something is alive is determined by what it is that you and I allow or not, it is both happening. And that book is happening, what’s stopping us in making it to explode and making the right impact on the nation, Are you limit yourself with Facebook. Yes, you’re not going you’re going, I don’t want that it’s interesting. That’s pretty interesting.

Okay, your video froze for a second, I think, okay, oh, that’s what I said, Okay, I see your video and I see on the live stream as well yeah you’re very much visible. Okay, okay. Oh, when did you when did you really formulate this the the framework so you said that you release the codes, but when did you really come up with a framework when you thought yes now you can release that to the VA and now you can really help others get to this next growth framework. When was that this is a good question. I think people are trying to answer with some district charter school right and whenever I was, I ended up when I joined it. Whenever I used to go back to my hometown holidays, the local schools used to invite me to talk about how to get it. Oh, my God. That is how I started my first taste of influencing and impacting someone in a positive way. I got it there, but he’s inspired, looking at somebody, motivated. He’s ambitious quantities of what you get when you influence somebody. I mean, hold on. In the commotion and a soft, gentle voice comes to you and say that, you know what you can do it, because I am like you. If I were able to do it, you can definitely do it. I think that was the first time where I got a taste of it. Since then, I’ve been doing, like the normal, like your friend is very easy resident in China, Chairman for the CIA and he called me even to my complete journey even really few of these successful corporate employees, and I saw your GPS watch, and Michael you’re leading an organisation. What is it that help you get this accelerated. There are people who have become CXOs at 2021 Right, everybody has their own track and race to race with humility, is it that you have done differently able to get the excellence. If you are able to think and if you’re able to put the right perspective. Or don’t you think you can share that knowledge with other people so that they got an x 5x 4x Six people can ask. So that was the first figure that I said no that’s a six, and nobody somebody listen to me, and nobody right that’s what I got. That’s what I got anybody to see so you can say, and people will be like what he said. He was like, and really a lot of books a lot of literature, learning, and that was when I was able to connect the dots and for simple is just putting the things in the right perspective. And when I get this as kind of a knowledge sharing session, I first match the kind of response that I caught or missing. I mean, there’s one participant, by the way, she made us into this next workshop and I see that you are a young man again soon on an old soul. That’s what kind of effect, and some of the videos. Whenever this happens, I will call my daughter to sit down with me because she said, I believe every student and everybody should understand this theory, and the person comes to because he was so easily pushed into Information Centre. He also said it was like a mini MBA experience I mean, you spoke about the seeds of genetically modified foods and ultimately, it is like a medium we experience, which is generally not our enemy. So, any positive feedback. That’s very interesting. Roger that you spoke about the mini MBA and I think it makes good make sense if you can give an overview of the structure of the programme of how this connects your programme is structured the way you take it and how many sessions, you take and how the overall structure, the overall structure first begins with taking the week off. See, whenever we deal with text, and

energy. There’s a lot of inertia,

and people actually that’s a poor reason. So the first, first questions is all about reading the bits of hex and establishing the right perspective of only once you understand that it is going to be a paradigm shift your second module, we go into the framework of NX, for example, your results are your answer your business, our ethics of your actions, your actions, or the effects of your thoughts or your thoughts or your system, you see example, some people what are the good people, whatever, because that’s just right, be getting to the right thing. Right, he go there. And at that point of that is where we start things in the right perspective, and slowly build on from it so. Then in the third and fourth sessions, I will speak about mindsets, tend to be what a different kind of mindset yeah we have to talk about how by default we don’t use mindset and oh by choice you can get a good mindset, I speak about mindset, different objection handling certificates and mindset. I think in practice, not that I can have a thought and practice. And once that is done, then we get into something called Essential. That’s the Japanese philosophy. Now, he strategically link all these together framework mindset and the right in the right perspective, and we look at case studies of how people shooting people like you and me, and people like Julian Edelman you look at all those things. And then I encourage people to start getting into action from then on. And once you have a general intention to be a reaction. People will remember what I’ve said and that was not my reaction my response to that is how we go. And so with this we have come to a conclusion on an expo, but that is when we get into the nitty gritty finally up to here, this is awkward to me. But I’m here is very much value to professionals and business owners and SMEs, basically, then I talk to them about the basic engine, which is broken, Which we’ll see. And then I joined copper. Copper is very special because I joined copper in December 2017 The top line was office eight lakhs with switches, and by June 2018, you can see, it was 1.2 cm. Well, with cash and then on point 09 I mean 100% cash. Right. Yes, he did, again, in the magic. And the last module is completely focused on sales. Sales coaching objection handling how we raise the cash flow culture in the team leader. And then finally, it concludes. In this session, so it’s awesome. They can completely they just do a different video, everything will change for them. That was when the Save engine is given to you. And once you’ve done all of these things with the sales module. Finally customised for your own organisation. I guarantee that you’re bound to get an extra row. If you’re not eating well. Oh, yeah. So now, now that you talk about committing to you. Okay, so what now what’s the way to read, you know, super probate. So I think, C, C H, E, E, requirements, what is innovation. I mean, let me give you a small example. Three and company right he said it is a completely different company and a lot of one of the chief scientists of the company. He started a research at his lab to invent the test. At the time, through multiple iterations and even today. She’s looking for the best. There isn’t was a very big spectacle scientists went into depression, really, for so much money. I wanted the best I can do whatever he was supposed to look. I see an opportunity here, and you know what the opportunities. Yeah, you see this Yeah. So failure of an experiment. It’s starting to get the best, but ended up being a waste. I mean the biggest has resulted in the omission of a new product. What was the point there, because innovation seems like a super cool I mean, I really like to be really didn’t want to think you’re listening to me on Facebook to get my number. And it is all informal unstructured and sometimes if I’m free. I can answer them if I’m not a lot of them have gotten suitable now I have an obligation, right, if somebody asked me Canada. So if people really want to talk to me one on one on one, they can definitely reach out to me, other than the regular way so that they can see my availability the calendar and block that I see this is an innovation. We are talking right now I’m sure a few years down the line. So that would be at an expo. Yes and you are going to help us do that, yes I’m single. And I worked in Germany for six months ago. What do we like this country so beautiful so small as because they cannot fully publishing, but if you get the GDP.

Quick then again that’s why you’re so big. And, of course, education is what qualification is not an experience, it was myself, most people respect, Hispanics, only to the Western culture, but I think this is the time that we the Indians need to adopt this TEDx growth mindset and, like, for us, India is such a huge resource and everybody’s even just the population of Germany, the similar population of India, educated, Indian oriented professionals and educators are delivering innovation, and that’s my dream. That’s, that’s what I think if I gave you the automation, amazing, amazing like really, you know, that’s, that’s really a grand vision and I’m sure, I’m sure all of you will see that happening, and I’d like you under the right framework we should definitely be seeing that, however you have one question on it which I think people also would have in mind. What’s the prerequisite for for an excellent course. Well I think that I should approach you, is there a right time to talk to Rajiv, is that a prerequisite for talking to Rajiv, is there, what what preparation, I should go through before I talk to you about an x. That’s a good question. It was picked up we had in the past one as I said, the very nature, very sight that we are alive is good. So the prerequisite is you need to be living human being who’s going. I can make you go I cannot make off slow. That’s, that’s all well and great great great great. That’s good. Okay, um, yeah, there is one question. We need had asked if given by whatever you spoke. Is it right to say that TEDx is the top of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. I think that’s a good question. In fact, I thought about this. He also imagination, see, basically, is not necessary that everybody needs to be publishing equal to Germany, France can get it. Oh by the way the Indians nation do we still have people who are struggling for food, shelter and you cannot deny that we cannot feed ourselves on on hopes and dreams. That’s right. Our population is awesome. But it is not just about that food, shelter, and security’s basic, fundamental needs are taken care of because nothing to do. So that is the only enemy concrete because, because that is when you’re able to keep food and that’s how it is. So, it is not how it’s supposed to be open to self realisation of self actualization. It just doesn’t stop at any of the limits or it doesn’t start at the whole framework, just about the basic needs of the pyramid, this is what Eric says there is no end good for my once a week, especially as one of these I also talk about power of networking. Get some techniques of how you can actually do it. Got it. Okay, so that’s, uh, that’s really, really interesting. I think what you are whatever you are covering in in that and so it’s very clear it’s not just about one one dimensional like uni dimensional things that are you do this and I think it’s a holistic framework, which prepares you really pay for that so it’s not just a series of steps that and checking off that you do this and you read there, it’s about driving even change outside and inside out and how you can really get there very very very interesting. And I think, maybe at some point of time, if there are any. If there are any students that are here, out of this. You want to talk and share about your experience in any school, please. Well, you’re most welcome you can think of and they will probably give you an opportunity to speak, is it okay. Actually, just five minutes left. If any of you out there, definitely feel free to ping in the chat. Yeah, you can share your experiences, or you can even highlight something. I know some of you might be thinking that hey, I’m sure you get so many books you have so many classes and then you will get it.

Yeah. Right. You don’t get any, when is the largest e learning is the number one. Now they do all these checks, is the mechanism involved with ease is an occupation of some already set up. What is the authenticity of it is the original content really go through all of this has a lot of detail because it is a brand, they cannot have two copies of the same workshop, definitely. Very happy to tell you that today, this morning I received an email from claiming that your content is absolutely personal. It was a non copy from any of the workshops, it was not only from anybody because I’m authentic, original, and you’re good to be live on our platform, and they made the telescope live already. Oh wow, that’s That’s amazing, are you. Yes, this is not this is not inspired from anybody, of course, we come from. Whatever frameworks and techniques have been mentioned in original, and the Journal of Indian context, not limited to people across the world can do it and can exit, but for us, it makes the most sense. Because I did use jargons, I didn’t use English. English only usually very simple to understand. I’m not an English student. Like many offers simple English simple framework, engaging content and you will definitely enjoy the content. Wow. Well, thank you. Please do add the link of the Udemy course on your super profane as well so that people who are coming there they can they can see the link as well. And with that, I think I see your name, if you’re there and you just ping on the chat. I didn’t specifically invite anybody. Maybe forwards or something. You said your promise. Oh, is it okay to share your experience on the tennis court if you’re one of those 6 million, but he’s a very seasoned senior professional he’s the Chief Information Officer, he’s on for quite quite season he’s vigorous Can you unmute him Correct. No, no, unfortunately, we don’t have that we cannot add the host to the runtime right now. Yeah. Oh, okay, I can speak. Unfortunately, yeah we don’t have it right now. This is one good way, where you can also share this. Yeah, and it’s very very easy. So that was it I mean I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I will I will even open because most of the people in the class owner to me, they’re elderly, and they’re always listening and that’s, Yeah, I’m not sure it’s not set of people from a prospective age group or set of experiences that you have when you when you go to do it means that the applicability of this is really wide, and people don’t need to really have a question in their mind, will it help me Will God help me, I can, they can just go in right out and reach out to you, and they will.

Let’s get right, so with that is it’s about time. Last minute if you have any questions, please feel free to put in the chat, and I will take it. Otherwise, thanks a lot to all of you who are watching us live on LinkedIn and Facebook if you and I don’t want to go to all of you who are doing it, I’m 100% sure you learn something, like I did, and I’m again. Sure, you are going to graduate at least get a flavour of what are the next is, don’t hesitate to connect as it all rolls off you’re in your mind, so don’t need too much just go about it. And you can make that the job so great, and those of you who are watching in later versions, you will find the link to Rajiv SuperPro page and affliction therapies we will do that to reach out to you but it’s very much available. And of course, please. Like I share it with your friends that you have yours, you never know how this may help them, there may be people in your network, who maybe don’t have that mindset and they really think that and it was not something for them. I’m sure it will be, it may become even like gaining experience for them. And what are you hearing about you and I’m really looking forward to have you again, I want to check out the next and how we can vary between different professionals that will do a very good night. And

thank you. I believe I can only write my references, and the who really great, thank you guys. Good night, and we’ll be back with our next talk. And you bye bye.

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