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Make your Startup meetings hassle free

No installs or downloads. All your meetings at one place. Get one personalized video meeting room for your startup pitches 


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Personalized video rooms

A personal link for all your meetings

Easy access

Simply share you room link to start your meeting in seconds

Powerful dashboard

Have the data of all your meetings at one place

Personal AI assistant

Transcribe  all your meetings so you can search using keywords (coming soon)

Start saving 300hrs every year now!


How does it help me as an Investor with meeting new startups?

This product is perfect for you if you are a part of Venture capital or Investor, as this is the one place where you can Video conference and have the dashboard containing all the records of your meetings such as date and time, members attended the meeting, recording of meetings both in video and text format so that you can search a meeting and make your notes later. Also you can mark a meeting as interested/ later/ not interested to take future actions on that startup.

Is this just like Zoom or Google meet?

With you get personalized meeting room, you can use one single link for all your meeting. All the meetings are browser based, no need to download or install any software. also provide you exhaustive dashboard which helps you organize better with increasing efficiency thus saving time.