Fireside Chat with Kumar Anshu

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Hello. Can you hear me? Yes. Thank you again. Yay. Awesome. Perfect. And we can see you as well. Thank you. So good to see you after such a long time

duty. Your stop going to barber it seems. Yeah. So I’m taking the complete opposite you You’re seriously you’re you’re losing hairs and you know I have the luxury of maintaining a longer one. Yes, I lost it. In last 24 hours since the time you have told me that I have been I’m going to be grilled by you. I lost all my hair in the condition and I think would be happiness. You have got a lot of hair, it seems. Yeah.

So I hope my voice is also clear, right? It’s not burning because I am right now using Cody. So hope it goes smoothly. in Guyana, we can hear you all well. In fact, this is the time to I can already promote super pro video. So the thing is the stress on the audio side. So the audio quality is always good on the video. In fact, if you feel whenever you feel that the there is a slight connectivity issue, or you can go to settings and you can choose in video quality as high quality or low quality depending on where so you can just choose low quality so that it will work. Okay, so packet loss. I can see your network is good. So I hope it is okay. Right. I get on network and I can see it. Yeah, as long as there is good. I think it should work. Perfect. Perfect.


Okay, we will just wait a minute more people are joining and then we will start a chat are where can I see the chat? So will you be able to help me with the chat questions or the live questions? Yes, yes. Yes, yes. Perfect. Perfect. Thank you. I hope I survive your questions. And I have some energy to answer other questions. Oh, I you know, I’m always very good mannered, gentle soul, you know. Okay. Video froze. The thing we know, can’t hear you. I think I might have lost connectivity altogether, because even my WhatsApp messages getting delivered. Okay. I think you lost connectivity. Let’s, let’s wait. Let’s wait for him to join. Meanwhile, there to all of you who are joining a very warm welcome. Thanks for tuning in. We will start as soon as he joins that.

Hello. Yes, and it is back. Yeah, so we can see you and I’m so sorry. I think it has started playing bad with me already. Internet playing back. So let’s let’s use my mobile phone.

This is also visible. Yes. Perfect. Okay, cool. So Oh, God. Let’s start. Okay, yes, guys really start. So, to set the context. I’ll let everybody know that how it all started. It all started with the Ready?

That was a start. That’s how I addressed the Undo because it was in the first year I was in the second year at IIT Bombay. And yeah, I, for me being in second year, yes, I had some privileges. And I was famous for having interesting conversations with the juniors. So that’s how one of the interesting conversations back in 2002 that started with unshiu. And it started with a plushie. So yeah, Andrew and I know either for more than 18 years now and to have been fantastic help even back in the campus a somehow he was one of those crazy ones as crazy as me if not more to, to get get along, whatever crazier ideas I had. And you know, you are always the one to come in, without without thinking twice. We did a lot of crazy things back then. And, and then we continued, we got a different path. So I became an entrepreneur and others and I also got, he has been in the IP world for very long, he was the CP old he was a CPA global and then. So he is he is really, I can say the best IP expert that I know of. Yes, and I know a lot more. When, in my last startup in plexus, that’s where, you know, when we needed we needed the brain and set up. That’s very, we call him he joined us and the head does really build our IP portfolio which I can I can say without doubt that it’s really one of the best IP portfolios ever built from India by a startup team sitting in India, you know, filing 120 plus patents across the US and Europe aggressively around AI in such areas. It’s all up to you to ensure health if you he would not have been here I cannot even dream of going anywhere closer to a patent. Forget about filing you know hundreds of them. So I’m getting flattered I know something to find your palate Shanti librium the same thing continues for next 5055 minutes. So I know I changed now I changed the track.

So okay, let’s let’s get started. And the thought is I’ll start in the same way.

So heavy you will always remain a blessing for me. I’ve been following what you have been saying about innovation IP Google and Yahoo da da India man we should be more innovative. I’ve been I’ve been reading through your lands as well as reading through what all you have been posting on LinkedIn everything. You have been very vocal in your recent posts that you pandemic, so blessing in disguise may and we should we should look at as an opportunity there are a lot more opportunities there. Then Then your productivity Jari whatever, but what is this all about here? Are you just trying to be a godly figure? They are so a tie it was shot on my head. All there is some some basis to that. Yes. All is well all is good. So basically, yeah, like, those are again, 80 years old. Now you can make it up to where one can say which one was a bear or spiral. menjaga, gagne Gani, garonga, dussehra, ki, start seeing the opportunity. So I will give your example only Okay, a miracle to bump paper on a map paper opposite? Yeah, yeah. India’s true entrepreneur, author, a true entrepreneur sees opportunity. And business when the normal people, they see pain and frustration and depression. Okay. And I think you’re the best example you started your startup with a very different problem statement. And of course, that was also a big market, the moment you saw COVID-19 and the way the behaviour is going to change in future, you you kind of came up with the superpro idea and I find it pretty cool right now. So I’ve never produced example, the Let me help you understand. It’s not, it’s not just to have positivity inside. Let me give you examples. So My dog may or may not Mayra example aka mccalman ecosys mckernon not going to leave you that’s a poor Otto rockabilly buttering them is a sharp question level tola calm down Rex. So I just wanted to sort of, bordering on the right the right side I would say I tell my brother my daughter’s school actually they went virtual totally virtual. Okay. And we’re past one week or two week it went absolutely crazy. Ma’am, I cannot hear you and everything all those fancy I think you must be getting with your sponsor school also. And there is another entrepreneur. So one place we see we saw a very frustrated school on the other place, we saw a few entrepreneurs who are making things absolutely virtual school or summary equilibria Jonas who will kill us but I ethica because they have devoted a lot of people are coming with very relevant solution for something which is making people frustrated on one side when teachers and parents are troubled to our laboratory Nuria may 9 and collapse delegate physics labs chemistry lab, how the hell this school is going to run for a year or so. And on the other hand, there are entrepreneur to entrepreneurs who are already started planning to start opening this hyperlocal laboratory for school like gold’s gym membership and all that hamari shout hyper Indian, that’s a that’s a gigantic update, but kpcb cbse syllabus look, we

will have memory lapses. So my point is japie low frustrate or a way we do three entrepreneur mag Mel Cusco, janta, already karate bent UK within last three months or so. And yes, all because they could see that this is going to come and they started leveraging. I’m not sure all of them are doing the right thing. But they’re a really good entrepreneur who are doing the good thing. So when Ola and Uber people started, started, stopped taking all over, these guys came up with COVID compliant all over okay. Similarly, when the restaurant they got close, they started shifting to the cloud kitchen. So initially, it used to be 30 40% bill business through swiggy zomato. And today it will like 90 to 100% business through these cloud kitchens. So they shifted from physical to proper digital. So this is what I’m talking about. In short, if you if you if you ask me for the examples, I can give you tonnes and tonnes of examples and I’m sure after next question, you’re working by yourself to Bob and I say yes. Can you give me some facts and figures? So let me give you one of one of the one of the examples from yesterday so I was in a CIA panel discussion. And they were very brilliant two or three business people and entrepreneurs and they were into office automation so I’m giving you one of the examples are office automation and suddenly office stopped at the office automation guru as your office in Israel revenue. What they did they started creating a COVID compliant office no so they shift they started bringing all the technologies from China us and all those said they started finding mo use with these guys started manufacturing these contactless devices well IR sensors are quite impressively laid up attendance apnea p IC h olahraga. Aki tracing ot rady and the entry limitation so they started those helmets that you might be seeing on the YouTube they have actually brought it in India. Few of the few entrepreneurs actually one of the very interesting invention that I came to know yesterday only they started nanotech, silver coating on these solid surfaces you boil it the badness in our arteries is based started coating with a very special kind of patented technology. Of course, it’s not Indian patented technology use patented technology, but they pursued that technology and now they have started building it in India and selling it in India. So in short, madam volta a blessing in disguise my gluttony built on trust me this is not a time only thing about Indian market this is a global opportunity that has come to us and we can probably tap on this opportunity rather than getting depressed and frustrated in our lives. So are we going to DVDs will go up to brucella 10 over the Shire, you’re gonna Buddha which permit Hello, can you hear me duty? Yeah, yes. So happy optoma tato is puri Angelica shortcut may do Shireen? Okay. Valerie Sherry. Lisa, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So it is a 90% logo and I will be bored my children will you get ready barbaric Melissa Carter boss he will do coffee, but the other shaft will do better not me and Jamie will be stuck our bus shut up he gave us on the other hand. There are some true entrepreneurs and problem solvers who are right now thinking about something like get their Qi Gong katha heavy ass mamas ragna here is a third of the way to charlo arrow so I think you are one of those but terbaik navali lo kabhi Atman maccabean zanaga. But yes, this is this is in summary the answer to your question. So I’m not just trying to motivate people. This is the truth.

gasps closing prayers no upper inquiry Leah good attempt, but we have been against saying that india india may innovation near we are a country of jugaad and now you are saying in a Gaussian next step Danny well we can do the top innovation hubs in the world we can really lead in intellectual property around the world and everything yeah sentiment got a real hair again Do you have a basis for it? Do you see something happening or this is just that you are maybe you are planning to contest elections politics you know, shining India nearby. So, hello, quick start there. We are election by October equally mclubbe sera mujer, politician malaria biomek innovator assistant, we are up near a politician you will have you will see a map of my reasoning but I know what I was saying is India is a country of jugaad not really the innovators. But in 10 years, we can be top 10 innovation hubs. This is my belief and I very strongly believe in it. And I’ll give you the reason for that. Okay. I’ve been in this industry for nearly 1415 years. So I will driven innovation industry research and product development industry. And what I have seen is it took forever to adapt to the prototype making it there are three different types of prototypes that people generally create one looks like prototype. Second is deals like prototype, and third a workflow a prototype. So just a working prototype, you get them who do CAD models, paper drawings as you look at them. Now when you see the first prototype of any famous product today, they were all guards they were all viewers because there’s no pathways neither no today, they wanted to have a very very cheap solution. That was our contract server benagil proof Korea when they bought the approval, they are then the board they are very good with this. So what do you call you are I call it the first prototype and it is in our DNA. When we say yoga I don’t think India who is the country beat consectetuer Ventura competition said China basically but India but you want to beat khanapara muscular. I’ll give you a few examples. Apertura oracy, Sapna put char or reason Luma duty he election cow agenda manifesto Nia although alchemilla Patapsco. River General Secretary Gillick Halawa Daria Polish Cadiz Kiba, amico manifest Tony Ouattara, Rocco parts solid facts are reasons Doom guys, Kelly, okay. And I’m going to take my thing I’m going to beat when we need erotica. Okay, number one mabthera yapi leukerbad pulser engine COVID tractable erotica degreaser eternal low power tractor Biryani. Baba 71 up today shorty tractor CB should a tractor banana expert. Do seven data will take you by for industrial scale. Yeah, let’s see. Let’s see banana mogera because my battery has increased my sales are increasing. And he started using the washing machine to create let’s see, now this is another Jaguar Okay, first prototype of an industrial scale mixing a mixer grinder. On the third side. In the hands of the Mahabharata up my Enigma the inventor of the Buddha sir makeup mirror garment libraries abulafia a college Gurdwara and he said key Miramar my idea may not mess up my mclubbe joint family remember omega sharpshooter but check with Kip for a time hyperactive relative shanties and batting cages Okay. I will definitely not rock my TV they party oversee a COVID lager situation a parameter will serve as an idea alternate energy create Cunningham animal a Catholic crucify Buddha Salima but to the pyramid animal the animal switched off the sugar pyramid I no longer to sorry the chocolate whichever irritate water and your kitchen may light other TV together but our COVID Nicola my wardrobe is a console he say except you got to add me so sector so this is our strength we should not what should I say men who criticise karmically nivaldo Mohammed Shah Botha This is a restraint but you have to go beyond yoga besides a weaker amlo Let’s move it to the next level prototype to prototype three qualities appears to have finished product replicator. Now coming to the second reason dunya is such a innovative company again after De Soto annato IBM Canon superato just so you know flexischools sauce is another pattern portfolio funded by NASA it goes all candour. ibma lacco. Patterns a portfolio Menaka subset other pattern portfolio and Sahaja Yoga Miyagi. So can we assume that these guys have mastered the art of innovation safely?

Okay. Now, if you see the data of IBM employees in 2000, they had nearly 300,000 employees in 2000 Year 2000 out of these 3000 employees 9000 employees were from India based out of India and their headquarters in US it had 135,000 employees first quarter 2010 IBM India employs 75,000 from 9000 to 75,000 us employees 130 5000 200,000 Okay. Now, they start sharing the data for say su gamma, gamma capital data. So, they are very secretive now about their demographic democratic, but based on some of these studies that we have done to other adronis gear NSR IBM has 350,000 employees out of these 350 employees 1/3 employees are in India, okay. And less than 90,000 employees approximately are in us to be able to be a sub scene with a company continuous India a growth story by Nigeria or appname main headquarters may come Korea cost is not the only reason if you see almost all the fortune 500 companies or big ones are technology driven once they have their r&d centres in India, they have their r&d and they are not outsourcing the work to India they’re outputting very high quality work to India. So, we cannot go wrong right they are not stupid people they know that we can deliver innovation. On the other hand, what we saw he was at the tail end come over to what we do what we did come live with the headquarter originated patterns to tie or India originated patterns to tie only one of the citation analysis and other analysis critical to quality ranking the or pyramid ag innovative patterns bigger river being semi of his idea inferior quality and we saw that if not better Indian originated inventions of these giants are as good as or as high quality as the the their headquarter generated image This is the third reason let me give you the fourth reason God hallelujah not your invention basically logos as Luke was the gift of india india the Iraq idea but Tick Tock die India’s Google got really liberal magazines without you consumer based inventions are consumer facing inventions. So they are visible we are very good with the invisible invisible invention Amaro pyramid theory most people have the private key inventions or public capability innovative company Business Innovation so rare that you’re the sort of product improvement innovation. So read your end user capacity theory to be a little bit I go up Jackie Pico was a bother inventions India’s integral. So this is this is another reason. So, in short, if you asked me, I am not standing for election duty by I am just giving facts and yoga when I say India is a country of jugaad and we can be taught in innovation house, we just need to move from first prototype to the finished product and start focusing on IP driven innovation. Okay, Java ipk around geocode some geo optimised Kibana kupatana. Future make Avi kiya or the Omari party will be so if question given the Palace of Natura I want to shift the shift the heat to use our sibling we still have the time builder and pro investor we’re going to be burning up entrepreneur to respond to your booj Votto is purities may do aapka apnea video lab. Startup this utopia was clearly a up update to multiple roles Lady appic to techno graduate educational app entrepreneur with eco apnea about angel investors be robots are a term today startups may make a point for a simple job or be a worldwide Job Change. They grow COVID to give up the change that you’re seeing. How is the business landscape according to you changing? And I hope you are your answer is going to justify my answers in future to help me understand how do you think this landscape is changing? Because you have changed your little bit your business model based on that vision? Share it please. Thanks. So yeah, yeah. How? How I see it changing it actually starts. You well, even before COVID because I am a firm believer that

the technology adoption, it’s not. It’s more exponential than we think of like, till a certain point. People, a large population would not even have heard about something and all of a sudden we’ll see everything Anybody using it? Yeah, various people will not even know that oh, this is this is a piece of technology. We saw that happening in India. We saw that happening with desktops. I’m 100% sure there was hardly point 01 percent of people in India using Tiktok they have even an iota of idea that Tiktok is backed by or it’s owned by a technology giant on bigger technology giant a bite dance really is how my dogs have been using AI for like, more than five years now. How they are doing it, and that is why it doesn’t matter people were just still using it and all of a sudden people have started using Tick Tock and that is where I saw that video and AI are going to merge even more in future and when COVID happens, how it this is what we are living for example people who would have never imagined us getting it. Yeah, are you suppose zoom but I had, yeah. That’s why I see it as the other biggest shift and in in the use of consumer behaviour, user behaviour as well. And what this is going to lead to errors, people will realise for the first time that you don’t need to travel really for business for a lot of businesses for a few of the businesses definitely you will need to travel your physical presence will probably is not required for most of the things that you are talking about. And things can happen better remotely. Yeah. And the final realisation will be that if I have to sell using a screen and deliver my service as well using the screen, I may as well sell to the whole world and not just in my neighbourhood community city centre whatever I can sell to the whole world and I can deliver as well to the whole world. Yeah, so this is where I think there’s going to be a radical shift and how are we building and I am I really believe that the outsourcing boom that we have been talking about and we are Vc COVID is going to give a massive push to this we are going to see a lot more services that people will not even realise that we already see on superpro so we have pianist guitarist who says and what not celebrities even who are getting booked by people sitting in US UK Middle East southeast. And these people now they said we can hear imagine that they will be able to solve a global climate. So this is what I see. Amazing Amazing so I think Madhavi soulstones ut Vikki Yep, sorry three talented longer beach Magnum moogerah blobeye methyl groups. Armijo Vitara say yeah, so good good. Thank you so much. gt by the equation we have to do by WhatsApp my putuo Agia gatco time will answer Gurney Gotti Gallagher aapko future Carnevale Thank you, Abby, Abby with us. avi Avi live I’ll bring it back. So we have we have medela boulia Mira Lambert, I am as mellow as also I don’t want to lose the opportunity. See you have been you have been throwing fancy phrases from amateur literature while they admit Oh, we wish Id ID so Nadi you have been good with words you have your way with words. And you have been doing this now you have been throwing so many interesting phrases in your talks discussions LinkedIn baby that IP driven innovation A B to bbma but maybe I IP domain innovation per second is technology slavery, which I have seen in your post so gay gay guys, it’s Sarah Thomas and guy English in the whatever what exactly is this? Yes on a bigger IP driven innovation. It will look towards the Logo Logo equation or the right innovation IP Dr. Carver amberger autodata ip innovation do not record may ease of learning equals this girl. Why am focusing on these two facts is very simple.

Let me share some 334 facts I am the visa visa the the I think the shortest facts that I can share and try to make my point here number one, are going to become a key India make companies kidney versus US and China companies give me a giant MSR is up courses other companies, okay. You have many four crore companies, when you see how many companies are there in India as per the NCAA registration so Ministry of Corporate affairs mess these are just 12 lakh companies here. Okay if you include all these and Joe Anarkali sorry Jocko but I guess he wanted to sorry, George okay. So 60 to 70 lakhs Max, other companies in India. If you see this startup ecosystem it’s 50 to 60,000 Okay. So if you say if you just include everything we are talking about and remove the kirana stores are those small, small small businesses the true business is the product producing businesses. We are the sitting on a company on a pool of 12 lakh companies to create and compete with Chinese ecosystem which is having 7.7 crore companies and growing at a rate of eight to 9% CAGR. We have Casio si compete group, we are the group Kuru startup cool to to Smith a does the person Virginia partito Maria Maria Cooper the year of his business the product value, so, are we aware of keeping the startup coleauxv to save jacket patch growth of the pants pocket? So, what you’re saying is we are not even 2% of China when it comes to number of companies Yes, I can I can prove it to you given it you take you give me any product and I will prove it to you that all products are botanically we are technology slaves of foreign company foreign countries, we cannot create this product fully in India until unless we we kind of import some not gold screw or some circuit or some processor from either China Taiwan, Europe or us. So, this is what I call what I mean when I say technology slavery, let me let me first link you with the second fact. So first practice company can number number number two if you see the the the innovation output innovation output can be measured in terms of maybe patterns the simplest way okay. China 515 lakh patterns, us five six lakh patterns, India files, question question question 50,000 patterns out of these 50,000 39,000 patterns are coming from so, we are filed by the foreign entities in India to protect their product and in the general market in India. So, hamari dH may ponder other patterns or the weather improve aircraft improve our thought as a camera takachiho I would say Good Good move, but we are way way behind when it comes to the integration output also. Now, let me bring to the third bring you bring you to the third factor which is the innovation readiness. So, when we say innovation readiness I am with the simplest parameter which people can relate to is very simple one how many researchers per million do we have? If you see USA it has 4200 plus okay if you see Israel which is having nearly 4500 researchers per million if you see Pakistan they are created in 50 plus millions researchers per million India they have a stake in their XOR chompin G 156. So, let me connect three facts when it comes to innovation readiness. We are not even close to Pakistan Okay. Please buy Java based backlog and maybe they are not eager when it comes to when it comes to innovation output again, but together but chances are liquor Goumri good but IBM bought BJ when it comes to the to the real product output or services output Australia my personal mantra barella engine set barella companies with respect to 7.7 crore companies, how am I supposed to be not a technology slave? And how do I bring this technology slavey and this is where IP driven innovation comes into the picture what I say is they go home look look boss, a boss or a innovation curtain but you gotta make it a hidden innovation curtain. If we start seeing value, why don’t we just start protecting our IP and try to licence it out? There are very high chances you will not get any licencing but there are 10% chances you may get a bigger company or manufacturer with money and the sales distribution and network and marketing budget and everything who believes in our technology we invest in you okay so rather than opening your own startup you create this technology if you can crack and sell it to this number to Java multicopy technology slavery say moved on I guess a move to Korea macnee are pretty simple cities where if I’m lucky other corruptor the activist investors Miss Brockman. Yay sorry look hockey stick growth growth indicates a comment. No question. Better problem castle. correo refereum this is a problem solve a problem.

Labour Arboretum passwordmaker 100 100% Villa with GE is it no question me which I pursue love them. What I’m focusing on is your let’s start solving local problems. Okay. Local problems could cause the shortage at markets. Equals them whatever the market took could be salvini or what competition Overwatch package corrode was this croquet market scojo was chaotic cluster banal. Just say if we are solving a problem of say public transportation the let’s start solving it small small part of the public transportation come together as a cluster just a china major cluster mangiapane they are pmra Noida makes arbitrary market I was sorry to consult so to come WBC or subcut and Nigel. My point is if you start focusing on one spot, more speciality your failure chances is less you will be sustainable, why because you are solving local problems which nobody is ready to solve. And when you have other other players solving some other part of it become a cluster merge with each other and treat yourself as a cluster of company rather than as a small startup having tapping the 50% of hypermarket This is what I wanted to say when I say t IP in Innovation Group obviously. Then very interesting issue in fact now I remember how China Chinese mobile industry overall has actually been really the end of the meeting probably know very few Chinese brands are such but what people don’t realise is these Chinese manufacturers they actually have been moving as a consortium approach and they have pulled in a lot of resources and manufacturing and then even down to marketing and selling it they going going to a new market I realised it was a few years back that when ties are entered they actually enter as a consortium they never go like one company trying to do something and then another company coming into undercut that they really move together that way Yes, did I say but is it McAfee sorry conferences Gan I felt very bad because when I go is turkey Dr. Sharma Gk up in a multimedia Yeah. Aria is also rent out Carla Sharma sequence 150% utilise the machine 70% utilise Sharma Chico metalia visual guru somebody maybe go to apartment moto area, but Sharma he very possessive may or may machine Juanita manga you bought manga machine isn’t relevant check out the package to create your recovery depreciation top New York separation money with own is to it’s better to utilise it and earn some money as well and help your similar companies and you never know you can merge together in one day there is a simple they did he just wanted to share maybe some audience listening to this part stop following the hockey stick growth and growth and start building the app and after that there’s a two other tour apparently banality of endearment okay I’m now back to topic but one of the recent cat UN says about the solving this this gap the technology value chain with you in an area and mentioning and now I of course I will following you the you were you started with something and you said India may innovation Kanye and then the attorneys in Atlanta Savannah they have a medical device startup all of a sudden talking about medical devices I thought initially you’re just talking about it but then I realised you’re actually working on it. So what is it you’re planning to go manufacture thermometers in India to get sucker temperature they can COVID role playing game actually could innovation or X ray never me bandwidth Anika mood banana camera. So, me level up to a boss in theory of the story without so what quickly Okay, I started with a vision and not today I think we had discussed it in enough places also our India co Innovation Centre Guney been affected. So, my point was not to start the medical devices company here. We wanted to accelerate the research and product development of medical devices and why I will come down to that point in a minute and how this is still linked with our North Star of bringing India to top 10 innovation hubs thermometric Wanaka India co innovation champion Neiman Marcus andato we started with the industry Academy our gap initially realised already amaray Academy as a technology transfer Houdini read up China USA euro club.

So the exploratory work happens in academia and the exploitative work happens in the industry. So they sell out their technology or partner co developed things with industry. This is not the case in India, we try to convince a lot of colleges that you should have a few in the centre of excellence for creating a very specific kind of technology in your college. And I can help you set up that theory here. So that you can use didn’t fail fast and made more and more things faster and faster because we were building the ecosystem it is still the same ecosystem but having a different use case I’ll tell you how and why. Why are we having so much Miyagi tissue we come at love and with your there are a lot of good colleges and universities, but there are when when it comes to see they have a room 115 100 square foot room written Centre of Excellence for robotics under Java. Nine Saturday shortage of a prototype repco the job size exhibition upon which we have an artist no thermopolis was there a prototype that camera because our prototype will buy a prototype novelties inventor with the diagonal up to the top to mandibular diversity. LASIK cubbies in the Boston Scientific opposite licence out secured by one California standard for now. Okay, so at the bottom right same ama I travelled throughout the country visited 107 colleges address more than 7000 students and lot of them are still building their own company, many of them are in touch and they’re doing very well, but not the way I initially visualised because this is a new concept in India, I moved down to creating case studies with corporate whenever I can get the incoming HIPAA documentary in company’s case it is a good idea to me or get accepted as a medic Yes. Why don’t you do the same thing I will give you the system you just do it yourself. Okay. And for that we started shortlisting the industry which is really which really needs to be driven innovation and accelerated pace at a lower cost okay. Mooji SMS manager at Vikki, there are four pillars which is needed in India if you ask me here innovate and innovate Karnataka mehbooba charge HR pillar India heliograph is to submit he cannot other 2030 Pella applied defence self sufficient by no Rafale a big water but often they will be banana varieties over a period of Sabrina Prager was clear Hazara Oh la whoa potluck tasty supply indium in Rio de so self Sal Kyoko pressured alizee de Jong Eun evander dejected even asked about simple status banana Kelly you need those parts suppliers which is not right now in India because casinos are so Chinese number one, number two.

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