Getting Started

Welcome to! This guide will help you learn the basics of This is the perfect place to start.

Step 1 – Creating a free account in

Visit this link – and click on the top right Sign Up button

Step 2 – Enter your email address to receive an invitation from

Create a account

Signing in to is very easy. If this is the first time you sign in, you will need to sign up for a free Basic account. You can decide later if you need to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise. If you already have an account, you can either sign in a classic way or with Google or Linkedin. We’ll also show you how to change your password, what to do if you’ve forgotten your password, how to update it every 6 months, and how to access your account if your password has expired after 6 months.

Sign up for

Signing up for only takes a few seconds. You can either sign up in a classic way or with Google.

Classic Sign up

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Click on Sign up.
  • An easy signup link will be sent to your email address.
  • Follow the link to complete the sign-in process.
  • Enter your email address, first name, last name, and company.
  • Click on create my account
  • Select a strong password.
  • Accept our Terms of Service and Click on Sign up free.


    Well done, now you have a account! ?

Your password must be at least 8 characters with at least 1 number, at least 1 capitalized letter, and at least 1 special character.

You will have to change your password every 6 months. A reminder banner will be displayed on your dashboard 1 month before the expiration date to ask you to change your password.

Sign up with Google

  • Click on Sign up with Google,
  • Choose the Google account you want to connect to

Well done, now you have a account! ?

Sign up with LinkedIn

  • Click on Sign up with LinkedIn
  • Choose the LinkedIn account you want to connect to

Well done, now you have a account! ?

  • runs entirely in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), and does not require any downloads or plug-ins.
  • works on Apple phones and tablets using Safari, and on Android phones and tablets using Chrome.

With you don’t have to log in or sign up to join a meeting!

Step 1: Open the invite link in a supported browser

Step 2: Enable your camera & video by accepting the browser requests

Step 3: Add a name/nickname if you’d like

Step 4: Press ‘Enter meeting’


Creating an account gives you access to all of our features and lets you pick a custom domain to ensure the privacy of your meetings. You’ll be able to create a workspace, invite members, and schedule meetings.

Step 1: Select “create account” from our homepage or follow this link

Step 2: Enter your email address or sign up with Google

Step 3: If you chose to sign up with your email address, check your email for a magic link, from

Step 4: Click the magic link!

Your first workspace

Choose a name for your workspace – this can be the name of your company, your name, or anything you like. It will always be included in your meeting URL:[meetingname]

Invite your team:

You can invite team members to join your workspace now or do that part later. You’ll be able to host meetings and invite friends and coworkers whether or not you invite them to join your workspace

Step 1: Add emails in the ‘invite via email’ field and press invite OR

Enable the link to copy and paste the invite wherever you’d like

Step 3: If you invite members by email they will show up in the members’ section, press ‘done’ to finish the setup!

Step 4: If you invite by link, hit ‘just me for now’ once you’ve copied your link to finish the setup!

We want the process to start a meeting to be as convenient as possible and we’ve given you options! The simplest way is described here. To learn how to start meetings even faster visit the integrations article.

Step 1:The purple section at the top of your homepage is for starting an instant meeting

Step 2:Simply type a meeting title in the text field (it will be pre-populated with a random meeting name like elated-Mendel which you can use!)

Step 3: Hit “start meeting”

Step 4: If you haven’t enabled your camera and microphone, allow the browser permissions, the arrows will help you find them

Step5: Hit “enter meeting” to begin the call

When you schedule a meeting with, you can connect your Google calendar, prepare an agenda and resources in advance, invite collaborators to work on the agenda with you, and save meeting drafts to finish later.

To schedule a meeting

Schedule a meeting by clicking the calendar icon next to the ‘start meeting’ button in the purple section at the top of your logged-in homepage


Click on the ‘Schedule a meeting’ tile in the upcoming meetings section.

Connect your calendar

Step 1: click connect calendar in the banner at the top of the scheduler (currently this only works for Google Calendar)

Step 2: Click connect calendar in the window that appears and continue to the google page which will require you to allow access to your Google Calendar.

Prepare a meeting in advance

Step 1: Give the meeting a title

Step 2: Select a date and a time.

Step 3: Set a goal for the meeting

Step 4:Prepare an agenda — add items and descriptions, set timers, and assign agenda items to workspace members

Step 5: Add resources — upload images and documents by clicking the paperclip icon and links by clicking the link icon and pasting a URL into the box that appears

Step 6: Set room permissions — Choose from workspace room, hidden, or the public.

Step 7: Invite guests — Click in the email field beneath ‘invite guests’ to see a list of workspace members or to add contacts from your google contacts


Invite collaborators to help prepare the agenda

Step 1: click on the 3-dot menu at the top of the scheduler next to the purple ‘create meeting’ button.

Step 2: select ‘copy a link to this page’ and share the link with whoever you would like to contribute to the agenda

Save as a draft

  • All changes to the meeting draft will be saved automatically
  • If you do not choose to set a date and time for the meeting, the draft will remain in your upcoming meetings as a draft until you set a date and time


  • runs entirely in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), and does not require any downloads or plug-ins.
  • works on Apple phones and tablets using Safari, and on Android phones and tablets using Chrome.
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