Step 1: Share your screen by clicking on the icon to the left of the mute button at the bottom of your meeting

Step 2: You will be prompted to select a specific window or app to share, or just go with your whole screen!

    • In Google chrome, the selection options will be tabbed
    • The first selected tab has the option to share your entire screen, to go with this click on the image of your entire screen and hit share
    • To share a specific application or tab (for more privacy) click on one of those tabs, select the app or tab you’d like to share, and hit the blue share button. (it will only be blue if a selection has been made.

Step 3: to stop sharing locate the chrome banner and click ‘stop’ or return to your meeting tab and click the screen share button (it will be green now) again.

  • Multiple participants can simultaneously share their screens during a meeting, without the need to coordinate with one another. The shared screen appears as a video feed—click on it to make it bigger.
  • You can zoom inside the shared screen by scrolling on your mouse or trackpad. You can also pan around by clicking and dragging the screen share.

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