Creating an account gives you access to all of our features and lets you pick a custom domain to ensure the privacy of your meetings. You’ll be able to create a workspace, invite members, and schedule meetings.

Step 1: Select “create account” from our homepage or follow this link

Step 2: Enter your email address or sign up with Google

Step 3: If you chose to sign up with your email address, check your email for a magic link, from

Step 4: Click the magic link!

Your first workspace

Choose a name for your workspace – this can be the name of your company, your name, or anything you like. It will always be included in your meeting URL:[meetingname]

Invite your team:

You can invite team members to join your workspace now or do that part later. You’ll be able to host meetings and invite friends and coworkers whether or not you invite them to join your workspace

Step 1: Add emails in the ‘invite via email’ field and press invite OR

Enable the link to copy and paste the invite wherever you’d like

Step 3: If you invite members by email they will show up in the members’ section, press ‘done’ to finish the setup!

Step 4: If you invite by link, hit ‘just me for now’ once you’ve copied your link to finish the setup!

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