Use Video Conferencing for Engaging Product Demos

The ultimate goal of any sales process is to sell – period. Demos have always been an essential part of the software industry in particular. As technology developed, the way product demos were conducted also evolved.

Until 1975, demos were performed in person. The IT era was still evolving, and the sales cycle was still complex. Then, floppy disks and PCs became an innovative way of conducting product demos until 1989. Companies used dummy versions of the software in the systems and got on a call with the user for a product walk-through. 

PowerPoint’s introduction in 1990 meant scalability, interactivity, and visually stunning, impressive product demos – even for the difficult products. PowerPoint dominated for several years as companies used presentations to connect with potential customers quickly. 

Between 2004 and 2012, a new era came into existence- the era of live screen-sharing, which is a gateway to what this blog is primarily addressing: the use of video conferencing. GoToMeeting became a game-changer as Citrix combined several services and built a screen-sharing technology that was adopted fast to deliver perfect product demos

As scalability took precedence in the 2010s, efficient interaction became the need of the hour. The next quantum leap came in 2013 with automated interactive videos that led to asynchronous (i.e., not happening simultaneously) yet personalized demos. Now, key stakeholders could organically source a product’s demo. Then, there’s video conferencing and online video demos.

What are the benefits of online video demos?

As part of your marketing strategy using online video demos, you can explain the product and help customers understand the pain points it can resolve. Here are some of the benefits of online video demos.

1. Proving that the product is what you say it is

While customers are looking for solutions for their issues, they are also skeptical about the claims made about the product by marketing. Give an impressive product demo live to tell the customer that it can indeed resolve their existing challenges

2. Walk-through of features and benefits of the product

You can explicitly take the customer through each feature and benefit of the product in a way that it sells. Make your product marketing unique to the customer. Showcase the specific attribute that can simplify their processes and resolve their particular pain points.

3. Savings

The cost of hiring sales reps, their salaries, commissions, travel expenses, and other additional damages are negated, leading to savings.

4. Improvising on demos

Get access to a wealth of data when you host a product demo. Analytics can help you improve upon your existing demos to provide even better and saleable videos in the future.

5. Deliver perfect product demos

With online video demos, you can customize your product demos by adding your branding elements. Create a layout that the prospects can see without making it look like just another video call. This way, customer engagement is ensured.

Customer interaction is pivotal in any sales. This seldom happens in SaaS businesses until tech support is required. With video conferencing, you get to build a relationship and boost buying decisions, thereby increasing your sales using product demos.

This allows you to always start with the customer as well because you can automate and schedule demos at their convenience. A calendar system can be employed to let the clients choose the time and date of the meeting. Rescheduling can also be accomplished with simple automated follow-up reminders.

How can one prepare for product demos?

Once the prospect is excited about your solution, provide its overview. But before you do that, prepare to deliver the perfect product demo. Set an agenda, include questions, describe your value propositions, and communicate the next steps of initiation.

Let’s understand the process in detail:

1. Prepare in advance

Study your prospect well to understand who you are meeting with and what they expect. Craft your demo in a way that addresses the specific audience and a particular pain point of the business.

2. Structure the demo

Get a general, solid blueprint that includes everything that the client wishes to know about your product. Always give the big picture first and then move over to the micro aspects of the feature. Demonstrate the context of what you are about to show and then engage them by asking questions or making them say something.

3. Always begin with a bang

The introduction is a big qualifier across demos. Give critical information where it belongs, rather than reserving the good stuff for the end. At the same time, deliver the perfect product demo by ending the presentation on an enthusiastic premise.

4. Value propositions

Dive into the value propositions after you have completed providing the broad overview of the product. Explain all the specific features and functions along with their application across organizational goals and challenges.

Benefits of using video meetings for product demos

As a modern business, here are some reasons why you must look at choosing video meetings for product demos:

  • Improved usability and management
  • Enables a collaborative digital culture
  • Enhances communication and culture 
  • Reliable and secure way of communicating
  • Minimizes redundancy and increases the value

When it comes to increasing sales using product demos for SaaS businesses, video meetings for product demos are the way to go. Here’s why:

1. Simplification of SaaS product demos

Marketers and sales reps are always debating SaaS demos because they don’t go as planned. Besides customer education, SaaS product demos are meant to drive conversions as well. To run a successful demo and add more value to the customers, it is best to use video conferencing to its fullest potential.

2. SaaS demos work well with video conferencing for product demos

As mentioned previously, SaaS businesses seldom have direct customer interaction unless it is in tech support. But with a live SaaS product demo, both business and personal relationships with the prospect are enhanced when you take them along on the sales journey.

This is true even for B2B SaaS. Typically, a demo is scheduled after a lead has been qualified and when it meets the defined customer persona. When you pitch, you intend to demonstrate the value of the software product to the prospect. That is when a product demo is scheduled.

With video conferencing for B2B SaaS product demos, you can improve your close rates remarkably. Price and complexity both play a pivotal role in SaaS. That is why you must first determine the sales model before you deliver a personalized demo for the product.


Besides being appropriate for the current world scenario, video conferencing also meets cost/demand trends as it replaces the need to be physically present in a particular place.

Other than this, collaborative teamwork is known to deliver incredible business advantages. With video conferencing for product demos, you blend complementary skills and perspectives to encourage real participation. The collaborative effort only infuses confidence in all the parties involved, making conversions a reality. brings a simple and easy-to-use personalized video meeting platform to help you connect and engage better with your prospects and leads. You can claim your personalized video meeting room here.

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