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Evening With another amazing SuperPro. And today, as always we’ll have him on the fireside chat so he’ll start with his introduction and then his journey and then we’ll take some interesting questions we’ll find out who he is, what he’s doing, how he’s changing the world around him really. And with that, oh of course I forgot to tell you. Yes, wherever you are watching this is feel free to tune in with your questions, you can put in the questions. So this time we are going to be live, not just on super pro but on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube as well. So feel free to bring them in there or if you’re working on a project, yes. Pretty much yeah we’ll take questions towards the end of the session. So without further ado I present you our amazing super pro auto body I adore you got, especially guys. So quick quick note, several videos also. I am directly relate. I also the verbal section that is revised which is a digital social contract, and it’s probably. And I’ve also been a learning facilitator with professionals from various walks of life. But it wasn’t like let’s see if they will be more adequate cha cha cha. I think I can already say that you’re the first superhero who has a martial artist, really. Yes. Yeah, of course, just to tell the audience. Yes, he does. By the time we are a dragon we have, we have even experienced as much as I can. Most Wanted. When I when he says they are what he doing, but we don’t know how all these different pieces connect together. So let’s get started. A lot of hardest not give us a bit of a background on your journey, first job was like okay that starts about 20 years ago, and then I dropped out of school to drop out.

And I usually spend some, some time putting into context administration’s literally took my money to trade, which is what I did. So I became like a trainer, it comes to clothing. You’re so good

at what you know more about what really made you drop out and you’re really going on. Specific grounds, because it’s a way of teaching, motivation, there are not many features is the way the system is structured, if somebody for example who was added facilities to bring them not only to devices and also the NVR cycloaddition both but what else engineering, there was no way to express the right brain of the I mean, the the creative intuitive instinct for them to get older to be engineering was cortices back then it was just mucking things up by rote and just anything to regurgitate anything stupid on, and I, after, you know, slugging it out for three years six semesters so it’s a lot of like that cycle like dropping out just for the rich, especially for devices and I just know motivation. That’s what made me be dropped out. And I had to do something with my eyes and obviously like our, our, the reaction of the family, how did you cope up with it, I’m sure, I’m sure there was a reaction your plans, you know everybody around you would have that reaction, how can you cope with it. Obviously, Eric’s were not thrilled about the nature of gloves and stuff that was even before that, while I was in school I was, you know, not like your very usual kind of. He knew that I kind of follow my own rules and say well, obviously not at all happy about it, but I jokingly say that gets into films about this when I tell myself that the fear of working and I’m trying to leave. Okay, pretty soon. I’m saying that, initially there was a major plus but after that, not much of which it took Weinstein about two, three years for them to really come to terms with the fact that it was good to go back and pick up on trends also do that I was like, what now. And then there was, like, the right decision as well. Now I’ll get to that part so you said, Of course it was you can make a lot of direction less. So, then what did you do. It wasn’t like some you know, his story is that you will find connection. So there was no, like, a moment. No eureka moments, even when so as I was working in the context of sensory and all that. Just keep myself awake, and then some connections was led to another and I got into the answering machine. Even after I did that. It wasn’t an immediate AHA kind of thing that I really wanted to the rest of my life. I was enjoying it. I liked it. I felt that I could. I still wasn’t entirely sure that that is exactly what I was going to do, but it took about a year or so and that don’t you, then I kind of figured that that is what I really wanted to do, to the extent that after some both sides let’s start talking about like beauty theatre and all that. But it’s only three more years, I still persisted in like you know being a freelance trainer and everything else and working with a large population. Five years ago, am I gaining traffic. How did even this training part, they’re in a cave and like how, how come you landed up there itself. Was that right training again here is not something that anybody can get started with, right, when you’re training others. So how did you even realise that guy you could do that. There was a kid that I was working with I remember several years. Many of the people I was training with. This is the thing that I always had a healthy dose of confidence. After that After I was on the floor for about three months, and because I had, I had to go through a training process I realised that it is very basic and theoretical already so i Even though I hadn’t done it when I was in school, I was very heavily into debates and educators and stuff like that. Anyway, so communicating being expressive, HBO in that industry is the secret I kind of already had a gift of the gab essentially something that already has in the animal needs like basic technical knowledge in terms of teaching people voice lessons and all that, I just got myself a couple of books taught myself the basics of phonetics and just went into a couple of opposition’s and said I want to interview this one thing place first to kind of throw me away, like we persisted in the record and we were like Okay Come and take a trial, chinos with your own horse. That’s how we essentially have literally nothing is going to something, I was actually getting bored with the food in the sense that beyond the point it was very mind numbing and destroying our industrial industry, and I was only doing theatre so the tipping point came when I was rehearsing quickly, which were the only things, and at the same time I was running this long ongoing project for what was attached to matrix and the entire meaning of work

and why I’m very generous competition out of the box when I go through the details of these habits, just the general idea is well whatever ending up in junk and then trying to reverse the newspapers every day to finish up like series of events, and that’s what they’re doing myself too. And also, very quickly discovered that somehow, he is also for really complex problems, very important to me, even though he isn’t a leading up to this day although most of the work I do is with adults and you know, significant from all sections of society a lot of the work directly with children from emotional places episodes or urban disadvantaged backgrounds, also work with children on the autism spectrum cetera et cetera and all of that. So just try my system. And then slowly I started looking at some of the competition. Completely do the front end load years, almost a different trick really used for this, because I was, you know, travelling the country, mainly with traditional artists. When it comes to different

from before and you know, travelling north east and and trying to understand that the secrets of life in general kind of bring that into my book. There’s no contact. And then I continue to accrue in that capacity. Abroad also goes along with this incredible research. I

recently learned if this becomes very mean during the first quarter that it was ending like all of these things are improving organically, as nothing was tokenized assets, or are they slowly starting to realise

oh that’s when you first encountered. What came in your mind and then what, what really prompted you. You said that you ended up meeting a person but there’s something which is, I need to learn and then I need to build a course. That’s huge, that’s a prediction. At that time I was like focusing on DC or something like that, I felt a sense of, you know, finishing intensity, something that really gave me a lot of joy. It was very difficult for me it’s a definitely challenging, but the challenge gave me a sense of joy accomplishment was a limitation of resonance or whatever that was huge. I was really, really wanted to pursue this and I’m never going back to it. This is something I want to move to the movies and you guys know this, And this is because 98 year old. This wasn’t like that. Before the present exclusion of. Long story short, I used to enter the house like

I was wanting to reach up to this point another half an hour to interfere with the traffic, did that for about a year and a half to

present insurance because this was meant to be seen during the valleys, recreational, officially, a very simple way of fish possibly living like madness minus c they’re learning, practising in the present at the jail are actively teaching. Teaching difficult, adults, children also bringing it into by arbitrators like in retraining again. Most of the

reasons my coaching, which is what has been the last four years or so what what made you what made you pick up a leadership training.

The single most, a lot of things in my life, seemingly disparate things over time, very slowly falling into place and suddenly a pattern emerging. Usually, I was not aware of the process, but over time I recognise that the opposite is also true. So he also said I was completely away from the corporate world. Nothing to do with that world, education, but also, and then certain changes my personal life as well and then onwards, I wanted to come back. Because, let’s face it, there is a strong possibility to meet people treated as just results in order to go away. But then, you know, after so many years of joining such beautiful forms of English, go back and work with different reasons like earlier is like a mid to late 20s and possibly restricted training and you’re bringing all this all this journey and all this learning together or martial arts, or yoga or whatever, and the principles are really people within organisations, you really need it so it really, really was especially leading and value to people and it could have been different. I think we should have learning, also what I could bring it so different kinds of growth and leadership so it’s a subtle difference Word Wise do what’s called leadership training, which is more about your strategy and skills in order to focus on leadership, not just about leadership in terms of a role assigned to you, because we gain a certain quality of presence because we give ourselves to somebody gives ourselves even more difficulty quality of presence you have the human quality of presence that we have decides whether we will become leaders in our respective lives at the end of the day. Now heroes, you know like, like the question of, you know rule based situational leaders if we live in a certain way, we do adhere to certain values and ethics, work with other people in the presence of energy to others other settings. And at a certain point of time and I had spent, I would like to look up reviews in theatre and arts in general, which cables have been about 30 times already in over 50 years. I said that he also like dirty pumps is not just about you are essentially going to be very interesting pieces, I mean, it sounds abstract or interesting intricacies of raga and Tala layer and all of that is true, which is, which was unique creasing or an investigation into collusion, that’s what it is like it’s often the same with a pizza like Zayn or, or any of these actions, and the common misconception about the theatre essentially is that it’s authentic and ethical rule to estimate difficulty using public policy or rule based training, that is true, but it is not true, because that is shines like

magic. Have we started telling stories about the pirate guy just because it’s getting darker. Also is, Is that food is vastly different discussion. You look at anybody individually, what essentially I’m asking to do partisan and actually expressing essentially thank

you for the idea of the universal collective unconscious. My official case is actually that it’s not the coop or ch D in a deal just like what you’re doing is not resenting what it means I can almost see ourselves getting better. Honourable translators, and he would be in all CG audience gives us because they can finish within the same journey within a single scene, have you seen some production units within the unit. Essentially that leadership is often defined in the corporate world there’s also lots of variables of social power and I’ve seen this loss to college at the presence of machines, as a leader, what kinds of energy. Are you bringing those who work with you, those who are around you. How do you make this team, I mean there’s a great common quote he was he is a social media,

deals with, supposedly, you know, creditors. So, how do you respond to that. So, it is about what we learn to be aware of this this conversation. It’s not just me going off on a tangent, I’d like to share with

you in addition to all the people what’s your recipe, I wouldn’t be on stage we consciously bringing a sense of professionalism pointless, notice what is the name of it as a performer, everyone who calls this the keyboard. This isn’t like twin parts of your office and whatnot, they come together because booties are performing quite literally for you. If you don’t worry if you don’t do this regression is true loyalty, percussion, is. So how do I literally embody these values to come up with a unique about the kind of trading. It’s time again to bring the focus to the streets, now it’s unavoidable. At this visualisation 100 years ago people wrote and read one of the novels that was like superficialities with no statistical rigour. That’s how we bring our attention back to the present. So that’s what maybe radio has been invaluable to this idea of leadership, and wasn’t very small with change, really, leadership, governance and hierarchies model, professional collaboration and cooperation, please record myself, and record started as I go. However, with a typical old school, you know, oppressive, abusive, because it wasn’t as though I always call it that we are treated like BDD that’s

when I started writing, I started replicating an impulse. And then, okay, because that is worth. Now whenever I can be challenging, raise my voice about somebody either as a trainer report visually duplications so

even if I’m somebody who can sing, but I have not been somebody who was provisionally under my voice. That’s always always really good because it’s really given me when I’m looking for assistance actually given that I mostly look at this, but it’s something that is actually a value initially like, what does it mean to you creating something, remember, is because of our call is really give us your position on those educational insights and how you’re using it, and you’re ready I’m sure the audience also want to know a bit more on on the Windows platform, but yes. What is it, from what is now see to also see the suitor to diamond with a practice extended all the way from Bangalore to Korea, which was the issue of the JIRA inhaler comes from it so it was a country, I suppose, and the practice of it also occupied as a sweatshop, who is allowed to relax, especially as hotel lands all the way from Bangalore, or the gala dinner country that you choose to believe or not even talk to the person, because 21 good guru does everything for you too. It’s mentioned that is in some way or the other, which is really interesting because it was used in warfare as early as the sixth century service I could go to 100 plus years of war history, which is a JIRA. And that’s where we came from this is only 300 years ago, collocations, or something which has been practised. Very, very often, warriors who are still remembering forms and legends and hope you’re intelligent but also very, very Daughters of a DD slowly legendary warriors, important thing to know is that most probably Korea in some form or the other oriented Kung Fu, a Taekwondo and karate is somebody

sitting historically, definitely not. Very good, and critical why not do this, do that. And it goes as if you were not Buddhist with Buddhism or Chinese brought into the Buddhist. He travels from a place which is, which is a teacher. Teachers are

telling us what to do to enrich their muscle memory, and this will be the physically weak result as this details will also lead you to the course in the basic 18 States of America, we would have been excited. And then I’m also going to discuss meditation. Meditation is important job over time to get in China and said the words intellect, and the philosophy of Buddhism and the elements of martial arts, please was seriously to surely come every time. Actually, this isn’t supposed to finish with a completely fancy practice of a recession, but it gives us a shot. Has anybody seen during a webinar course we

can propose a lot of the source of the Bible, from the physical culture that is quite often tries to flow into the world, we’re committed to high quality. And then the other side, we’re gonna create videos. Because nobody uses

physical Netflix visual people to use it as we already already know. This is, this is the most out of any of the Rings. There’s a bit of a team of very talented, beautiful sheep is, is the one to

really interesting elements of these are in your leadership session elements, you typically pick up on you see your use from Broncolor it depends on the nature of the session I do use this. Also, it was easier to do this kind of retreat house programme on site session the consultation level difficulty is what is the calling to ask people, What do you think are the value attributes of a Warrior,

warrior. Because, but once again, about why this question, is the ultimate, as opposed to the Guevara or because of automation. Because he goes home to people is very spiritually grounded on the practice, because it all is connected to the corresponding visual

system and so I was gonna join or should go to the US in Africa that is what is what is gorgeous about the kicks and punches and acrobatics, is a journey towards mastery, to the body and the mind for injuries for resilience as soon as you know, people watch a lot of difficulty challenge, he or she, what is really happening. And so it is ready to

go through pricing a webinar series we’re going to face of presenting. So they ask, likely, and it definitely wasn’t for the contracting, what are the values of a variable quality for your

company will only say that because they will leave them alone in practice, I’ve only ever applied his own emails unless there is a particular reason. Even if it between the two people and she’ll never unless

I’ve also been told that they should even look at the writing of anything going on. And then exactly just dependent. There’s no other option and it will lead to the use of feedback,

which means it’s gonna be really nice. But just we just giving you the taste of that isn’t working here is it into the voice of these interactions with your videos with the role is the leader. Right, one on one coaching is relative, it’s like a different thing here also is about exploring what is the kind of blocking me from fully expressing myself. When is it present people usually think that it is possible. That’s more visible.

And as much larger, give you a quick word with somebody with a professional and go through certain setbacks and options just to, you know, sure. See, the point in the intention was to finish up here today, very logical. I have worked with videos we can run through some company that had videos, questioning our points of intensity. You know he was completely focused on this one point, he was probably somebody else who happy to read this note and credit it because I believe it was also the case for other people to say don’t take these actions, and is it needs to know much, rather than just teaching people how to take better pictures and I’m always happy to do that, but it’s well, who’s doing all of this and now that you’re on SimaPro, what is it that people can reach out to you for on on supergroup is what it’s like to have physical fitness, online, but it is struggling to curry and put in the mindset assess the emotion, because there are restriction on like my age group that I should be and if I want to go by that or any kind of background today then we can go, we can really go to anything, regardless of what flavour you’re in overweight what you know, doesn’t matter. In my life, workshop. Several years ago the age.

I don’t even have all fitness levels. The issue is this it’s like this incredible transformational journey. We don’t need to be even trying to, you know, adapted. My presence in recent research, it should be able to use as well, not only for his body. The new age restrictions, and the new mobility restrictions. That is one opportunity to be like the other the kinds of coaching that I was just talking about. So somebody from startup world wants to become a rep pitching or exceeding in general, our hope is it will create a bigger organisation or anything at all. A designer, a doctor, a lawyer. That’s, you know, logical, helping people to be better at communicating and this leads me to I don’t use it because we’re overly mindful of who she is, I like to call it more than you know somebody wants a better computer or are interested in general, but beyond that is I’m sharing these pieces that I own that is a larger aspect of presence. One was to go on and there’s a certain intention that is a challenge that I’m facing that challenge I just want to shout it out. You know, quite optimal. It’s like so. That is what life is all against ageing is you know competition with everybody who’s not going to be the best. So how do we become the best that we can be in this universe. So, the kind of things. I don’t do I actually go through things I find the requisite within a certain range I got interested. Wow, that’s that’s really, really amazing, and I see okay we have already reached that level yet. Yeah, I really didn’t realise that eventually, I’m sure in your sessions. It will be a lot of the time because you’re interested. Okay, and with that I think I’ll just check if there are any questions. So, Oh, see the questions which I’ve covered one other question was what is elevate you have covered that already. One question was, capital activity you must not help us overcome confidence issues are really about coming to the focus attention, concentration providers have been pointing the finger at Centre in profit. And as these things happen. I am not swayed so easily by certain forces, it’s not rational, you get a more humble but at the same time, guess what, it has helped me. Also, as much as deputy has become more confident, more courageously. Okay. So the last question is around. What is, what is better content or delivery. Without the other content is critical. What if what I think I didn’t really have any value, like really able to influence a 3d photo. If I’m very effective setup, but it was holed up in the voxel is like this. At the same time is also this great cause I’m not really able to connect with people if I have this degree is not about razzmatazz and issues at school is actually no big fan of that. You can believe in being on Google being compassionate with people from your delivery, and we also measure everything. And how that happens that will increase connected, meaning and this is why the software. Buddha was successfully acquired during the years, all these devices are gone, I think, you know, that’s what I do to get him to Christ, because He does. Coconut Oil industry right. That’s, that’s all the questions that we got. I think with that, it’s all time we can close today’s session, I’m very sure those who are watching it live and you I learned a lot. I learned a lot. And for those of you watching, watching the recording on YouTube as well. I’m sure you will. You’ll enjoy it. And yes, as I mentioned earlier. Part two is available on superdrol is the appropriate link will be shared in the comments, and Richard in the description of the use of organic social media. So yes, you can now. I strongly recommend that yes if you are looking to get there, or as a leadership presence, if you’re looking to be a leader or even active leader that’s especially material you must try it out. And second of course, it will get a chance to engage with them deeper you will learn a lot more on wellbeing calorie and validation. So please be read, write out a historical page. And with that, thanks a lot for joining us.

I really enjoy and have a great rest we have a great weekend. Okay that’s it for tonight. Thank you. Have a great weekend. Bye, See you tomorrow. Bye. Bye.

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