Convert Prospects Into Clients Using Video Communication

In times of social distancing and work from home flexibility, effective sales meetings using video communication have become an essential part of a sales professional’s job. According to Vidyard, video adoption accelerated from 7% in 2019 to 40% in 2020 and is expected to continue climbing up. Video communication is not just a tool for staff meetings or conferences anymore. 

Businesses are embracing this technology transformation to grow their sales pipeline and close more deals. The rise of video communication has revolutionized the traditional in-person sales activity, making it possible for sales teams to sell-in-place. For instance, face-to-face meetings with prospects have been replaced by virtual meetings, and many sales leaders are training their sales team on how to do remote selling. 

Even if well underway before COVID-19, the lockdown measures allowed the businesses to accelerate remote selling. According to TrustRadius, nearly 67% of companies decided to increase their spending on video communication tools in 2021, and the market is further predicted to surpass $50 billion by 2026. 

It’s now clear that businesses are rapidly adopting virtual and augmented reality to improve sales processes. The use of video communication has become dominant in the workplace, so is the pressure on the sales team to capitalize on it. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why and how to convert prospects into customers using video communication and tips for hosting effective sales meetings. Let’s get started.

Benefits Of Video Communication For Sales Professionals

As more organizations are switching to remote working permanently in the future, sales professionals are figuring out ways to adapt their approach to connecting with prospects. While email and call are useful components for everyday communication, when it comes to sales, video communication is tough to beat. It is no secret that video communication is the next best thing in the business world.

Three tangible benefits of video communication for effective sales meetings.

1. Video Communication Allows Prospects To Put A Face To Your Name

Did you know only 7% of your messages are actually conveyed through text, while 93% consists of body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%)? This is exactly why email, call, or messaging isn’t that impactful as hosting video meetings with prospects.

Video communication lets you host virtual meetings with your prospects and current clients, allowing them to put a face to your name. Plus, with virtual sales calls, you get the opportunity to read your prospects’ facial expressions, see how they respond to your pitch, and tactfully adjust your approach. 

Moreover, it makes you stand out from your competitors that use traditional sales activities for their business. Undoubtedly, video communication is the best approach to build trust and rapport with your prospects by expressing yourself freely.

If you’re looking to integrate hassle-free video communication solutions within your platform for effective sales, try now. It is one of the easy-to-use video service connect focused on customer experience enhancement solutions for your business. Superpro ai offers extended video capabilities such as booking and scheduling,  referral program, contact sales setup, and access to request a quote in real-time. Overall improving the video communication experience.

2. In-depth Product Demo

It is no secret that the best way to convert your prospects into clients is by thoroughly educating them about your products or services. Regardless of whether you’ve already built rapport with your potential customer, nothing compares to a live demo. Integrating virtual communication solutions into your platform to deliver a live, in-depth demonstration of your offerings could make your sales pitch more effective. It is one of the best partner programs that give you the flexibility to define pre and post-video communication experience with automated workflows.

For instance, you can walk them through your products, assist with setups, or answer their queries in real-time through screen sharing. Similarly, if your product doesn’t allow demos, you can share presentations and other important content (infographics, photos, video tutorials, and datasheets) as part of your video communication to provide an interactive customer experience and to make a better first impression.

3. Connect With Prospects From Across The World

From flight fares to hotel accommodation expenses, face-to-face in-person sales meetings are not only costly but are also very time-consuming. This traditional sales activity requires the sales and customer service representatives to physically be outside of the office to meet prospects, making it difficult to be productive on the job. 

On the other hand, video communication allows the sales team to connect with more prospects in a short period, without having to physically go outside and exert to meet each one of them. Plus, it allows them to broaden their territory and discover more potential customers. This, in turn, helps them to connect with prospects more quickly and acquire sales targets faster than before.

If you’re now convinced that embracing video communication into your business is an essential element to drive sales during this year and beyond but aren’t familiar with using the video communication platforms. Fret not! We have put together some important video communication tips to help you take your sales to the next level and prevent major fauxes during the meeting.

Tips For Hosting An Effective Virtual Sales Meeting

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of video communication for sales meetings, here are six essential tips to take into consideration in order to accelerate your remote selling to the next level and help you tackle technical difficulties.

#1. Choose A Suitable Video Communication Tool

In the last few years, video communication tools have transformed from being optional to an essential ingredient for the successful running of a business. There are plenty of great video communication tools available online. But before investing in the tool, consider whether the tool is really suitable for your needs. Hence, take into account the following questions when evaluating your options.

  • Is this tool mobile-friendly?
  • Does this tool offer the ability to share screens?
  • Is there a mute button?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is the tool accessible?
  • Does it offer a video recording feature?

#2. Make Sure Your Lighting Is Proper

Figuring out the best lighting is very crucial. A properly lit space can help you present yourself in the best way and get the most out of every sales meeting. Here are a few tips to look well-lit on every video communication meeting.

  • Do not sit against the light source. Always sit facing the desk lamp, natural light, or other light sources to ensure your face is illuminated and clearly visible.
  • Set up your virtual meeting in a room with plenty of natural light to create a well-lit and professional setting.
  • Invest in a portable lighting kit.

#3. Ensure Your Background Setup Is Proper

A well-lit setup is not enough if you have an unmade bed, clothes scattered all over, or people walking in the background. Popular video communication platforms like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft teams offer a built-in option to blur or replace the existing background with still images. 

Similarly, you can create a professional background from the endless images available on the internet. Even better, if you can decide with your sales team to create a branded backdrop for virtual meetings to maximize your communication experience. A good video communication background that reflects your personality or your brand is critical to creating a first impression.

#4. Dress Your Best

Dress for success. For face-to-face virtual meetings, choose to wear something that has a structure to it. It is always safe to wear a business professional dress code for virtual meeting calls. It will help you look polished and pulled together. Avoid dressing too sexy or sloppy for the meetings. 

Plus, always make sure that you wear your attire completely to avoid getting caught half-dressed up on a live camera. Most of the time, people shy away from switching on their cameras due to their outfits. Don’t let your appearance deter you from engaging with your prospects.

#5. Ensure That Your Meeting Surrounding Is Distraction-free

Make sure you choose a quieter part of your house for a virtual meeting. If you have family members or roommates who are also working from home, let them know in advance about your meeting. Plus, if you have children or pets at home, then make sure you ask someone at home to look after them till you’re done with your meeting to minimize the interruptions. 

Clear up the area around you so that the device gets an unobstructed view of you. Avoid setting up the device next to the bathroom or kitchen; nobody wants to hear the sound of vessels or flush during the call.

#6. Make Positive Eye Contact With The Client

Make direct eye contact with your prospect to increase the impact of your points. Positive eye contact is essential in a virtual setting to build good connections and trust with your customers. When using video communication, we usually tend to look directly into the eyes of the person on our screen. But to the person on the other side of the screen, it appears as if you’re looking down. This is due to the webcam, which is usually positioned on top of the laptop screen. Therefore, avoid looking straight into the prospect’s eyes on your screen so that it doesn’t appear as if you’re focused on something else or not engaging entirely. Instead, occasionally raise your eyes to look into the webcam while speaking with your prospect through video communication.

The Bottom Line

In order for your sales team to succeed in a world of virtual and augmented reality, virtual selling is crucial for increasing sales. It is the trend every business needs to implement for better results.

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