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Enabling WorkNetwork to Integrate Video Meetings to Engage Professionals on 1-on-1 Basis

Our client WorkNetwork is a brand that uses AI to augment its professional matchmaking abilities and connect relevant professionals. It specializes in connecting people on 1-on-1 conversations for a plethora of purposes.


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In the year 2020, we saw the world change in the blink of an eye. Mass lockdowns, people losing their lives and jobs, and so many unusual happenings showed us the world around us through a new lens.

It impacted businesses, too. Start-ups that invested a lot of time in meeting their customers physically could not meet them at all for months at a stretch. It had a massive impact on the way they conducted business. They had a tough time figuring out the right resources to enable them to impart the same experience as before.

They understood video communication is the closest way to emulate physical communication.

Video communication’s market size was USD 5.32 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at 9.7% CAGR annually to reach 10.92 billion by 2027. It clearly emphasizes its rising popularity for a plethora of professional and personal use cases.

Problem Statement

Unable to conduct face to face conversation among their users within their own platform.

WorkNetwork serves 400 individuals taking part in over 200 meetings every month. With each session stretching to around 30 minutes on an average, the brand found it challenging to ascertain the right partner to help them meet their 1-on-1 video communication requirements.

Here are the problems they were looking to address –

  • Looking for a suitable platform WorkNetwork used Google Meet for video communication but could not sustain it because the clients were reluctant to share their personal Email IDs for communicating. With Google Meet only supporting Gmail accounts, people couldn’t use their professional email addresses to connect with others.

  • Reluctance towards overly complex systems They then tried partnering with a significant player in the video communication industry. They were in a fix when the initial stages took 15 days to set up, but they did not have an end product to showcase to their customers.

  • Difficulty in finding an integrated architecture Most video communication players provided their standalone apps/platform to WorkNetwork, but the brand was looking for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their existing ecosystem seamlessly.
So they were looking for a solution-oriented API/SDK to plug into the system with no coding requirements. It would allow them to augment branding endeavours and improve the overall customer experience too.

Impact of

2 hours, to embed video communication within their website/ecosystem. 

We, at, are looking to build the future of automated video workflows. We aim to enable enterprises to conduct their business remotely with the help of video-based communication.

Here is what we were able to achieve for WorkNetwork –

  • Seamless integration for improved customer experience Instead of redirecting their customers to a third-party platform, our solution enabled them to keep all the conversations within their ecosystem, thereby improving customer experience.

  • Lower costs and deployment times WorkNetwork could deploy our solution within 2 hours at a fraction of the anticipated costs instead of spending days in custom coding a solution and incurring sizeable expenditure.

  • Eliminating the need for personal Email IDs for connecting users With our solution, they could connect people with their potential clients without sharing their personal Email IDs.

  • Gathering valuable insights Since WorkNetwork was able to conduct all the meetings on their platforms, it helped them gather crucial insights and use them to improve decision-making and matchmaking abilities.

  • Developing curated AI chops for better matchmaking The insights from’s solution have helped them fine-tune their AI matchups and ensured that professional matchmaking is more likely to yield results for all the parties involved.

  • Providing excellent grievance redressal As WorkNetwork could integrate’s solution directly into their systems, it enabled them to manage and redress customer grievances holistically.

What did do?

In WorkNetwork’s case,’s clutter-free integration has resulted in their app receiving over 10,000 installs via the app stores on Android and iOS.

We helped them distinguish themselves from the rest and rake in customers looking for a probable solution for their 1-on-1 video communication needs.

At, we believe in creating sustainable solutions that are impactful and sustainable in the long run.

But the lack of enough tech resources is a significant bottleneck and often cripples product creation. We often see the process of integration of video communication solutions taking months. But instead of custom coding our API for the client, we provide them with a single line of code for seamless integration into their ecosystem.

Start-ups rarely have the bandwidth to spend months incorporating a video communication solution into their system.

Also, if brands spend half their resources deploying an able video communication solution, it would cripple their ability to inculcate other resources. It would also impact their growth trajectory and will ultimately become a bottleneck for them. So it is imperative for them to find a solution that costs less but integrates as well and performs too.

An SDK that would seamlessly integrate into their ecosystem and make 1-on-1 meetings conducive is the need of the hour. ensures that 1-on-1 communication feels holistic and clutter-free to your stakeholders.

Summary has been able to help WorkNetwork’s app garner over 10,000 installs across app stores. helped WorkNetwork in ensuring professional matchmaking is a hassle-free affair by integrating a video meetings solution on their platform. It helped their app rake in over 10,000 downloads across app stores. We can do it for your start-up too.

Inculcating a solution like ours would enable your start-up to save time and resources and focus on your core competencies.

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