Benefits of having a personal virtual meeting room for your business

Businesses thrive and grow when they are people-centric. Understanding the said and unsaid needs of your internal and external stakeholders can give you an unparalleled competitive advantage. Perhaps, this is the reason that even in the most disrupted economic scenarios that the world has seen off late, businesses continued to virtually meet with strategic stakeholders. The global digital transformation of every industry never detracted from what mattered the most; people!

As billions were forced to work, buy, and sell online, businesses simply adapted to achieving their goals and delivering value online. Although work did shift from the physical space to the virtual one, the value-add expected never changed. This led to an unprecedented adoption of video meeting rooms and video conferencing solutions by individual and organizational users. In fact, just in the year 2020, video conferencing saw a meteoric rise of 535% in traffic.

So, what exactly are virtual or video meeting rooms, and how do they benefit your business?

Video Meeting Rooms

A virtual or video meeting room is an online space where participants can communicate and collaborate in almost the same fashion as they do in a physical meeting room. The only difference is the physicality of the platform. A video meeting room can be accessed through a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) which can be shared by the meeting organizer with the authorized meeting participants.

A video meeting room URL is a static resource that can be shared like an email address. But depending upon the platform being used or the nature of the meeting, you may have to generate a new URL for every new meeting or conference. Normally, a video meeting room can be accessed through a website, a desktop app, or a mobile phone app, making them fit for remote access and collaboration.

Some providers also offer an audio dial-in facility for their video conferencing platforms. This means that users with poor internet connectivity or devices that don’t support video meetings can also participate in video meeting rooms.

Benefits of Video Meeting Rooms for Business

Video meeting rooms and conference rooms for business are designed to offer all the benefits of physical meeting rooms, and then some. Key benefits include:

1. Remote Accessibility

Unlike their physical versions, video meeting rooms can be remotely accessed from geographically distributed users with great ease. Users in different cities or time zones can easily collaborate over projects from the comfort of their office space or homes. Furthermore, video meeting rooms can be accessed through a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops (preferred by 80% of users), tablets, and mobile phones, making them highly accessible for people working remotely or on the move.

2. Flexibility

 With physical meeting rooms, there may be constraints such as availability, capacity, and layout. But that’s not the case with video meeting rooms. Meetings can be booked for any number of participants at a time that suits everyone. The actual layout of the room doesn’t matter as the moderator or meeting organizer can completely control the way the meeting will be conducted.

3. Resources

Video meeting rooms also come equipped with critical resources such as screen-sharing, document sharing, and presentation mode to support all formats of meetings. While such resources may go amiss in physical conference rooms or come with their own set of challenges; these are the bare essentials with virtual meeting setups.

4. Safety and Privacy

As all manners of data get shared online and meetings may be confidential, video meeting rooms are designed with the highest level of data safety and privacy protocols. Meeting access is restricted to authorized users through secure channels and data encryption is ensured for complete meeting privacy.

5. Maintenance and Professional Support

Perhaps the biggest benefit of video meeting rooms for business is that you don’t have to worry about their maintenance or hire professionals for on-time support services. Since video meetings rooms are provided and maintained by third-party vendors, their maintenance and support remain their responsibility. It means that you can focus on the meeting and achieve your business objectives without worrying about managing the backend infrastructure.

Better Than The Best: Personalized Video Meeting Rooms

The global market of video conferencing is estimated to reach $6.3 billion in 2021, but for thousands of companies, adoption of this medium happened in a rush. As a result, millions are struggling with inefficient and only partially compatible solutions. While there was a time when video conferences were reserved for rare events and cost-saving initiatives, video meetings have now become a norm. And it just doesn’t make sense to continue meeting virtually with diminished user experience when there are better ways to do it.

What can truly transform your virtual meeting experience is having a personalized video meeting room for your brand. Personalized video meeting rooms have global accessibility similar to emails from multiple devices, yet they are not restricted to a specific website or application for usage. Personalizedthird-party video meeting rooms offer you greater control over meetings and added benefits.

1. Seamless Integration

Personalized video meeting rooms can be completely integrated with your organization’s existing website, CRM, or IT infrastructure through custom APIs. Thus, your employees can manage scheduling, payments, email notifications, SMS or WhatsApp updates, or any number of lead nurturing activities for your customers from the meeting room itself. The backend integration ensures that there is no duplication of work and loss of data.

The API integration and generation of personalized URL for video meetings for your company’s various needs means that your meeting setup time is cut down to nearly zero. The SaaS nature of the service also means that you don’t have to invest in setting up hardware or infrastructure to organize video meetings with internal or external stakeholders.

2. Format flexibility

You can also enjoy greater format flexibility with personalized video meeting rooms, which is not the case with many generic video conferencing solutions. Typically, you get a presentation format with those, wherein the lead presenter stays in the focus of the conference screen and other participants are shown as thumbnail videos at the bottom or side of the screen.

With personalized video meeting rooms, you can arrange 1 to 1 meetings, group video communication, webinars, and virtual events of any scale, all in one. The format flexibility ensures that you don’t have to switch between conferencing platforms to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of your business.

3. Branding and Personalized User Experience

Personalized video conference rooms for businesses also present an excellent platform for branding and personalization of user experience. You can sustainably improve your brand image through effortless integration with your company website and the inclusion of your brand logo in personalized video meeting rooms.

Employees, as well as customers participating in such virtual meetings, will connect better with your brand and maintain long-term brand recall. Also, with automated workflows, you can define the pre and post-video call experience for all participants. This creates a stronger brand image and user experience for everyone that your brand engages with.

4. Improved Productivity

According to a BCG survey, 75% of respondents felt that their productivity was maintained or improved while working remotely, and to a great extent, the credit for this went to video conferencing. But this is mostly true for users working with integrated virtual conference rooms for business and don’t have to switch between platforms to access a video meeting room.

With personalized video meeting rooms, valuable organization time is not wasted on sharing meeting links, and you can boost your employees’ productivity by providing them a unified communications solution.      

Final Thoughts

Personalized video meeting rooms are the future of doing business virtually. Whether you want to use the video medium to manage your teams or to sustainably connect with your customers, the personalization of video conferencing can truly set your brand apart. If you are indeed among those who adopted video conferencing solutions in a rush and on the lookout for better integrated and efficient solutions, then look no further than

Superpro’s personalized video meeting rooms are custom built to integrate with your brand’s existing digital infrastructure, saving you time and money while taking your business online. With provisions for unlimited accounts and pay as you go, you can discover the true potential of Superpro’s personalized video meeting rooms for your company. Define elevated user experience, organize meetings in flexible formats, and promote your brand with Superpro’s personalized video meeting rooms and conference rooms for business.

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