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go online now I can start delivering my coaching sessions online. Okay. Yeah.

So I, I will start so for that, yeah. So I, so I had to go through a lot of mental transformation first because I had never, never, ever, publicly, publicly spoken before, you know, it’s been only one one and a half years. When I’ve started to, you know, actually put out videos and do videos and even first of my very first video which I put out it was very horrible, and I was sweating, there’s so much of nervousness. And I really had to push through my mental block and for that, I was already going through some kind of mentorship and, yes, so I had to prepare myself, but, you know, the main thing is, I, I knew that yes, it’s I had to do this, if, if I have to improve if I have to actually help people out. I have to do this. So, yes, that thought upon with that. For me it was a question that mental transformation which was needed. And yes, I had to speak up, otherwise, nothing will happen. I’ll be where I have like where I was, And nothing would happen. So yeah, so I did not undertake any public speaking sessions per se, but I did only, I worked on myself, you know, working going through my limiting beliefs I guess it was all there in my mind so I had been part of that journey I was undergoing during that thing, you know that online thing this online thing picked up and I did my very first video, I was very nervous but yes again with the proper environment I was in a safe community and there’s a lot of application and yes I was able to put out my first video when I got the video recorded from phone, talking about my backstory, and it’s very long video and I have a very flat voice and I don’t even you know use voice motivation and I’ve done nothing. It was a very slow speaking, you know like I was completely go scripted, And it actually what I did in on the points, and now I look at it and I have been doing that now continuously so that was bad, then next I put out another video next to another video, and suddenly I start to see improvement happening. And that also acted as a validation onto myself, and it also, you know, became a material for my students, like yes, if you can do it

if I have to summarise, I would say it was about being consistent and putting the effort

into courses.

What about you. Yeah, so for me, I think, speaking was not an issue. Unlike Londoner who is was a bond speaker issue with public speaking I’m sure some of you must be doing organisation obviously but that was my sister. So, I had the indoor Toastmasters programme in 2006 and in three years, I just, I just blaze through the journey and became one of the fastest distinguished sponsors in the world. Yeah, three years I was there and I got it done and that’s what I wanted to get done and just speaking I overcame the fear of speaking public. So for me the biggest thing was how, when you want to experience, and you want to of course, let people benefit from experience that you have the decision. What, unless you have a dish right you can target a group of people so you can be a coach for everyone. And also, all of us know that, especially if you’re a doctor, as a specialist, you can attract more money, and provide more value than being a general physician on all of us know that so that is something that, for me the struggle was, what is the niche that I was going to choose. And if I can narrow down the niche then I’ll be able to target the audience so that is where my study was. So that took me about two months to sort that out so once I sorted that out, they found that out, I went from wanting to find a niche and then design the programme, it took about two months. Once it was done. You know this thought about should I go Facebook page should I go into a, you know, all that headache was the matrix still there for me and let me do what is well known for me. I will use my mother and I had a very good question on my son is, what are we trying to bring together so he did. And he put it in context and also I put it in Legion. And the response was fantastic, fantastic response so I said okay I’m doing an audit. And on the first one I did 25 people in those four people signed up for the call 15 people showed up video sign up in 35 people showed up in your sign up. I got a number. Right. So as one thing I’m also not yet sure how I’m going to leverage the LinkedIn and the Facebook and stuff like that, right. So, I don’t think I’m going to convince you of course nothing. I consume a lot, especially a lot of books, and, and, people have written books 10 years ago, even before Instagram was that, you know, Twitter and Facebook was the reading place or digital publishing the way that you know people who believe it’s gonna happen. Right. I also happen to be part of one of Tony Robbins, virtual progress programme about four days of programme and hours each day for like one and a half to two hours 50 hours per 1000 People 10,000 People watching across the globe. Yes, all of that online is gone so of course there are some experiences that you can’t create in the watch, but he managed to create that kind of thing and he’s in a very different way than finding the volume and what was the preparation here to to go on like what was the preparation of online why, because first of all, I didn’t know I didn’t when he was being called, I didn’t know anything about God, I didn’t know anything about crypto, I didn’t have a few days, I haven’t I would like to say less than jumping kicking ass and, frankly, I have a Livewire, so that was a big challenge to learn all these things, how does zoom. i But But once I started learning it. I figured out everything. So yeah, that will be challenged to me which I figured out that identity challenge Zoom meeting was that I discovered and then didn’t it stay for a while, you have a group like I’m I have a backup I have a backup to have a backup, and my youngest, my slides 12 years old. My oldest is 51 years old. So, I like having them together or separate splitting them into batches, but that was a challenge. How do I manage my time to give it to them so that they are happy, and then figure out the Gio was the best, You know, do you like to use non stop for free, and I would recommend jumping out of the screen recorder. I was technically I was upgrading I upgrade myself and then I had to buy a green light, I have to buy. I want an h1 and like, learn how to figure it out how to how to mute the volume and take the output of everything and thank you so much YouTube, we will live forever. I learned everything my YouTube videos, I thought, okay, okay, wait a minute, wait a minute, okay. I know everything on YouTube, my definition with all my learning about all these things come online, you’ll figure out what can I coach in my first module, what do I coach in my module, what will I coach in my code, or whatever, then, then after that, how am I PBT progress. They should know what is information will be free because inflation has to continue. It will not make me believe that I had somebody to hire, I have some activities that add an additional learning I learned how to make keynote activities. Now, I’m learning OBS, how to livestream from OBS through Facebook, through LinkedIn

learning for me if you follow the regulations, I have to do, and then I made a small ad on Canva. And then I wrote down, got a call, am I first few lines about myself, then then then you know what, what is the course, all about public speaking pro se FP. What do you want to do 131415 And finally, you become an iconic figure ad, and that ad I shout out to all my whatsapp friends, my route event industry people whoever I knew my spiritual group my VIP group all my group has opted out, and from that I didn’t hold any virtual webinars which I plan to do now to get more and more, not to leverage more from that that WhatsApp cover the Facebook ads and Instagram ads. I got about, 20 students from this, this is like personal marketing. And right now, from a one on one call up at a good amount. Groupon, I’m charging them much less so, but after all my contacts are socialised in Bombay and Delhi, who want to become Speaker Now since everything is becoming virtual, they want to be with me, because otherwise it sounds very boring on the live chat. So on the social I have a lot of money so then I’m charging more, and my group the common people who are coming to me I’m charging them nominal, so I got a very good response and I got now, webinars, is the thing I think I should start the pre webinar from where you get your conversions. I think that is what are the focusing on, but before that I’m looking at my marketing, I’m already talking to a few people, the marketing person who, who knows, social media, like, in and out, you know everything, everything he knows. So that we have a deal when he becomes my partner. So whatever I earn as my revenue share. Yeah, so expenditure expenditure can even this can be the shock expenditure can be anything, anything we take out all the expenditures and what the profit centres. Are you let me call you one night call you on that. But I know the cost my cost is going to be like this academy is going to be like a billion dollar company by 2022 I’m sure that’s the kind of response I’m getting it’s a nominal, so I’m coaching people who are CEOs I’m putting it I have people working in the IT industry in Bangalore in Hyderabad and the kinds of SMEs are getting just phenomenal. On that, I don’t wanna I should say, you should probably create another programme that you’re never all the preparations that you,

you did you I see you are a bigger geek than probably we are. Have a look behind you see the green light on the stand right behind that line down on that door it’s

usually easy to learn at any age, we really eager to learn, like I was thinking, I wanted to make my own track karaoke track you know cuz I don’t buy into how to do to complete each record. And I’m not talking that much to my clients to you to stay on track. So I downloaded new and do a fake track version, even though, from your profile, you gave it to me on my hard drive, I learned the window completely I started making my music track on my own. I think it clips, particularly if you’re a blogger, you know you should be willing to learn, I think it will be constant, as your graphical style is change, and until until you can make that change with a positive mindset, you will not be

great. So when you start you, how do you plan yourself as a coach, how do you go about that. Yeah. I will. I’m not a brand new coach, but I bought a brand. Well I get I do that to my advantage and applause though, let me pull up my, my videos. It was a testimonial. To me being good at the speaker, so I don’t want people to think well, the person will be able to teach you that I agree with you, video on, really. I would say that the guy wanted to die video as a teacher and a coach. Now, how you do it. Videos penalise a particular speaker, because it’s a good teacher, coach also to be able to do that how the brand starts building slowly, slowly, slowly, and then you have to have a wonderful logo, a lovely banner ad you know all the things. Branding. Branding your logo. Now the nice on YouTube, everything has a camera, every, every video that has a great demo day but I tried to do, and I just keep on putting them up on YouTube I put them on LinkedIn. What are we gonna do all my group is what are those What about leveraging content and your past work to build credibility and. What about you, so I to be very honest, I have not done a great job on that. So right now, after doing the introduction sessions I just sent him to my LinkedIn page I don’t even have a website yet, it’s to getting this. I mean I’m like watching this video.

Right. That’s Microsoft and LinkedIn is my personal Facebook site, I recommend to those people who want to get testimonies, that’s it, right, and that’s all it’s being done right now. However as you as you as branding is a very, very important thing, which is done first and then we’ll figure out how to how to get the value down maybe attorneys or attorneys and experts and so I think

I’ve done a bit of reading, although I don’t do professionally but so I will say this very simple steps to branding, and this I was talking one of my videos are very basic branding, but one black and white is always choose one go with it, don’t fall into somebody start with one one, whatever you find. Okay, so that is number one. Step number two is get a logo, either a name or a brand or whatever you want in that step number three get templates for all your postings, if you’re doing a YouTube, get a template of how your collection look like if you do if you’re doing a post get a template that works in the long run, then you can always change that but advertised saves your time saves your effort on going every time, and thinking, how should I design a cover off, make this video, go with a template, and then you make a content plan. It also comes down to branding because then you’re trying to expand your influence so make a content plan, and follow it, so I have 100% content manually. So I sat down for two, three hours and then I’ve come up with any topics, and I made a calendar, earlier I did so February, March, April, so I made a calendar this day this post to this day this post to this day this post and this platform, and just follow it blindly. So, this once you do this consistently your branding starts to come through, again so consistent is the word, then yes so your website is the same colour needs to be there so template. Go and get that golden one. Okay, so that, and yes I said, No, every social profile that you have should pass across the same message everything should be saved and you will also get professional

potential hashtags hashtags. Hashtags fantastically that I can give them, I did a lot of research along with my son, because the first one is going to go with a car accident so my groceries there on the Lincoln we noticed it’s one colour that I use. If you’ve got a simple load and that’s it. And then it’s the same thing that you want to keep it very simple. Absolutely people so that, you know, it doesn’t distract people with so many colours. I knew what I did, I was a numerologist and an avid reader so academically lady, taught me anything, So she did. She did not know your logo, your colour red and yellow, and make a logo of it, you’d have an infinity sign under it, because you have to be doing all the time, you have to be part of East West knockout, so that all the wonders of the world you’re in find it flowing to the graphics guy and then and then of yellow and red inside a circle two V’s under the infinity and I think that if you want to have a look at it and change the name of my selling vnnd NaVi like you’re lucky number six. Nothing very relatable. How do you choose people, how do you really see that okay, apart from money apart from everything is this, the person who I really want to take and how do you do that.

So again, as I said one to one is my highest ticket offering. So I finalise my products, so I am not selling one to one upfront. So only those who have walked went up two steps with me, those who know that yes this is my value system. Those who are able to tune in with me they only come up the ladder, and then it’s easier for them to pay that much amount, and it’s easy for me also to accept one to one sessions, I will not accept one second with anyone. And so that is my way of filtering out. If you might say that yes, if a person spends a bit more. And then he finds a value, and yes he is able to spend, he or she they will just find it much more difficult so I finalise it, that’s that’s how it works, and that’s how many levels of programmes are also. So, first level is at a very you know affordable level, second level, double the cost more than double the cost and high ticket is like a premium offering so if you’re really stuck and I really don’t want to do and once, and that’s one thing on the left I price it higher because I really don’t want to do many one to ones. Because freedom is my core value and network. I also promote that that I was promoting cyclical so that’s why I kept it. You know, so high, so yes,

that’s a question so when I do the one on one, or the even the group coaching when I just do the coaches, I do something called a strategy session for one on one coaching, it’s about 45 minutes to one hour to understand whether I can really work with this person. Yeah, it’s as if it is not about putting the money, it’s money, time and effort, right. So, we have a conversation and then I do homework for the person to come back to me. If a person does the work and comes back to me when I sign up, otherwise I don’t. The thing is that if you have taken the money and if a client is not willing to put the work I control the costs. And if they don’t get resolved, then they’re going to take the top very bad about me and I don’t want to go through that. Right, so the group coaching also what happens is I do an intro call centre call I provide all the information, and then if they have any questions I ask around it also some people ask questions in the lobby call some people, you know they’re reluctant to ask especially so when they set up another 1520 minute call to clarify the questions, and then I really won’t understand whether my programme is going to be helping them to come out of the situation that they’re that currently companies are not able to solve a current problem that they have, they’re not on board for example if somebody comes to me and say in this particular programme, they’re looking at. You’re dropping their full time job and wants to do something on their own. This particular programme doesn’t help. Right, I might just extend them to, I think because I know I think there’s something to that effect. In my interaction. I have a network of 100 coaches. If you want help, I will find you the right coach so that’s why. Now I think I’ll do that.

Thank you for that.

How do you how do you choose your app now I have it disabled today. But yet, for my coaching programme, I do. I have practicals and then I have the salutation. And I realised that, okay, this is, if the person wants to go into the fitness thing, I think that I think I have a number 14. But, I might not. If you don’t have a proclamation I am either dealing, I am spirituality I am free coaching I am not, I want to take the money, how do you price your, your coaching sessions your programme, how do you go about figuring out the right right. Got it. No.

Very good question. So to figure out the right pricing so GT I’ll tell you in, in a language that you will understand, you should always question, just like start off at listing all the products. Pricing is the thing you should always be testing out, and especially if you’re targeting Indian crowd, and again so as you can tell if your target market well. So if you’re targeting someone who is a CEO and above, then you can afford to charge high but if you’re charging someone who’s, you know, at a middle management position then definitely you should keep some other interests, then next level is. Don’t always keep one rate again so you need to have your funnels defined so it’s like level one, or level two or level three. So, a person should take that step with you and then that person should be able to give you more, you really can’t expect, you know, if you’re not famous, you can’t expect that person will tell you more. So especially online, a lot of internal products are cheaper, I put a price range to it. Less than five. So, again, That also depends on a target market I see products as less than ideal and we also and they work phenomenally well. Right. And again you should put only that moment of matter and you should not feel like your sexual life so again you’re selling on again. But yeah, so if you have price your funnel right so you can start from as low as 200 bucks just to cover your marketing cost. And so, okay I’ll talk more than a cost method so let’s say you were spending 200 rupees. And you got one person on your webinar, and let’s say you have 50 Randy’s so 50 into 200 consultant fees. If 10 People live. So let’s look at percent so out of 5010 people buy and you sell a final product. So can you find it because I told him, and you are breakeven, roughly. So if you’re spending again. So, you need to consider marketing costs also to recover that

marketing cost essentially you should, you should keep it in mind that okay what your cost and then you should figure out, like, Okay,

I like to even, even you know Freelancer what we do is the pricing that we calculated how much money we need to live and then we divided by the number of days we want to work, and that is our own internal pricing, that’s how we charge. Right. So similarly, if you’re spending something. So, just to cover the cost you need to have that level one approach, entry level,

your government. Okay I have, I have a very different pricing strategy. Okay, so one of my coaches who is coaching he mentioned to me sometimes, we say that a percent of the income that you make should be invested in you. Okay, not enough at your own personal level, I go by that rule. So I said okay. I just think quite okay I can just tell the price that I am the person quality reporting programme is 75,000 rupees. Right. So if I look if somebody to me 75,000 rupees. Okay, the same person of their income. So I’m looking at somebody who is at least making about eight to 10 lakhs per annum. So that’s my target audience, like I just picked my target audience. And then in this money that they are going to invest, what is the, I have to provide them twice the value. So right, twice the value, it has to come. By the way that the information I’m going to share with them. Right, and the value that I’m going to bring them for, for them during those coaching sessions, and the one on one session so when they invest that money, they should know that hey, I know that I’m going to take twice of the amount that I’m going to spend so that’s not going to happen at the end of the 12 weeks at least by six months or end of the year, I end up, so three months it’s an investment that they made for the programme or end of the year they will actually increase the value of the programme right, so I make that when I do my introduction calls, actually I break the cost and show it to them. I show it to them, right, and a couple of my coaches want to be they wanted to be part of my presentation quality. If it blew their mind, they couldn’t believe that I can be so transparent. Right, and that’s it so. So and also everything was my ratio right so I was told in Hong Kong when I was attending a programme. You talk to 10 people, three people will go by that. Right. And you, if you get the right people, so that 10 People may become five people, six people seven people so that’s where you need to target the audience and that is what we need to figure out right. So pricing is something, it’s going to pick up that’s what I can say, I know a formula which you give really if your audience is minus 10% of it. Yes, that’s that’s pretty much the target audiences right yes okay. What about you. I said, I’m not going to marketing, there’s nothing that I’ve done to the negative belief system I’ve had now I’m very good marketing my affirmations I was the kind of marketing diva. I had data coding that I cannot manage finances. I don’t know, I don’t know how to ask for money. It was my negative, negative affirmation that I had in my head. How I started was exactly what I did at the end of 2000 and circulated it all on the WhatsApp group, but I didn’t get that to talk to the people who are really earning well. So then I made a separate message where I changed the opt into. So, for those people who are really well off, they know that we’re not pretty and if she’s getting a programme to us. We will definitely become so small, at what we a lot of people who could afford that you afford that, that 2199 price, the 100 to the people who are more influential with more kind of income, they agree to sign up a contract without even asking for a bargain or are small, they can produce it or do nothing for them in 20,000 If they can become the default which you can actually, definitely take it to you, but he will, after the course he will know where you will go with Docker I think you will have to use a different packet. So I see that wasn’t a purported or not. It was a quote or not. And sometimes people will come randomly from Facebook or is the exact opposite 10,099 it now. Okay, I’ll make it no I have, I have to do the right. I will push you to do. So I will not hold on to the tape, No no no I will apply the code point a potential only thing that needs to be very good in communicating content. So I just answered on what I’m gonna say, I actually don’t give a discount. I give him an easy payment options, right, if you can’t pay for it upfront, I’m perfectly okay then, maybe 1/3 of it right now, and then you tell me when you’re going to pay the remaining, I’m not going to ask you, and you tell me, usually the reason I want to do that is because I want them to take ownership. Right, I don’t. Okay, so everybody’s got a very awesome approach. In fact I recently got just a person who reached out to me she’s gonna be great. I mean, she wanted to do a one on one coaching programme with me for three months, if you’re a corporate executive I would have charged about 1.5 I gave a discount. Okay, I gave a discount of 50% and said, 25 was 25,000 You pay me now. The remaining 50,000 You take one year to pay me. Anyway, I’m okay with that, but you have to pay me that I’m not going to give a further discount. Because the thing is if they can give that fee, maybe yes I can. But then if you give me they don’t value.

The value that they’re getting and they have to be very targeted for the first few people, the people are that come then only now they gotta go so much, they are referring people who can partner with me for marketing. They are telling their friends who are experts in digital marketing, so why don’t you try for them. She has a total that will definitely help the whole world out there. And the people from the bay from boshy EverBank, you know, a bank teller at the bank. So he helped me get through and you know and the marketing people that have automated letters to me after struggling. They want to make money, they want to get into the revolutionary thing because whenever they Google me. Visa visa if you tie up with probably the company together and let me show you that three tips to be successful online.

To be a successful coach online okay. First is, don’t shy away from selling. The first tip. Second is work on yourself consistently, and third tip is, you know, how does having intent. Well, that’s that’s what

you got. Yeah keep keep learning, keep experimenting. And then just be genuine. After all things develop. But you have to stay positive one we are we, we, we are in a collaborative mode. If you are handy all the time. It will mirror your ego will increase your ego will burst up. And when you’re in gratitude, you will always be a giver, you will always give, give, give, give, so it’s not just about giving. And lastly, you have to get your content. Keep working on your content, keep right, discovering new content, developing new content, because as I say everything is about change, you write something, you always competition. So you have to keep on reinventing and writing. Really great online classes on a, on any topic on the topic. This is also called day by day. Now, what what is the website for teachable Thinkific, where you can develop your code for each other without the bigger level, advanced level or higher, because it will change how many classes are going to be, how many are the coaching is going to be, and what is the duration of the whole thing, then whatever it will teach you the first module, second module third module. And then, probably, one on one, you can launch your courses on all these groups where you go and when each person is given a package report, they also help you with recorded,

and what have you seen change over a period of time, and then of course, the change that you see, just after March.

Okay, so see online was always there, because I also saw, you know many successful coaches online I followed them, you know, got mentored and it was the people were doing it right. And, of course, it was at a low price point so definitely it wasn’t, affordable, and it was widely available online, it was going to do once and then, because it’s a video based format so you just called once and it’s there for the whole lifetime so yes, so local shutter was there, and people were accepting it, I was fine but they had certain hesitations in paying a high amount online, and that was a barrier, when when you suddenly charge so much online without having a local product first, so that many people were doing and that or something’s not really working, you need needed to when you’re, when you’re online, so either you are very famous, or when you’re starting out you need to have something that should have a low price point which is affordable to people and they need to take that step with you, a small step, only, and after COVID, what happened was suddenly, you know, doors are closed, so no one goes out and people are at home. Maybe jobs were lost and especially for me in my space things have been good, you know, I got my lead cost half my costs were half, you know, I go online ads and everything suddenly cut down to half I very happy because that was the effect of COVID and because more and more people are online and they were looking, and many of them were looking to do something which I was you know eating so that got me more acceptance suddenly I started getting more attendance into my webinars, I started, you know, getting more acknowledged by people that yesterday so got. And I will say that those who have, you know actually up to the marketing game during the COVID times for them, you know, they will suddenly see the change, you know, change has been there, and it’s a positive change, especially for coaches who have up their marketing game. And yes, see if you believe in a person definitely people are going to get there, you know, there’s no second cause of knowledge. So before COVID For me it was like okay, things are going, you know, I might have reached the end maybe another year, but over it happened, my marketing continued my costs got reduced so I got multiple and I you know, my pace was sustained. So that was the COVID effect for me and I you know I really quality personally I see that yes COVID is opportunity in disguise, that’s what you know. And I tell people that also because, you know, everything is online, People don’t like that. So what’s stopping you from, you know, doing something online. So what’s stopping you from doing so. Yeah. So, for me, yes, there has been an increase in pace, it’s a positive effect for me. And what,

what would you like the same thing for me I think I mentioned this when, when you who are like struggling with addiction. So for me, Personally, I completely agree with a lot many people it has been a struggle for me I think I reinvented myself during the pandemic. I am an ultra marathoner. So I people reach out to me saying hey, now that we can go out to run and all that. Would you would you tell us what we should be doing during the lockdown I said, I do my workouts in the mornings. If you want I can just do a video session and you can be a part of it. And that’s how it started. Hey, you’re doing such an awesome job. Can you just continue this even after they’re not gonna do it for me. So somebody asked this question do you have to be ICF certified person to be a coach. So it’s the same question people ask me, how are you a fitness coach, do you have any motivation. Right, I know I know what it is, to what what it takes to run an ultra marathon, I know it, right. And if you want to go from a coach to fit or a 10k or I can help you. Right. And it so happens a lot of people don’t agree with just before just a very, one, one lady from my apartments be shocked to me, that’s what I did I finish my Mumbai marathon and I just come back and a lot of us in the competition can just finish the marathon law, and if they keep seeing me running almost every day. So this race he asked me, Can we, can I try this, how do I, I said that I tried to six. Right, yeah. So a lot of people say that you should be careful about the nice blah blah blah. The thing is, arthritis, your weak knees, we It doesn’t mean that you should not make your knee strong. So, so let’s do this let’s get into a rhythm and routine and help you to centre yourself so just before the COVID we start working on that coding basics, you know, instead of simple simple basics like I mean, I think those if I click on what is getting so similar to that. And based on this, so very basic Yes. What is difference between walking and running. Yeah, and then virtual sessions I did. I’ve been able to join and just go to this and Tony. She’s never done in her 40s She never ran in the last, I don’t know, whatever years. She’s not running. And then suffering in June, she called me and said, You know what, I ran non stop non stop for 10 kilometres today. It was fantastic. And then she went to town she put it in Facebook and other people, so she tagged me. So when she tagged me people reached out to me in my message I don’t even know. We have become clients a lot of good things happen so would I have imagined that I would watch people on fitness, never, never, never, I positioned myself as a great coach. And that’s what I want to do fitness

going online, yeah what all we should be. Well, yeah, but there’s one of the things that what you do when it gets interrupted. Right. You keep talking, and an anchor the first rule I try to learn from me, as you have to be a master, master of handling the worst of situations, your master of all of getting there, getting it back into order. Well what are you what are you seeing going online. Well I got a feel that you mentioned that you know you people are more online now. So when you’re putting out something on your page right now I haven’t practised the ads, I’m applying to the article LinkedIn on Twitter, on Instagram concluded. For that I will be taking somebody from a particular place, so but once you start putting out your courses there that the bachelor starting out of the blue has whom you don’t even know it’s not approaching you and they have always been following your YouTube videos or how you speak, they know you’re a villain speaker, so when they can actually say that this video started, public speaking, cause, which better person to learn from. She was so brilliant. She will definitely make us a great speaker, too. It’s like, you know, it’s very my spiritual module called the mental workout the pathway to success. I have a module that I tell you, there are two ways of going ahead in life, either you keep on working for years and yours and your, your relationship, your family, the fitness anything. All you come in contact with a person who’s already very good. That doesn’t mean that they realise that if she’s putting out these courses. The code has to be good. So it was like a validation, it was like a validation for them. So it really worked very well for me and now what I’m planning to do is you know, develop these marketing strategies and put it up there so that I get lots of people in our webinars and then convert those leads into clients. Now this is my next step that’s what I’m planning to do. I’ve been a little busy with my, my father and all of them a little bit. Otherwise, our practice is much, much earlier. So this is why it has been a pleasure for me, really. So, um, yeah, as the topic said that you know people that people ask you, are you not certified the trainer. Definitely when when these, these, you know these people basically have the groups and apps, you know where you can upload your profile as a life coach, or a transformation coach. So the delfy way the fabrication. So I think I found that even before I started my coaching training I was already helping people out. I was already has been through a system that I already had in place. This is this coaching certification will only add on to it, but what you don’t need to be certified in order to teach something online or offline.

Did you see a difference, that when you were doing in presentation in physical meetings and people are there with you and now that you’re doing it online, or a video call. What is, what is the difference use etc a difference in the quality from your in house. Okay, yeah.

So, I think this is targeted to you both

know and you have to learn from you know it’s a good question. In fact, when I move from an on a face to face to online, I was reluctant right so what happens is, especially during a face to face session, there are a lot of cues that you get from the body language of the English right in nevertheless expert communication should be agreed, and the body language gives a lot of cues, yeah in public speaking also they say that you, your, your body speaks more than the words that you speak, yeah, yeah you you happen to pick up a lot of things from the tone of the voice and the body language, that your person in front of you is talking in the unspoken words that you pick up and you can feel them, because they’re in front of you and your intuition tells you you ask this question because coaching is all about you being in the moment and asking questions to the client who is in front of you, right, and you may you, you get good connection with the client the client in front of you are very lucky to go online. However, I must say that the results have been very, very, very good, except for sometimes where your, your connectivity issues place, like the one that drops and the video distorts and all that. I would say 90% It has been very effective, very, very effective. So that also in a way is good because as a, as a coach. We are taught that you should pause, so that you ask a question to the client and pause, so that the other, the client will process the question inside the hidden find your answers, right. So because you’re online now that you’re forced, you’re forced to pause your video because you don’t know whether the screen is frozen in front of you. Yeah, true. What Yeah, of course, teaching and coaching in person was amazing, you know, you get to read the body language as he said, you know, my, my, my, my, my legal and would walk into my where I’m coaching my office, and looking at body language I could make out that this is a problem, this is a problem, this is a problem, and then she would be shocked you know, how do you know when facing this problem, you know, you could actually read a lot of things on the body language and that, that you really do miss. And of course the warmth and the love of your students that you get in person. And, you know, the hugs, they would give you your phenomenal coach, or you know a great teacher that you really miss you know the proximity you really miss, and you know as you say every person if I wasn’t by positive vibes or negative, I give them a lot of positivity, a lot of positivity, so that once the course is over, they go back as like pretty positive people from the negative people that come to me. So that’s, that’s why you’re not able to do. But the good part of it. The best part about online is now you can go to anybody anywhere in the world. We have failure with America I have resigned from us anyway. Anyway, you can have your flights, you can just be sitting in the comfort of the AC room, and doing your hosting session, you should have a great Wi Fi, but now I have upgraded my Viber to wipe it all in my house. Evidently, people are you know, shocked about that, and record Yeah. But the funny side, you can be very short to the bottom and you have to be very business mood and that’s not quite. And of course, even though the screen, you can make up a lot of artists names, But yet you can’t get out of that person’s head, what is jogging through his mind, what is jogging through the mind, you can wake up and know and it has the it has the how is it better than the one way how to better than life session, I can do my PPT presentations, I don’t need an LED screen, I don’t need a projector. All I need is a keynote presentation on my MacBook Pro, and share my screen and I can, I posted everything what I want to know, of course, and they didn’t want to take notes they get I allow them to take screenshots, as well go ahead, nobody can see my microphone. So I just went in there intelligible I made the courses, even myself, I got my own accommodation. So yeah, so one thing good is now they have screenshots, they have visual saving of whatever coaching, along with a note. They can tell you them, they can tell you that, you know, this is my pointer that everything is like a revision for them. I think in many ways it is better than the one on one coaching, and you don’t have to drive out to the hardware or anywhere close to it. What is very much better, What would it be would it be like to say that, at least to some extent, going online has made a video more productive if I just talk about two things one is actually productive for the coach, as a person and also for the client as a person because they’re commuting is not their commute. When, when I was doing, face to face sessions where whether the client had to come to me or I had to go to the client. And especially in anger you go through the traffic. You kind of ground yourself and then you have a lot of difficult stuff happening. Yeah, you just have to me you know that the committee is not that that has taken the pressure off your head. And what happened also is that online coaching as made coaching affordable for the clients. Wow, yeah, yeah, yeah. Otherwise, what if I’m going to visit the client I would, you know, parent might come up time also because that’s the time that I’m going for. Yeah,

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