A story for the generations featuring Bhomesh Kumar, A Protalks episode

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Hello everybody. I just put off by a Super Bowl without the eye, and I’m your host parties you no longer offer clarity being super close or meeting, a professional, you have a fireside chat when in the intent is very simple we want us, as well as all of you who are watching this that learn from their experiences, learn from their journey, the videos, or the practices, and so on and we always strive to bring in people who are probably different to us, so we don’t stick to one theme, we try to bring in the view out there just today, we have somebody who’s really amazing and now what he’s done. And that’s why he qualifies as a simple Pro. Today a lot of you who are watching live, yes, you can put in your questions in the chat box. So just enter your questions, I’ll take it up towards the end of the session, and those who are watching the recorded versions later on wherever at YouTube or LinkedIn, you can still put your questions in the comments, and we will route it to our guests. Okay, so today’s guest. Miss Martha Ma, what are you going for your question. Thank you, Vera and super broad it it really figured out, you guys. Thanks for making me feel special, by calling super pro. Super, whatever it is you’re using it to sound super. And I personally be like super awesome. I think it aligns with the mic, a lot of just living every day, you know, as you mean that like is a super awesome day. can you give you a brief introduction on yourself, and then we’ll start. Yeah, everybody and thanks for joining, I can see a lot of people online already. My name is Amit, and I come from a simple background, engineering, somehow finished engineering and my people were kind enough to give me a degree in four years. Then I come to Angular, with the hope of making it big and I didn’t know what that big means, but it does come with a feeling that you know what you are, you’re gonna conquer the world right, you just have everything, you know, in front of you up at the start of your career, probably, you know, become a CEO of a company or even become an enterpreneur I do the two big things people have felt I had the same thing. It doesn’t mean I don’t have to Yeah, we can just come from a very simple, you know, simple village and quietly, most of the people are in it called towns and villages, right. So I came to Bangalore, it was probably one of the best city to be in because I’m an IT guy started like a techie, like most of the people here but you know I moved to phase very quickly. and that’s how my past teams will be bit compared to most of the techies in Bangalore and I are going to start off and that’s when my reloading, practice, and I’m really good or people in impasse who, who have been given chances. So if you recently heard the news of engineering. Igneous got acquired for 80 million last week, you know the news, I was the one who started the offices for them in India. Number two employ your and set up offices set up the team. Very excited to share that you know they did a pretty good good. In Settings probably one of the biggest inadequacies, so very thankful for two people gave me tons of stuff so if they didn’t trust me I won’t be here. So a lot of people give me answers, so thanks to all of them for the career I have to make sure that you guys. So yes, we will come to all of that but what we’ll start with that man will tell us about how to start so in my case I can only say, I didn’t know about it at all. It was one of my friends who just told me that to the price sanitizer ideology, only. Okay, what the hell is that, and that was in my 11 standard that I get to draw and then I thought, okay, maybe this is something that I should do, but what was with you. When did you come to know about the animal called it and how did it happen that you landed up. Okay. For me I think is very different. I came to know about it once I finished my friend and I think in addition to be. So that’s when I came down for quantity rookie, and I was I started my college, and I, my mission, and started going to college first few weeks and people said, sort of, you know, see what their ID will be we can see what they’re lacking, and because I knew about reconnaissance I decided to prepare for that exam I thought, well, I could not do. But when I came to BSE, people said, you know, if you’re preparing for it, why don’t you prepare for it. And that’s when I came to know and then I dropped the I decided not to pursue it even when I took a big risk. I said I will file goodbye you know even even next year on what I used to keynote at MIT. I met for admission, but I decided to go to it and that’s how you know my passion was from the village to it. Then I went well, and I know how it happens the hour you get a lot again. Did you have any of is we want to go to which it was in your mind. No, I

think I was, I had probably Delhi or some of the North Indian media Bombay, Bombay or heard a lot right in TV and on tripod are the other one. I didn’t know the name, but they verified using a graphic it. So, I think, phonics was something I had heard that everybody I thought that they haven’t been in the secret should be in a funny. So when I applied for electronics, I think it was my ankle 300 something, so I won’t get into, I think, cost will be it will be moved by your contour and all that rain. So finally I got it in Cracow, I would go away from home. That was one thing for sure. I even like Gucci and it became it up that year, I didn’t have to. I want to go back. So except for that I was okay with anything because I didn’t know English that time. And people said if you don’t know English, you might not live in it today. So, apart from that I was okay with it. So I think a kabuki and tonight I was okay to take admission in anything, we are getting across. I was the diamond with the campus. I know how it is, like, how Isaiah, how life changing was a dream. Oh yeah, absolutely, I think, for, for most people, you have it up on someone to do something right you say okay my life change, how much you like Tina but for me it was the number but very high because small village coming from, like, new people right whatever, we still got that low confidence low self image, not able to speak English. It added to my low self esteem further in it for one year, and I became like, you know, a nerd who sit inside the room all the time, I didn’t have any friends in fact, I even noticed it to happen. We do not like to be printed. So then I’m taken in on what I got brought into the offices. So if any of us knew that change the file LearnEnglish i i tried participating in different things I’m not good at food I’m not good at any cultural activities, but they had just to go about writing that failure, and you know we’re coming. And then I think that fear of rejection, which is which is there in all of us, that I bought was removed because of what happened in seconds with me, and I think I was okay to fail after that I was okay to get embarrassed. You know, I was okay to not be good at anything, because before you get it, you feel like you’ve got a buffet or whatever food rights could offer, and then you feel like you have to be best if you want to be. If you want to get respect from everybody around you and your family. But after that experience, I learned it is okay not to be best at everything, it is okay to be average. I think that is one big lesson that I think I learned which which played a big role in my life. And then, both ideas are getting to that first job, and I’ll be that first couple of jobs. Again, how, how did you take it next to you when you got into the job that you feel okay this is what you had in your mind or this is something that you really want to do, how was it. I think I had a very vague idea about what was gonna happen when they get out of college, right, I thought it’s gonna be, I don’t get a job and it could be any money and I think the dream of hearing it ordinarily medication is that if that happens, so you want to believe it because when your dream comes true, even your job, your dream doesn’t come through, especially just like hearing it or just by getting it right, right. So I had a very, you know, I think, expectation of the industry. And the moment I come to y’all and I realize, is just so it is 100. I am coming to NFC. After hearing all these things. And I think there’s so many people doing the same thing. And that’s when I think it struck me that you know, I’d have to do more. If I really want to feel good about my life. Otherwise I was feeling very average hundreds and hundreds of people, you don’t have a good idea to be there. There is no rocket science. I’m not doing something which will really create an impact in the world is only a small piece of the office, most of your small cog in the giant wheel. Yeah so it so average. When I started, I didn’t enjoy it because it was coming three months was because I could buy stuff myself right first time like I think that part was very exciting, that money is coming in, but I really I wish, I felt that I need to do something more. And I think that’s pretty much it. I will. I will look into something more. Good. I see that you continued with the with the with the tech, but then you transition, the coalition to say, how did that happen. Now again when it is for you the thing that gets you on average, at one point time where you are not and you’re all of this. But when we think of a sales professional yeah that’s the image that tells you I know somebody who is very extrovert and that type of person. So, how did that happen, what first, what led to that. And second, how did you really reach there.

Yeah, that’s another very interesting and important. Right, right. People interested me the roles, so obviously I started with a big company, I joined a company whatever campus now is called Broadcom. So you’ve got a big company, but we didn’t know one or two years, I think, within six months, I felt that I could quit the job so I went to my manager and he kind of quit my job. He said what happened I can I want I want sales, I want to save root position. Yes, anything within six months of my job primacy and that manager was actually very interested in the company he was like, he moved on, you were ready to die and he wasn’t literally the director and he finally talked to a marketing team and said you know this guy wants to do something new I can’t do much, but he was trying not to go to your department and talked about it. But you know what, obviously I was doing you and the company, the things that are happening in India, they have interesting customers will be happy to ask the team didn’t have anything to do, so they can go and you know what I did, I quit, I said we cannot use why I quit and I quit an article and then now. Somehow I don’t know how I pay my bills, maybe two credit cards, and after two months I’m sitting at home I said you know what until I get what I want I cannot go back. And then, I think, three, four months, I find all the loans. And I’m not getting any proper. So somebody called me again for texture. And I said okay what I needed when I went back to job again. But you know what that thing was there in my mind. So one year later I got an opportunity in a backup to technology, but because the CEO the startup I thought I will get two chances so I joined a startup and that two, two and a half years I did, technology, those somebody and I was building all my skills so I knew that I’m trying to get into business. One day my manager called me and said, Your coffee also talk to you, and we want to meet with you. Now that I had interesting things I noticed, but if you’re white, why do I have never done it and I don’t know. Let me continue to make products, and even the artwork, so that I can do see, if we are finding and continuing your project and updating now I interrupt you but did you ask them, or did you come to know that okay, what did they see in you any Why did they ask you for that. I committed to them, that they wanted. So I just thought just, you know it got planted in the right if you really want something that you want because that’s what happened to me, and they will tell them within one or two months I left secondly project and continue with this offer that never thought of going back. Well, when you made that transition. I mean, what sort of challenges did you face. Now that you were in that role which you always wanted. What What challenges did you face. Do not do that the first thing was I was very nervous because I’ve been used to, because, you know, interacting computers, and suddenly you’re on a road every day I was driving my car and going out and meeting customer pain, because at the end. Again the attending came again, because some people I used to go to YC and SMM is the I know we cannot meet today and the hell ever come back to Nairobi. Without a meeting, and that was perfect. I think overcoming rejection. The second one, like my own fears of whenever I you know I’m doing better. I will do well, whether the company continues to invest what if I don’t do well. So I think those are my own overcoming, in my mind, but I think I had to go back to Congress, they said you know what, don’t worry, we will invest in you. And we don’t worry about it so I think I was able to bring some reasons for them. Maybe not me but, but I think they will be president. So again, very thankful to the team who can give me the chance. So then you get moving up the, the sales roles or senior roles in sales and so on. But then again, what were you really looking at that, when you like you’re already started out at sales and you know the next job and a new position in sales, what were you really looking at what to do next beyond that. Yeah, I think one of the thing which has been helping me a lot in my life is setting goals, and I will set my goals every year. In fact I will set my goals and reset them in a year. So every year I had a goal, and it was not about okay, every time I have to, you know, change my position, or, or the company or the company but every, I had some goals, and every time they have an excuse that, then I want to get next thing done right. And I think if you are a sales guy, or one thing if I, my boss told me. If you’re not passionate about making money don’t get into sales. And I said yeah I think I’m a good fit because I am fascinated. I always look at numbers I would always if I could about public enemy in a field guide is because you’re half of your salary or medium sometimes more than my art 50% of my salary was coming to incentive if I don’t get the passionate about numbers. So, So that was one thing that I had goals, about every year what I want to make, and that gave me an opportunity to get more counsel, and get the best out of, you know, magazine customers but I need to do something. So I didn’t worry about designation and pushes, but I had numbers as opposed, which which really helped me and you know all these questions just fell in my lap and it didn’t want to

see you mentioned about how you got that first opportunity in a startup. So if you are to say this they go and advice to others, or general, you know, your perspective on how, how should people use startups to build their career. Oh yeah so my suggestion will be falling short of our risk. Right, so make sure that you don’t have your celebrity so

enterpreneur, so far wider. We say, I think we are losing you have it.

Okay. Please repeat repeat the last step. So what I’m saying is, first thing you need to do because there is a task there that you are taking up, and the question will become more collaborative. So make sure you are, you’re not going to homosexuality right or the biggest enemy of enterprise people know. Right, so, so wait Who knows and you’ll be getting into cars and all that way by renting a very, very normal lifestyle in Bangkok. For a small, no, my house, I bought a small car. And even though my income was not increasing suddenly because I was working on building my career, I was okay with it. I didn’t have a financial advisor getting to, you know, pay the bills and all that. So that is the first thing. Second is to do a startup, just look at the team, because that is what my experience is products or services, things can go wrong. But what I’ve seen is a good team will always do it. They might not, it might not do well in first your second year, but it is a good team, they come back, very strong, and finally you will you will you will gain out of it, because you have a misprint. Right, so look I butene. Don’t worry about too much about products, services, is just that equity plus your personal finances if you maintain good posture. I think you will not be different, so then you can invest two years, three or four years combined into a startup, and I was a big, I can tell you this if you invest your time into what message for the techies who want to be in sales like exactly like you know somebody who has, who has started in tech but want to be in sales, what would you say, Oh yeah, so there are so many messages, so many things out there but one thing is I would want to tell you is, don’t worry about degrees, go to an MBA. Don’t think that some, some online certification or poll, or, you know, a correspondence MBA in your resume will give you a good job. Just don’t waste your time and money rather than acquiring things, focus on becoming so this is something that people are not, you know, maybe doing so much but if you will be white next 10 years becoming then having most of us are in focus on having, I got a degree I thought I have the house. I have, you know, you know about having something that we focus right now like pay focus on becoming improve your health, you’re becoming, you, you will be in demand, I’m telling you. 1015 years later I don’t think people will ask me what degree. Right. But what your becomes to the process so that nobody can stop and nobody can take it away. That’s why faculty that will take that away, you have a property so somebody can, but once you become, nobody can take that so your confidence, your self esteem, will come from, what you become so just stay focused on becoming the opposite is will compete. Well, that’s a really beautiful message so I’m going to take as much as what you become very good database well, really good. Okay, then the transition further to becoming the CEO, another non founding CEO, and this is interesting because he’s in this space. Most of the CEOs have been the founder. Yeah. So how did the audit that happen and did you did you plan really not to be the CEO, how did that happen again brought it to somebody. I was about to quit my job in 2018, I decided you know what I’m done. I’ve worked for almost like I’m living it, and I decided you know what I will quit my job and fight it on my own, and I was putting my time no matter what happening and all that so I, my boss said your friend to be mortal don’t quit right now, and I’m just taking my time, and then somebody calls me and he says there’s a, there’s an investor, so I said okay so there’s a guy Mr Maslow if you pick up a company now, what will be the investment, I need a business plan is that they said okay, if we have to run this. Will you join and if you have to join what will be your requirements. Right. Well, the main requirement they tell you if you don’t want to have a dream, now they want to meet you. So, so then they caught me and then I met founders and founder said you know what you want to hire me. I said, you know, look, I’m taking whatever is in front of you, I have already been able to execute this, so they said, What do you want I said Hi Matthew, I will pick up the role, maybe they said okay, I said I’m fine with VBS. So he said, but you know you have to run the company. I said no. What are some other. No, you have a tech department you have a, you know, operations HR department somebody has done that, you know you want to be, you want, you want to render some piece of fruit has to be here because it keep operating or whatever in executing. This is what you want it to be forgive me for the last word for you. So they said, okay, they went back again in a different way. Okay, so that’s how I got my rule, I didn’t really apply for it I didn’t ask for it. If it says that they gave me the work profile, and I can do everything except for it right, I’m not saying really do something I said anything soon. At least I will be able to enter the market and represent your company in front of customers and your investors. So they were kind enough to do so I took it with both hands and said okay let’s do it. Okay, and if you can tell us something about the current venture what what your, what you’re doing there.

Okay, so, because I’d like to quit, I quit. If you’re not going to ignite one more year and I quit last year, and I was already passionate about recruiting, I had done this, because I had been startups, and I realized that one of the biggest challenge founders are facing in fact we’re building it right, I’m sure. So building teams is is not. It’s an art not fine. It’s not okay to add. And you know what, you will get a candidate, and you ask for salary and we’re gonna hire, that’s not the case, right, So let’s think. Hello. I think my work I can see mine at all is good, something of a yes I just lost you for two seconds, something in that industry. So then now what will happen. And I talked about this idea of different items I have the new packet. So one of my friends again got into method of funding. We were talking about, well, why don’t we start, I said okay, so you got I will whatever investment you require, I will. So that’s how the company got started actually the funding. So I got out backing off. A couple of people and a couple of more investors were there who were, who always believed in me, they said, anytime you want to start dealing with your company, they came in and then I want to take you guys, and I started working with them. So our idea is we have no problems right now but our idea is starting from, you know, pitch video, which is a video profile. That’s probably an extinct in the life if you will, deep fakes video will find more when you’re applying for a job, you will probably talk to your, you know, potential employer about who you are right you send a piece video maybe an industrial therapy video about when you are trying to be a media customer because in position your customer is not. They don’t use all the time, or video possible to prepare a media piece video about your company, you know what we are and what you can do so right now we’re focused on the on on helping to find jobs right now, you know, a couple of those people are looking for job right now. Before you can help by creating a platform where, let’s say I’m trying to reach a potential employer. I can reach there faster, you’re not really doing something very long, you know, like you guys are working on AI and all that we will implement all this stuff but the first goal is to, to be able to get a country by your fast, which means if I’m applying today, I want to talk to God, oh and I want to know who I am, I should be able to eat tomorrow in form of a video I think our two minute video how to get under the bar watching my video. and if you decide confidently fractionate write any code what I’ve done, chances are you will evolve into the very first thing. So then the first level, we are doing, second level we will be able to do on this whole process of intervene, collecting all the items, making an offer on the platform so that you probably come in next year, but right now we are there people are uploading the videos right now, so we just do this offline, but now it is yet coming you can do all of this and you think, well yeah why not. Okay, great. No, that’s definitely, I think the biggest challenge that people are facing is the unemployment and how to get players that talent at all different levels because now everything is going to happen online so I’m only still not going to be important meeting for reference, every time I come back to that when so yeah so you were there you were, you’re at the company meeting I had been the CEO, and then you made the transition to the startup. So you mentioned, now I want to know what went on in between. So where did that startup package came up came on and why did you start thinking, okay, so if you want to quit I decided to take a break and write a book which, again, something’s been in my mind for many years, which is the kind of rule I was playing and you won’t notice fine maybe the mental energy to do something else because you to focus on what you are doing in critical regions of the fight of mind is always about your work right. So, that book was in my mind for many many years and I decided to write that book first. If you launch the book. So this was the first part that I did and definitely in between the last year, and until this March, I was finishing my book and this March this thing happened now, moving over time one of my longtime who knows that I’ve been passionate about this idea called me and said, Hey, why don’t you start this is. I remember your platform, you would

not like I wanted more of media timing, I would say, if you ask me, Are you shorter even enterpreneur one day, I was short but I was not I quit, I quit my job and I had to start something on my own immediately. I was not in equity, I was very short, until the 500% ready. I’m not certain to have my own. So, so the timing happened quickly within four five months and then you got started. Okay. Since you say that 100% Ready, how did you figure out that now you’re 100% ready. Oh yeah, you actually never know it’s like marriage. Think about it, what are you will stop me like, you know like how you have few parameters in mind that that is something which I haven’t talked about in the case of failure, trying to be a part of initial theme of a startup, thinking you’re gonna go 100% into it, you’re not gonna get paid your salary for a couple of years so. So first thing is we should have openness, again, if you have don’t at all. Can you know, pay down unnecessary pressure you may not even to our, you know, free time into enterpreneurship if you buy gambling. So that is one thing I did. I was sure that financially, I’m taking care for me a couple of parties, a year. And second thing was I believe the team. If you have a good team again, is very very important. If you absolutely I’m relaxed because I have a team of people, finest part of me my, you know, guys are. Don’t worry about it. Anything is there we are, we are behind you. So I think it’s the people around you alone. Right. What are the two one is too small a number which is very different, so talented, so this company man but it is only because there’s a good team of agents, and it’ll happen. So we’ve been includes everybody activities and we also if your company doesn’t support you or your family or some of your close family members, relative, your investors, and I, I’m sure you, you have one more person who’s very important because you are you comfortable with yourself, can you okay or the guy buying BMW and using our company, right, the company will immediately not, you know mentality. So, you also have to hold your head saying, No, I’m okay. I have a great life. I’m okay with what I have. I know what great things will come if you do a good job, the market will happen to you. So, you get out of that race, and don’t stop comparing yourself with others, that’s also very important. I checked up on the the other aspects of along with being an entrepreneur, you’re also an angel investor and a business coach. So when did that happen. What prompted you to that okay now I can become an angel investor. Oh yeah, so that also I think was a blessing for me, that up. I think it was working 2017 I was looking in. I mean decent money from Apple, video, right. So, so what was happening is some startups ends and no people were there, who, who started asking me for it one startup well. So that gave me confidence as well as the people that you guys done it well no, but around 130 people by the time I left, so people knew that coming in meeting and asking for an advice when I would do it you know I felt good because somebody’s gonna be respectful to him and so I have a lot of respect for people who are people time and talents, so I will do whatever I could to write that process only for people, I decided to take them on board and said, Okay, why don’t you be an advisor, I said I don’t know how to get an advisor, I can tell you what I do that if you can’t afford an advisor, if you can. Look what you have done, in fact, you can be good advisor, and that’s all. Some of them offer the equity for, for the, you know value I was adding, and some of the faculty, you know, and that’s when I would have my money I would I would give it to them and say you know what, if you have five copies I know that you do well after that. And yeah, some of them did well and some of them like we are having iniquity, definitely can pass and some of them I still love. They are doing well. Thankfully, God has in mind that you to pull it out. Most of them are not impacted so, you know, again, it goes to, you know, the team is working really hard. And I was fortunate to be with them. So what kind of startups are looking at to invest them into a very intelligent investor so I’m running okay I know where the company will do well and they’re, you know where the trends are going. So I would like our panelists to, you know, figure out where the market will move and all that. What I have done is again as I said right when I found passionate people, you know, fighting the fight. Some of them will make very big also but I just felt that this guy is doing something that I’m, I’m respecting him for. So if I have a respectful intrapreneur fighting a fight and not giving up. I think my money can help provide a guy for maybe six months, one year, and if he does well, I make it my return. Also, but I just wanted to create that know what in tough times I was a designer, and obviously the businesses are illegal activities because, because I’ve been startup from almost 200 settings. So I knew I actually have some meetings about finances. I know some basics about our customer base, but I’ve been a field guide, so I can judge how whatever a sound business if they will, they will survive, or they will be able to come out of it or not, so I have been very fortunate to find businesses which, you know, which has obviously been a sound business for so, which I knew that they would do they would survive in a tough either so the way I do it is mostly based on the theme,

and any specific industry that interests you know what material. And along with that. So startup is one, but now that you’re there too as a business coach, and an element also do you mentor a dividuals as well. Oh,

yeah. Hi, do you have them. Along with that, they are reaching out to you, what would be the criteria that you will agree to take them as mentees

are really attractive. I am. I’m somebody who uses mostly heart for the region. I mean, then the brain, and I think I’ve been very lucky with that, but I find like somebody, I’m, you know, seeing your connection they’re up, they spend time together, so it mentorship is not about teaching somebody, you know, that, you know, I know something, and I will teach them that mentorship, I think that we’re proposing, of course will bite you, and you know can tell you this may be seen mentorship is more about, you know, you get to know the person you like spending time together that you have respect for each other and you help them, you know, find the right direction. You’re not legally defined to point out what you’re doing and you’re trying to get a sense out of your mentee. What is he good at. If he would have that skill for the business, where you can do that without this kind of sense of distance of a guy or a.

Okay, I lost you for a moment I think now can it. Yeah. So I talked about finding the center person, and helping them, you apply in the wilderness. That is what it is. Great. So you mentioned about your book, is that still on the cards are you still in the process of lighting so when is it coming, is that there are other way if I finish most of the writing with your mouth. I tend to tend to finalize the theme and couple of things should be out next month. According to printing and all my taking more time, but yeah on Amazon, you should be able to see it. But what is it about that. I really want to know, okay, but the book is out, is about what I learned after I got my iPod. So what I did not learn in college, is what I’m talking about, like, something is, it is not taught in college but it is a big important role in your life. So, I’m talking about, maybe eight to 10 topics which are not covered in colleges. So if you look

back at my own learning whatever I learned during the last 1415 years after I got out of college is what I’ve talked in that book. Great to be outside Atlantic man, great to see your public good. Thank you. Okay, check questions. Okay, one question that I mean the chart is, I think, I think okay that question came up before when we were talking, when you were talking about your current wage job. So you spoke about that yeah people can do a quick video when entered it, and then get the job but what kind of jobs I think the question probably means an instant job offer or how does it work. Well yeah so I’m obviously getting everything right now so we are focusing on the call it sunrise technology, or autumn term the use of basically deep technologies like machine learning. And so these are not normal, you know, putting the technology. So we are mostly focused on semiconductor you would call it that is the end of the I come from, and and machine learning is like the provenance, so these are the two in the field. But yeah, we’ll take direction from the market and decide where we’re going next. But yeah, we got started.

Well, good. Thank you very good meeting goes where I’m seeing all of it.

Oh no, I just, whatever I like it I just thought, Okay, I put it there so that it stays with me, and of course it was difficult to read something that is along the way. Okay, we have a question from Kidman.

What is an entrepreneur. Yeah so I talked about the deal between making money on everything but three buildings because there are a lot of

company a lot of money for the people to support their family and I’ve seen people, the wife is pregnant and they’re expecting and giving a piece of the startup and what happened was, everything would have probably done probably quick, and they have done well in humans that is the model is pretty good and you know, no track on the market, but because they ran out of money, first we had to step out, some of them actually the founder automotive. So I believe personal finances. Right. What does that mean immediately. According to, because that is a philosophy this year, I think it is a home loan is definitely the killer. One is the whole second is, I think all of us will have an emergency fund, they call it, emergency fund, but whatever term you use, you should always have six months to nine months of your expenses in your bank account, even if you’re working, typically, even with a doctor model. You can actually find much better job getting the guide you will goddess, you know, have a better plan for you but if you have even pay me for medical emergency, I can might, you know, leave that to that stress. So if you have that money, you can use it for supporting your parents supporting your travel plan for the European flight and go home town. If you don’t have money in the bank, everything. Thanks think we can expose a lot of us in that, you know, the person and I think most of you know, medicale about the fact that you okay you know what anybody with a well paid job, but we didn’t come directly. Yeah, I think it’s not, it’s not taking care of your family to go to Texas because you’re not going believe they can figure out on on formula, blow it up. Everybody’s sleeping the night you’re wiping know for sure if my son comes to know if I’m sniffling, he comes to me when I’m special care for your family for sale Billy, I think there’s another thing that I’m really passionate about fitness, I don’t know if any of you want to join me every morning I don’t know if it’s sufficient for everybody. So, just be healthy because that’s another step, if you want to get into problems. You have no idea what’s gonna depend on you, you’re very unlikely. Your family will be impacted. You don’t know what we can offer to this. So, so another thing is I am very passionate about starting startups by going to fitness from 16 I’ve been very passionate about, you know, working out, tight. Meaning, you know, right, we think of your mind as well as your body you know I think on that part that’s another tagline, which is similar as mine yours, that I got serious about getting criticism even before that, yes, I was a pretty active but yeah 16 onwards I realized, no, I have to get serious on it, and I think. Okay, no more questions. Okay. And yes we are. We are about time so yeah, we can we can close the session. Great. That was fantastic, which I’m sure everybody has. Everybody has got a lot of, they will know, things that they should be taking care of how to how to really make those transitions and what to do, what not to do when they are trying to make a transition, whether from different roles or. So this was really cool and I’m personally excited to know more about all your new venture, and that’s great. Thanks a lot, all of you for tuning in. But they, and we’ll we’ll come back with other ways in SuperPro. Thanks a lot for joining in, and I am actually looking forward to have you soon. Back here but your launch your book as your book comes out, I definitely will have you back on production, and I’m looking forward to it. Great, thanks a lot everybody. Good night, humans. And do check out our updates on LinkedIn, YouTube people wherever you are. And yes, you can reach out to punish on a super pro page, the link is there in the chat is going to be there in the comments as well. Wherever we posted it, that’s a great, thank you very much. Good night. Good night everybody. Take care. Bye, everybody.

Thank you. Bye. Bye.

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