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A Protalks episode ft.Ashish Gakrey, Founder of HR Shapers

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I’m back with another amazing super pro and all of those, all of you who are watching it live. Please feel free to put in your questions in the chat box that’s there that you see. I’ll be taking the questions towards the end. And if you are watching the recorded version later on YouTube, or LinkedIn or wherever, you can still put in your questions in the comment, and yes, we will route it through the questions to ask it and you’ll be able to answer. So without further ado, I’ll hand it over to our amazing super pro today, Ashish. What do you thank you thank you good oh and super protein, thanks for inviting it’s my pleasure to, you know, cherish dead with it with a such an esteemed personality like you and your team. You guys are doing a wonderful job, you know, inviting people and asking them to share because we keep hearing most of the thing which is related to okay, what are the new normal, guys, so let’s talk about what’s in the vortex. Let’s hear about you know something different. So, so that’s what I said you know yes is a good platform and we are you know in getting people a different way of engaging a speaker. So, okay, I’m actually a top professional with 20 years of experience, 100 have been Bopal inserted into now so before session is started, I was asking what oh he’s from Arizona and I said you know I spent four years in Puna, so I studied in symbiosis itme MIT College. Then, since 97 I’ve been in Mumbai so particular corporate experience they started from here, work in a consultancy corporate organization like circle global Gemini. Then look mobile. And, you know, overall exposure to other end to end HR activity which I can say you know how to retire in a simple word you know because HR is again become a bigger, bigger area, so there are 15 to 20 verticals within the job. Yes, I’m based in Mumbai, along with my family. that’s what. In short, I can see it reflected, I can No, I can now add that to the you’re the first person that we are working with from the local beautiful place, it’s a what is called is a lick, lick up city, something like that. So, even I have lived in Kabbalah for many years, my parents were there for many years. I’ve lived on and off whenever I used to. I have fond memories. Great. So, um, we’ll have, we’ll start with your journey. So, you started. So you did your MBA and then you did your. And so while you were doing that. Yeah, your early, early years like you are studying so what was going on your mind. Were you were you absolutely clear that HR is the field, which you want to which you want to build your career and. And if that was so, why, why did you choose a job. Okay so yeah I can recall you know, I’m very good in sports, I used to spend almost, you know, 12 to 16 hours in a day in a sport so I was playing cricket I was playing basketball, till it was almost, you know 16 to 20 hours in a sport so then it gradually reduced to, you know, 10 to 15 hour So, considering all this and then when you’re talking about like, you know, what is their career path is either go green is UPS ups are very very less number of people that go for you know some corporate and other things you know go to some other city to, you know, for higher education and so by spending that much time in eSports then you know, I wasn’t getting time to study. Okay, I thought that from a media college if you remember, if you know that, so I did, you know, become from there. And then I you know, it was very less percentage you know I don’t feel shy telling you because I think it goes on and on. And then even after admission or in Puna, then you know some, some of you know I plan to visit tupuna along with my friend who was who led to that which at that point of time so that was I think Monday, August, September, he took that decision, he said, let’s go and we’ll we’ll come back after seven days and then I then suddenly you know I found a place to be like anything you know probably study specific at that point of time. Today also I mean, we can say you know it’s accordion city of India, education that much there used to be very good, very good, you know the symbols as well as the place where I started my education there. So, that point of time there was only one courseware admission available which was the Collins Emerson College. Yeah, and there was no kind of cutoff and all, so I thought let’s get inside you know so I always remember one decision. I remember one statement said by Ratan Tata or not but people are using on the internet that you know, you make the decisions and you make it right or wrong. Yeah, okay, if you make the decision, then you will put 100% effort to make it right. Obviously you know the person will punish or will not put the effort, you know, then then he can blame, he made the right wrong decision. So again, you know, we take the decision sometime in a hurry or sometimes there is a you know some sixth or seventh sense and then you think, Okay, let’s go ahead and see, you know, how does it move. Okay, and there are many things which happen you know like you start your journey and then things start taking place in the shape and, yeah, we all feel almost everything in the same way every time right of that nature, you must have a level of impulses. And then that two years, give me the time to what to do next. You know what I’m in India people say better you do the engineering but then you decide what has to be

true, true, very true. So that would matter to him but why don’t you give me the good time period to give us, now what to study, then then I will vote yes let’s go by because because I thought okay, why not you know this two years of low level also should be engagement. Yeah, should be attention up here now you know, whatever you’re going to do it so, so next step was okay a level that’s connected with what, either you’re going to level a field, which is kind of, you know, different than you know what I was looking for sea level as you know whatever everyone. You need to know unit to be kind of routing, you need to have a different kind of connection. Yeah, because you are going to deal with a different kind of people, different set of people, whether it’s an office outside union guys and outside the union, and there is a court case and all that all your studies and analyze everything you know. And I thought that this is not the place because you know if you don’t want to be there, don’t go for it just for the sake of it, you know. And then the final cowboy English this one up here in two years so I thought, after talking to many people you know there are many people from mobile devices, especially in as IBM and IBM used to be very good the point of announcing messages from a management institute is IBM is very reputed one. So they said, Go for MBA which is into HR management. Then I tried in various colleges the entrance exam and also finally I got into MIT. MIT, and MIT so we went up to that point of time. Okay, so they were, they were very very advanced, they were calling the use of eminent appear, which doesn’t have any value even today, it doesn’t have any value and and then I realized, it has no value then Then secondly like talking to me. Instead of management education, which was started by Dr PC Walker is called Father of management, secondary completed there so so you know, I think, along with me during the point of time, we are the one you know, we’re in free college and taken two degrees. You know, because we hardly, you know, heard that you know guy was in first year in some other college second year in some other college. So, so that’s how the journey started then completed in 97 MBA, I did MBA in 1997, and then came to Mumbai. And then we started my career. So the accident I went to accidentally but accidentally purchased a weapon. Okay then later on I woke up and let’s let’s, as I said, you know, make the decision right you know to to logic and I made the decision, right. So when you started your career as HR. HR executive, what are some of the early challenges that you faced. Okay, so the initial three jobs bureau. They’re more of you know, consultancy jobs. Yeah, yes you can call it executives of our job was into great consultants. I mean that was with a very, very famous HR person, you know, who’s no more now. Dr PMSing, and the second job was with Grayson so again HR consultancy third job was with a headhunting firm that was kind of recruitment. So it was more of you know HR training and recruitment didn’t it. Yeah, so there you get to learn many things frustration okay to learn about the people who are there who are joining not running, then how to do the business development, how to reach out to anyone how to build up a network, you know what’s happening around around here and so, so you’re not actually connected with what’s happened in the organization and the ground level, which is kind of, you know, you talk about the onboarding appraisals and exit training performance appraisal all those so this is more of training and parenting, then I started my career pastor job in 97 So till 2000 I was with all this free consultancy then in 2000 I started actually my corporate career in 2000, that was a you know, very small software company, having a 50 People like us, and my children but that was one of the beautiful time in my career where I did learn a lot of things because you know, CEO of the company was very young, and he used to believe in you know getting very good talented people. Yeah, and why I’m using the calendar because the company is still into product. The company was into software product. And if you understand the difference between services versus product, there is a huge difference. Any HR guy any recruitment guy. If a hiring one one service by any one protocol you need to have so you need to meet at least. So, so in a perfect company, you know, you need to meet almost 100 or 200 people to hire one person in services company, if you want to hire person. One person you can meet at least 10 people you can do. So the quality of the hiring was very very high. And that’s on how to correctly identify who the tenant, you know, and I did a lot of technical question on so I can I can go type technical question right now you’re not a software engineer and find out you can diagnose the basic or not, you know, basic level, and along with that you know a lot of individual and I did learn over their challenges at that point of time challenges whether you know obviously retention is a big challenge in IT company, okay, and product companies always also big. Because you know, services company give a lot of brand value plus services that point of time you want, what is the budget, it was very high. Yeah, you know anybody who’s running IT industry will rather thing when can I you know go to USA, Europe and out of India. And the time there was no opportunity given by you know, especially the production company which I got called like us in production. So, we used to sell to a guy to get the best the best, you know, it was a, you know, you use what you know you’ll use your logic you can use your creativity, innovation and all, so So retention was very difficult, and we need to ensure that we return with the with the help of creativity which I just shared, and then here’s another thing you know, if you have 10 in the line if market is moving fast, how do we train the people you know, along with it, it’s an intuitive scenario we call it riskier and obviously, money, always. Also, another thing in that industry everybody looked at money because in the job if they’re getting 1000 2000 bucks and all, you know, so so yeah the training, money and brand value is another thing that I try to get to the time I was feeling as if hiring was one of the main portfolio which I was managing.

But I spent almost, you know, five to seven years. So how was your transition to when, when you started moving here in your career, your career path itself, like so, going from the accumulation to the managerial position. How was that transition for you. Were there any challenges that you faced while picking up that the senior roles. Okay, so you know, there is a still impression of the HR team okay they’re supposed to pick up, they’re supposed to do their best to do something and also they’re not being recognized and also any attacker will always find difficulty if they compare the compare their progression with any delivery operation or outside support is support so which include also you know administration which include finance which include quality legal and all those things as well. So, and then it’s all depend upon who’s the CEO and CEO just a very technical guy, you know, so he’s always compelled to get by and avoid promote you, what is that that’s because that guy’s thinking maybe that’s what you’re doing, event intelligence, you’re not doing it well and because somebody else is selecting the talent manager which is, you know, who’s motivating them it’s the manager we’re motivating so so uh you know, so these are the Five Percenters mindset you know it’s not been changed, you know, it still it is the same. So when it comes you know your upline will you know, take out all this reason and think you’re not capable, even though you’re performed well. Yeah, but obviously they can’t, they can’t make you stay for a long time. So, they still, you know, is it okay, but one good progression journey from manager to from executive to manager within a period of within a period of seven years I would say, No before 10 years, I can call it. And yes, so I left cycles, and the end product company again for companies that said people can go outside, but your your salespeople will assess the outside you know better than any other geography in terms of sales operation and all, but there were not so many people depend upon you know less than one in single digit I would call it, and it probably having a I think an order 200 people, another transition, which happens over a period of years as lots of different roles like all the role is focused on recruitment, to becoming a generalist and then, again, focusing on operations and so where, where do you find that you face the, the most of the challenges which which area which function do you face, most of the challenge. So, you know, as I said 1015 vertical even it is being embraced so let’s let’s start from the beginning. So what is the recruitment within recruitment it is broken up into, you know, sourcing then it is broken up into, you know, hiring, then that is broken up into the graphic and then it comes to onboarding also. Then there is HR operation. Onboarding is also part of interruptions and within the HR person is, you know, relocation joining, then you know, employee grievances employee relationship, you know these are part of the HR operations and then we come to talent management talent development. Typically building leadership development competency, and assessment. The learning and development department is dependent diversity is another portfolio which is being added, and it’s also part of actually adoption, which is another activity, and then a CSR to many organizations is part of the job, and then competition benefit payroll, and all this. So why are you getting exposure to all this you know guru, founder. There are some department which are given more value, and there are some partners which cannot even believe it. Yeah. Okay, so you’re done look into the CEO says okay this part of the operation you know to manage an HR operation is one of them. Okay, but when it when it doesn’t work directly we’ll go to CEO from any of them like, if we don’t do writing if you don’t know, a great location attorney if money is not ready to sell is not happening. It was unlike other department where you know training not happening, nobody will be able to see you and they say okay, you know, yeah, diversity is not meeting. Nobody will send me a fine it will be corrected in the second quarter, you know, so operation is big, big, big, you know, big job and I liked operations in return in operation and why because you know it keeps you engaged, every day, almost every day because you know, especially in it, it is industry work there are a lot of people joining a lot of people live in a lot of activities happening. And when you work with a bigger a big crowd is counted, you know 500,000 20,000 15,000 And all it is possible it is more than impossible that you know there will be many queries, either this type of that type. So it’s actually you know keeping you busy every time, and query can be anything. It can be basic query but it can be anything also you know you also need to think most of the time, you know, out of the box, or wait I care that you know, guys, you can’t go back and send them in to see or. Yeah, and that’s not employee relationship that’s where you learn how to manage agreement I interrupt you here, been mentioning it about ways to the CEO that any any particular incident which comes to your mind which you would want to share that, you know, some, some companies, which went from employees to the CEO, which was like what you did, you did you, you could not foresee you could not even imagine that people could even send this to the CEO, talking about a job any incident, you know might

go if you’re part of this industry you know that directly what you if you don’t get it. So it’s like one is vital, you know, there has to be so many incident like this, you know, even if it is his policy and especially if it was anything federal but you know 20 30,000 Imagine if somebody’s not getting you know nightshift alarms imagine you know somebody suddenly got caught, Not getting under salary imagine, you know, somebody put in one citizen and not have an attorney, imagine somebody submitted the reimbursement but not getting money, and you know those people happening that don’t require anything it’s also in the in the IT industry they are called union one employee itself is equal into union. And there is a reason. That is the reason they’re only the union, because you know, why why union was needed. Okay, you will need somebody who can talk to you in their language by union is needed, who has access to leadership, and that is possible with individuals with a guy software engineer or project manager, you know who’s the CEO or you know the email id of CEO, in fact you know this call does. You know how to write a mail. In the earlier world, even worker because there are many workers right. They were not having any access, they were not having any email access right nobody used to have an email, right. Do you get an email. You can you can go to directly and look at who the CEO is people can look at who the global CEO who are there in the leadership, they will market to many people. So but yeah there’s a lot of learning also you know, and it used to stop it used to ensure that you know you don’t do don’t don’t do the mistake. No, don’t, don’t repeat it, make sure you rectify it Michelle. I remember one thing I did in my experience, which has which I’ve seen in all my previous lectures as well and every time there used to be. So when these whenever you had the pressure joining it. Or people coming in like was their first job when they receive the salary, the first time or even even later doing no first few salaries, they’re always the question, my offer letter says this much my CTC, I did not receive this much I received less amount, and few of them will always know they will not discuss with anybody there is not as far as they will direct you right to see you. Yeah. And then we have to explain them guys there is something called a TDS, there’s something called a tax in this world. And this is going to do to government we are defaulted on your government you know you’re not going to keep it in our pocket, that used to be or whatever I remember there were a few people who simply refuse to understand this. And and so you used to be more intelligent, they understand you comply writing a mail which means you know there’s a problem with that, I don’t know why they want to be in front of employees, so I really you know it does kind of feel, you know, so. Then, can I talk about the goodwill department within the HR, you know, I would call it is, you know capability building, you know, how do I build up my capabilities, you know, Our Department of internal organization, so for example if, if you plan to grow by 100,000. If you plant over you know more than one business unit okay if you plan to grow, you know, beyond one geography. Okay so likewise if or if you plan to acquire any new company. Okay, so do I. Do I have people do I have a system, do I have a process. Do I have a infrastructure logistics ecosystem readily available, or to large extent available so that you know I can manage this kind of growth I can under this kind of pace I can manage this kind of scale, you know, and that’s not a simple training, and that require a lot of time from the management to figure out do I need people from within the organization, and then I need people from outside the organization I need to create a separate department for this. It’s all depend on them to within what to look at companies are normal growth, that they don’t need to spend in all this, but interesting area to don’t think like this that you want to do want to grow. You may not be, you know, in the race, this is kind of thing you know you always need to be creative either vertical or horizontal. But capability building really plays a huge important mission in Buddhism, you know you are talking about rescaling upscaling we are talking about the gig economy. So, for example gig economy, you know, what is the economy gig employment is you know, anybody can work from anywhere, anytime, with more than one project right, you can work on multiple empire and all. Now, this company having this infrastructure really, let me ask the question, is recruitment team having a different type of appointment letter which is more than a 15 or 25, because he says what you are getting this for the job requirement, he will work for you know, let’s say, three hours in a day, or three days in a week, what somebody will work for you know and under different terms so you need to read the content of what are the social security insurance PF. What are the cyber security data security, data privacy, you know, how somebody is going to work, how we are going to develop the performance, how we are going to measure the productivity. Even we need different kind of manager to train these kind of people, you know, our manager, you know, our manager, anyone already anybody become a manager because you know what you want somebody to make the manager and the manager was monitoring. So, and the other thing I want to really, you know, listed and we are getting very Metro distressed, you know, but the thing is that we don’t have proper infrastructure, logistic process and all, which can take care of the you know this kind of challenges, so So talking about infrastructure and and decide what have you seen what has been the impact of COVID. So proposed or the when the lockdown happened and now we are already like six months into this global crisis. What impact have you seen on HR from our from HR perspective.

So, HR is doing a better job. Okay, but it is being projected and sold as HR doing very aesthetic job I know HR is supposed to do know is that is doing like password management is very simple. It’s just taking the guys during the Zoom call or not the doctor has to be right. Okay, so it’s a lot of a lot of changes done. If you think about the people COVID one is very simple. Let’s look at the cycle now. Okay, so I can start from the recruitment, if I want to add to the potential recruit now, everything has to be virtually do I have set up virtual intern setup earlier video interview right. You put a video and whatever you want video to be there, and it’s the content of it. So mindset is mindset has completely changed. Okay, so what I mean to say is when when things are in your head, you suddenly change your mindset, right. But what you’re set up to take then to do actually manager and recruiter being trained on how to evaluate what not to do during the lesson. What if and if we are talking right now, suddenly, you know, you’re wiping out my web connection is out. Now based on this legendary mentor who is going on a date and they somebody is making a decision. You’re not gonna make a decision based on that right. Yeah. So, there is one other thing is a training virtually everybody is very much important. Correct. So if that part is taken care of then you come to the onboarding, are you ready to do the onboarding online. You guys in terms of 14 demo and are not for Bhopal, Bangalore, Hyderabad, bonuses, so your setup is everywhere right, actually they were supposed to join in one location, but they’re not joining. So do you have the organ system, you can do online. Onboarding here to right, and likewise it goes so online is done. Do we have the system to take care of the induction then right after that and then it goes to the business is the manager ready to take care of everything, actually, because earlier managers are not meeting even physically correct. Now we have 20 people out there driving the autonomous database, get the best out of them, right, so it’s arbitrary set up by the manager. Right. Yeah, and then various activity then keep on going, how do I engage now. Well, that’s a very that’s a very interesting point, like, what, what is the what is happening on the engagement I think general perception is more around associating HR with engagement activities, always with that I’m not really too deep down that account comes in. Yes, they organize these festivals, they are believing that something is happening, but but what’s happening now is all our houses that are taking care of engagement that cannot be done online. Secondly, including myself and what I’m saying it’s applicable to me as well I’m not even counting, excluding me. So, first thing is you know in in such scenario COVID or anything like COVID you go go back to time code and check out if it is really important. You know do less with more. Okay do less with more and which is more impactful, right, is engagement is needed. But I spending online at hours right already talking to customer client, your manager doing something making a project, recording as documentation and all now suddenly you say Okay, leave everything in company. He’s already been engaged, you just do the engagement of the manager, first of all, if you’re, if you’re developing manager properly, you guys. This database is with you or your team member team member is with you, this is your team. Okay, how you’re going to structure your records, I want to see that or is it right to ask this, I’m sure you can with a documentary permission and all looked at you know how the manager is engaging and talking to team members. If manager is not taking care, then I tell him to come into picture. But what you’re going to do with the person is not even fully, fully having a job. The first important thing is you know if I join or if I’m existing employee team member, am I pulling into the activity or not. So you need to figure out, I’m sure in every organization, they’re not X number of people are pulling X, Y number of people engaged. Then you prepare your engagement activity based on that. There are a subset of people who don’t get engaged and believe me, okay, because they’re self motivated, then there’s some set of people you know who need over engage. That’s something that we need only engagement. Like like once we get those what I’m doing right now in in today’s scenario to talk about what you’re going to do when you’re busy with existing team, then some people look into this, then you need to have a different type of engagement user run some queries you ensure you know everybody has something to do with this kind of storytelling they’re playing some games, or, you know what, what is a treasure hunt. So there are tons of activity which HR is done in the season you know they are being so creative and, including myself, and I implemented all those, you know, to some extent having gifts, and this was the period in which I was looking for. Yeah. When HR or HR or HR used to say that you’re doing another family member or family member of your employees. This was a question many of the manager or many other seats are introduced to I’ll do another committee member of your MP to another member of your team members. Many will say no. But today when your computer is on zoom session is going on, nobody will see why because their parents or their kids or their right, you’re already there in the house of your employees. Yes. Are you taking this opportunity and find out who that you want to meet the person first before they get you in the entire schedule can you have a 30 minute session with a committee member, you can do that obviously employee will be

very beautiful. So this is the time which I was looking for, and now is the time really doing this or not, there is one other thing that well that’s an all in, I really don’t believe in Venezuela because you know, I would call it this all the time to everybody, including you and me, we’re looking for. Alia we used to travel along. Correct. We don’t have time now that time we will tend to time but today we have time. Right. We didn’t have time to spend. We didn’t have time, we didn’t have time to spend with the family today we have time. Right. Correct. You are closer to your family. Many of people you know they are, they are creating their they are pursuing their, their own interests and what they want you to do. Right, so, so how come you know suddenly everybody became a patient that’s one thing, and then people keep saying okay, wellness, health, the mental and all. I mean, in turn, when suddenly become a patient, you know, how come you’re at home, if you follow your self discipline eat properly to activity properly. Obviously, nobody’s stopping you you’re saving almost every day four to five hours. What are you doing in the sport is that four to five hours making a patient no then to talk about the wellness, mental and health. So, there are some things you know which has been happening because of the COVID and all people need to understand what, then you become creative and say do yoga and then the second thing, it’s all depend upon the nature leadership to identify, you know, it has been created unnecessary or it was that there was actually a problem. So engagement as I said you know some people don’t need one is to figure out which kind of people don’t need, don’t do it just for the sake of doing there are a lot of activity which we’ve been doing a replica of offline engagement, just, you know you can do it online as well. You know that’s not a big problem, Whatever you’re doing, you know on offline, you can do it online. So now coming to the euro initiative. Attach equals, what was the what was the genesis for why why did you why did you start that, that. So if you remember I said you know, I started my career with consultancy, you know, so from there I got, I got a taste of all this, you know, networking, you know, networking and talking to people and you know getting something, you know, and so it actually started in 2002 Yeah, and before that I was founder of MTTR global which is now pretty old organization, almost 18 years old now, that it started in 2002, because um so you know kind of HR Association, and all sorts of from the Punjab, you know, I got the taste of all this networking and all. And then I started getting all of those, you know, so, and obviously I believe okay now, while you’re sitting at home rather than you know you go out and meet someone, you know what happening anywhere any anytime. Now it’s very easy to attend to call and all but, you know, if for some conferences I think people say okay or it’s too far, who will go in all, you know, by the end of the day whether you go or don’t go but no matter where you are there you need to utilize the time meditation of some people and all. And if you meet. Then after that, how will you take it for what is more important for you know many people right today your LinkedIn connection will have so many connections right, but what, what are you doing with the connection is very much important. It’s all depend upon you know what is the six year old or non virtual non rigid body, we have presence in each and every location in India outside India. So, you’re talking about hospitals in India there are many, many Association now that COVID has created bunch of HR Association. Today you create one HR. HR. Tomorrow name will be there part of the event will happen. Yeah because Doom has given a lot of opportunity. Oh, so So that’s how many times, Jason is taking place now that they are being created and all. And so we have presence in you know, outside India can talk about it, you know, Singapore, then you know, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Dubai, Nigeria, USA, Europe, Canada, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, in the world, Qatar, Oman, all these places, and we do meet. Now I can’t wait to meet, but but it is finally only by working with people from company and corporate, this is the thing which I started is still I want to return because it’s working well for me. We are what’s appropriate and every location, very specific to location wise, and it has worked very well in COVID, because you know, today you create a group you get so many people from every location, your particular talk and unless it is a general topic right, yes. So So location wise, there are a lot of things you can discuss when they say you okay you are from my location, or you want to share something you know. So that’s one thing and one of the thing I used to follow is you know, having a session on one day in multilocation like repetition, repetition in almost every location I have done it in a day. Wow, okay, I don’t need to be there because there are other people and doing likewise another legislation which is a plan in a day, in a two three location multiple times. Yeah. Now I must say we should plan something on SuperPro itself. Having. It is not possible, virtually, It is not possible. Yeah, but But I see now what Tony has given different kind of scenario where you know, people don’t have options. You know, they can, they can decide where they actually just like you know divisional. Yeah. Which Which one do you want to see you know Republic TV DTV then India TV, or times now. So, and then you can switch over anytime you know, that’s another thing better time to to be not going on. Yes, that’s only online webinars, whatever it is, go to YouTube, if you go to Facebook and LinkedIn and type live session, you will get a session happening anywhere in the world. You don’t need to wait for you know some invitation to come actually there are, everybody’s live actually, then it’s the best thing you know what is the what is given this time, the guys get into learning. Don’t read that you know I can’t learn, don’t read that it’s not giving me any platform learning platform, it’s all about like now, you know like like HR professionals, what do, what should they expect like if any HR professional joins at our shows it becomes a part of what should they expect out of it, or what is expected out of them as well. See, there is no expectation, you know, a lot of people, maybe only one expedition I got to be part of the group as many of

them not do anything about the journey to get where they want to be you know if you don’t hit them they’re whipping you every day once you’re done you know you’re not any message for them. Yeah, so when one is you know that they just want to be there, they just want to be there, what any group in the UK was you acknowledge something if there’s a post, if something is happening, you’ll be a part of it, you share something if you’ve got some knowledge, and anything anywhere you can be a part of some discussion and also make sure your, your representative spelled over there. Make sure you’re contributing make sure whatever knowledge you’re you’re sharing with the group. There is not the least expectation, and there is expectation of any group also you know, because nowadays a lot of our message anyway will take care of your broken can you get so many private message in a day, you don’t need to Excel course to be there. Yeah, the morning code. One morning somebody every day money will go to the one game, you know, then they will never last quarter Porsche will come. Okay then COVID Porsche will come then something has to come. So likewise you know anyway except taken care, you don’t need to know are in a first look up. I will take some questions. So people who registered, they had put in the questions in the form. Yeah. How do you see the new normal has impacted the HR functions on a long term. Okay, great question. So guys and gals and everybody knows what they’re, what they’re supposed to do it. After five years, they’ve done it, they’re doing, they’re maybe doing an update in NSA, one month or maybe like the same month, we were talking about the digital edition, which is like a, which which has taken place right, we were talking about the Chatbot in HR. Many Company introduced this because of this. Yeah. Another thing we were talking about the rapidly upskill and rescale that’s taking place now, immediately you know, leadership is saying okay, I need to build, you know, I want to obviously learn the skill that’s happening very much. Companies setting their business model to people need to change their attitude their mindset, so we want people with a different approach different skills and so that’s that’s one way in which our mindset is being tested skills has been calculated in terms of the recruitment actually hiring actually finding out what’s really onboarding what’s really onboarding the focus very agriculturally induction facilitating actually appraisal, actually, engagement actually out like that experience, actually, you know, and then I need a bit more for all this. But another thing other quality and Agile has to be there to be able to I need to collaborate until they come, you know even if somebody is asking Okay please find out the productivity of the guy whose work home. Interesting. They’re not supposed to do it but they’re doing now. Yeah, so, so many ways you know what is worth thinking about all these things will come up, you know, let’s say, two years and five years, which is second place now. Yeah, then then another most important thing is you know, but it’s going to be there only for a short time Europe is a leadership and the CEO and the management they are treating employees the people. Yeah, so, so they, they used to ask what are you doing now there is kind of how are you doing, you know there is a word you know where you can have other skills that are developing to calculate it is essentially how do I do this in a creative way. Yeah, not an employee that’s going to continue. How do I how do I ensure that you know, cost effective mechanism is there for everything, you know, no increment, no promotion, no bonus. Okay, but still I need to ensure that employee motivation is engagement is another thing I talked about in intercourse also, you know, they are, they are developing themselves is actually okay But slowly I need to I need all the tools all the activity all the processes ready, because I know one guy who’s been brought to you another guy wasn’t put in order to connect with those set of people. And then also you know how do I train managers he they’re ready to take care of the people virtually from anything technical is the next question. It’s from a gentleman, so I won’t tell you. At this time I am jobless, please give me some guidelines to get a job, or should I or should I get a job, but it’s not different in which field, because there are some industries. Some people grow you know they are not doing a job neither they will go up to three months or six months, let’s be realistic here. Are you ready to move yourself, you haven’t mentioned that what is that you are whether you’re experienced 510 15 And all it all depends on number of your experience as well. Correct, within the industry you belong to which function you belong to those are all very important things. You the social media activity. Yeah, WhatsApp is bombarded with so many jokes are you spending enough time on WhatsApp being a part of so many groups, different. Yeah. Are you, are you there on the LinkedIn LinkedIn. Another thing you know you’ll see many people they’re very corporate you have to say I’m looking for a job, people will people will say, liking for a better rich, commenting for a better. So, what do you need to do you need to be very vocal about the way you are very vocal right now if you’re looking for a job are you vocal on the social media platform, you will need to know that you need a job. It’s okay, you know, out of 10 Somebody may hear, you know, out of 100 Somebody may hear. So now you know something will come, because when you say you’re looking for a job, people will ask you all these questions, then you will come to know whether you’re right now. What is your response. What is the situation, accordingly you go to the next. Maybe you need to change your field. Definitely. It’s actually incomplete question but there is a standard view the Social Media Encoder scenario, actually, we are part of WhatsApp, look at each and every portion of get more activity up next is right now the situation is that for one job opening there are 1000 job seekers. How can a company ensure that feedback is shared. Well, with all job seekers. Within a week 2000 people applied for one opening, how do you really ensure that all of them are able to get some feedback from the company.

So my question is do you really need feedback. Why do you need feedback I mean, see me as a person know very well what are your done in the interview. In the interview, only there are two people or three people or four people. and what they’re doing, they’re asking question you’re answering a simple question yourself. There was a question did you answer properly or not. You got overconfident You haven’t answered but you’re thinking your answer, and then coming out and saying okay you know I need a feedback I need a feedback, yes you may get a feedback and then second thing you know, considering the volume and all the bandwidth, you know, our India and the recruitment team in India recruitment committee is not geared up to provide a feedback as of now, even system is not ready. So if you’re doing very physically, you know, so it’s not ready. So whenever I go you know, I know I’m the guy who will not be under dejected actually, if it is needed, but what you’re going to do with the feedback that’s another thing. Especially question is, is it always necessary to stick to your pre or post grad specialization, work, or build a career. Okay, so there is interesting study, okay this study will will be more in percentage. Now, what is it about that auditor survey that people will tend to go out, or people will send their carrier 15 times industry taneous. Well, this was before COVID Ah, okay in COVID many people are in the carrier, you know that you have any you unemployed employer have changed their carrier because they want to completely shifted their business plan losing a job or employee losing a job, okay. So, as far as career is concerned, it says, You will change Crypton carrier in this period of 10 years, the timer will reduce even carrier maybe increase, like you can say job losses will be there I would say yes, job losses, but there will be a new role created. Okay, your role will be created in each and every function. For example, I can take the example of HR guru, if you remember before, then yes, there was no designation of employer branding diversity. Yeah, sorting, when in fact there was no designation no people were working in this they might be doing your job, but they were not dedicated to that they put it there. Right, yeah, is a dedicated another very recognized function, you know, diversity is very close to leadership today. So, it’s a simple example and this will increase more tomorrow you know that for the future of work we’re saying to you right now 50% jobs, which will be available after five years, not being created right now you don’t know which are those jobs. Yeah. So education will not have any relevance. Today it is not. Yeah, even today, education will give you one platform and education if you talk about education is only called those who are pulled out from it and is the big one and all, you know, there is more important if you are not in that level that category then you are equal into the rest of the people, then what is more important is what when you know you’re done it, are you able to communicate are, you know, whenever there is opportunity Are you, are you able to showcase. Oh yes, those were the questions from the audience don’t don’t spend too much time in education and all that self learning is taking place like anything go to youtube I found YouTube is very good, even although social media platform becomes very good learning platform as I said it’s all depends on what you type in the search box. If you type something in a search box in YouTube, you’ll get some kind of result. Okay, same applicable in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, great, okay with that, yes, it’s time. So, we covered the questions here we got so guys if there are any questions, those who are live right now listening to us, you can still type your question in the chat box. I’ll just give you certain emotions. There are no questions. Great, then, with that I think we can close the session. So before that, guys, just remember, for those who are watching it, yes, you can reach out to Ashish on SuperPro page you can reach out to him for more guidance for learning protecting of his, his brain on something that advice that you need so feel free to reach out to him. And again, if you’re watching it on YouTube or LinkedIn or later on the recorded versions, the link to a SuperPro page is going to be there in the description. So, yes, use that to reach out to Ashish, and yes he will, he will talk to you on superprof Great. So, thanks a lot to everybody for tuning in today. Thanks a lot for sharing your journey, and some really great tips on how HR has evolved over a period of time and especially after the how the rules have changed right now because I personally like the examples that you gave and and everything that you mentioned about the rule chain. Definitely thanks a lot for sharing that with us. And with that we can close our session. So guys, thank you once again. Have a good night. Take care. We will be back with another Afro talk later this week. Till then take care. Thank you, Ashish. Thank you so much, and thanks to everybody in your team to make things happen. I know that a lot of session keep running and, and it’s very good platform guys keep running, you know, better time than you know hearing from many people don’t take 100% This week of, you know, 5% of what you like, Okay, start things, you know, you’re the best judge of yourself. Okay, thank you so much grow and be safe. Take care, bye bye. Thank you, bye bye everybody. Good night.

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